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Recently I wanted to take my 12-year-old daughter to an amusement park, but a friend told me that since she just hit puberty she shouldn’t ride roller coasters or anything bumpy because she could lose her virginity. I have to tell you, this isn’t a question you expect to hear in 2014, and honestly it would have struck me as a little retro in 1973. Female humans are said to be unique among primates in having a hymen, although similar structures have been reported in other mammals, including elephants and llamas. To the latter contention some will say: not likely—other primates such as chimps raise offspring just fine without pairing off.
Reported causes of early tearing in more recent times include inserting tampons, stretching, and participating in vigorous sports.
While premature tearing of the hymen is in most of the developed world an annoyance at worst, there are plenty of places where it’s a disaster. Even where it’s no longer common to publicly display a stained sheet after the wedding night, as in Israeli-Palestinian communities, many women still place a cloth on the bed beforehand and keep it afterward for the husband’s viewing. And so medical science has provided a solution: hymenoplasty, or hymen reconstruction surgery. These are some questions you should ask yourself if you lost your virginity on Valentine’s Day. Dear sister, you have a precious love already who is waiting to love you with all His heart. I'm a mom of six kids, the oldest is serving in the USAF, and the youngest are school-aged triplets!
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It’s not possible, therefore, to lose your virginity riding a roller coaster unless you have sex while en route.

The riposte, and I don’t suggest this facetiously, is that for a long time—and in some cultures even now—a bride who flunked the virginity test was shunned or even killed.
Sometimes it survives penetration intact, and in rare cases grows back during pregnancy, which may be the basis of some “virgin birth” stories.
Falls onto bicycle crossbars, playground equipment, or fence rails have caused broken hymens, as has doing particularly energetic splits.
In many Muslim societies in the Middle East and South Asia, virginity is mandatory for an unmarried woman and must be demonstrated by bleeding when the hymen is torn on the wedding night.
Performed on brides who face embarrassment, shunning, violence, or even murder if they can’t produce the expected blood, hymenoplasty is typically done on the eve of the wedding and involves stitching the torn ends of the hymen together. We scoured the medical journals for reports of hymens ruptured by roller coasters but found no definitive accounts. It’s important that we are prepared for it (and other times) when we are prone to letting our guard down.
Valentine’s Day is over and you may not be happy with yourself for getting swept up in the emotions of the day. I'm the author of 26 books since 2007, an editor, an event speaker, and a woman on a fitness journey.
Your friend is referring to the risk of damaging the hymen, the traditional marker of virginity.
Conceivably women over the course of evolutionary time who weren’t naturally endowed with hymens and thus couldn’t produce the requisite bloody sheets, bearskins, or whatever on their wedding nights suffered the same fate and were removed from the gene pool. A careless physician can tear a patient’s hymen during a routine gynecological examination.
To determine the hymen’s status beforehand, young women may be browbeaten into undergoing “virginity testing” via manual exploration of the vagina. Unfortunately, after puberty the hymen has few blood vessels and is often flexible or very thin, so even if the bride has been chaste, there may be no perceptible blood.

It’s important that we watch out for the situations that cause us to get into dangerous fixes. Seek out a responsible adult to talk to as soon as you can, while you’re still feeling the emotions of what has happened. The hymen is a thin membrane that partly covers the vagina, leaving an opening permitting menstrual discharge to escape. Historically it’s been used to enforce chastity, and one may argue that by promoting long-term bonding and thus a secure child-rearing environment it confers reproductive advantage. Since bleeding can’t be guaranteed, some doctors insert breakable packets of a bloodlike substance behind the hymen that split open upon penetration. It’s not obvious how a roller coaster would stress the hymen—while high g-forces are involved, premature hymen rupture due to external causes typically involves some kind of impact or the legs being pushed in different directions, neither of which normally happens on roller coaster rides.
They can protect you from the person with whom you let your guard down, if this was not your choice.
Commonly though not always, the hymen ruptures during a woman’s first penetrative intercourse, producing some pain and blood flow. They may be upset with you at first, but after the initial shock wears off, they’ll be able to help you make better choices in the future. If you don’t know Him today, please let us pray for you and help you get started on a fresh road.
You deserve more than to be with a guy who would allow you to give your virginity (or sex at all even if this wasn’t your first time) to him without being married to him.

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