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If these requirements are met, the outside of the box does NOT have to be labeled with any special markings.
B - You do NOT have to be specially trained to purchase, sell or add R-134a refrigerant to a motor vehicle. C - If your vehicle has a leak severe enough to remove refrigerant from the system, you do NOT have to get it repaired. D - You DO have to be specially trained if you plan on purposely removing refrigerant from a motor vehicle.
You have a fluid (gas or liquid) running through each of these components to transfer heat.

I also decided to splurge a little on some nice Lilly Bimble digital papers and design my own covers, section dividers, and spine labels for my Teaching Binder.
I just noticed that I have a leak in the refridgerant hose caused by some rubbing of a braided line against the soft metal of the hose and it's hissing pretty good. I checked the low pressure (car running), and when I hooked up the gauge it buried the needle in the red. I love to read your comments and usually reply through e-mail, so check your settings to make sure you have that option available.
I bled off some freon, got it in the green, checked it again and it immediately started to rise.

DeleteReplymarlarattnerAugust 13, 2012 at 1:12 PMI really like the spin you do on the artifact bag.

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