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Word has it that only eight kegs of Pliny the Younger will be made available in Sacramento. To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. The scientists outlined their findings in a new paper published in the August 13th online edition of the journal, Science.
The light from this alien planet is very faint to begin with and with its host star glowing about a three million times brighter it would have been difficult to make the discovery without special equipment.
This image of planet 51 Eridani b was taken with the Gemini Planet Imager in near-infrared light in December 2014.
The scientists were able to pick up on the faint planet and overcome the blinding luminosity of its star by using a specially designed device called Gemini Planet Imager, or GPI.
The GPI can make observations of faint objects because of its ability can mask the light from nearby stars. Being such a young planet, 51 Eridani b is still releasing a lot of energy and heat from its formation. Since the GPI can take images over a wide range of wavelengths the scientists were able to directly detect the exoplanet in near infrared light produced by that radiating heat and energy.
The scientists say that this newly found exoplanet is most like a planet from our own solar system that has ever been directly imaged around another star.

Up until this discovery other the only other gas giant exoplanets that had been detected directly were much large in size; between five to thirteen times the mass of Jupiter. The GPI is also equipped with a newly developed spectrometer that revealed the presence of water and that 51 Eridani b is surrounded by the highest concentration of methane that has ever been detected on an exoplanet. The scientists say that their discovery could provide valuable clues to help gain a better understanding of how our solar system’s planets formed around the sun billions of years ago.
Rick Pantaleo maintains the Science World blog and writes stories for VOA’s web and radio on a variety of science, technology and health topics.
Maybe if you at least look younger than your age and have a pretty face and a sexy body you can have a shot at the 55 and older crowd. If you don’t have the knockers, the booty, the waistline, the face, the body, the money or the attitude to compete you might want to be looking up marriage counselors instead of divorce lawyers. We're talking about Pliny the Younger, the limited edition triple IPA from Russian River Brewing Co.
The trick is that most brew pubs don't want to advertise that they're tapping a keg of Pliny the Younger. It'll be available in conjunction with such sought after beers as Black Butte XXIV, GF Le Freak and Pliny the Elder. He also occasionally appears on various VOA programs to talk about the latest scientific news.

Otherwise you’d better be prepared for the very real possibility of being single for the rest of your life if you get divorced.
Men younger than you want women in their twenties and now they have even more reason than the usual to reject older women in favor of younger women. Just in time for Sacramento Beer Week, locals will have a chance to sample some Pliny the Younger. But fear not, here are some spots that are happy to let you know that Pliny the Younger will be available for tasting. Look for the Davis location of Burgers & Brew to announce soon when they'll have their batch of Pliny the Younger.
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