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Ichigo has never thought of Rukia as his 'comrade' because Rukia has always been more to him than his 'comrade'. Grimmjow brings Orihime to heal Ichigo before he can die, wanting to fight him at full strength.
Ulquiorra never killed Ichigo but he would have if Grimmjow didn't bring Orihime there in time.

She's drowning in her own self pity to see that Ichigo will never like her as anymore than a friend. With that command, his body is re-animated, but not in his original form, but in a new Hollow Form. Ichigo does not reply, and instead, uses telekinesis to retrieve his sword and lets out a loud, Hollow-like roar.

Im not hating Rukia or Orihime but Im just saying both might not happen and we dont know whats happens.

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