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Aw, I really enjoy how the connection is building between our two leads, and how the past weaves into the present story without being fobbed off as a simple fated-lovers story.
After dragging Song-yi out of her beauty salon confrontation with jealous rival Yura, Min-joon demands to know who the girl in Song-yi’s photo is. Song-yi invites Min-joon home with her, wanting to take care of him in exchange for him saving her life, and leads the way. Upon arrival, they find a crowd gathered in front of her gate as Yi-hwa’s in-law announces that the new bride hanged herself last night and will be remembered as a virtuous woman (for following her dearly departed husband). Min-joon notes Yi-hwa’s stunned reaction as they overhear this exchange through the open window.
With that, we return to the present day as Song-yi shakes off his arm and reminds him that she’s Chun Song-yi. Min-joon gets distracted by the sight of Song-yi’s glittery heels, which are the same ones from his vision of a woman teetering over a railing and falling into water.
I also love that Lawyer Jang seems to understand Min-joon better that he understands himself—at least in some regards—and prods him about whether he’ll step in. Song-yi and Se-mi stand by for shoots on their drama, and Se-mi’s in sympathetic friend mode, asking about the beauty salon incident and the man who stepped in.
Two hoobae actresses stop by to say hi to Song-yi, gushing over her and totally ignoring Se-mi, who feels the slight. His sunbae scolds him for his terrible work attitude, starting with the way he set a movie star as his desktop wallpaper.
Sunbae enjoys acting the part of office superior and struts back to his desk… where his co-workers have made a dispiriting discovery. Then Hwi-kyung comes back with coffee and apologies for his thoughtlessness, promising to stay as late as his sunbaes are working.
Scary chaebol hyung Jae-kyung takes a meeting with one of his directors regarding the recent, convenient death of a business rival (Chairman Dad admitted previously to feeling happy about it, though at least he had the awareness to know that was unseemly). Director Hwang feels the need to investigate the matter—there are suspicious circumstances regarding the death, such as the fact that the deceased man had met someone from S&C Group the night before. Sure enough, after hours that night, somebody messes with the director’s stash of insulin needles. Min-joon is in his library thinking about Yi-hwa when his super-hearing picks up Song-yi’s cries of pain from next door.
In the ER, Min-joon proceeds to bark orders at the first-year resident (he was a doctor in a past life), who grumbles that there are too many medical dramas on air these days, making managers think they know everything. Yi-hwa marvels at the first snow and tells him of the Joseon belief that on this day, all lies are forgiven. News gets out of Song-yi’s hospital stay, naturally, and in the morning Hwi-kyung drops by for a visit and gets denied by bodyguards. In school, young Song-yi brag-complains about having so much dialogue (it would be nice to be a background actor like Se-mi, she says, because she’d have fewer lines to memorize). Just then, Min-joon’s ancient beeper rings, and Lawyer Jang wonders at it—he was the only one with that number. The next thing we know, Min-joon is walking into the manhwa store run by Song-yi’s frenemy Bok-ja.
He delivers them with a look of disgust, and she tells him defensively not to disparage her books. Song-yi’s father shows up at the hospital, but one glimpse of Yoon-jae sends him ducking out of sight.
Song-yi looks out her window at the snowfall, thinking to the old days when her father would bring her fried chicken to mark the occasion. Time for the diabetic Director Hwang to take his insulin, and immediately thereafter he gets called up to Jae-kyung’s office. Min-joon, meanwhile, continues his lessons on mating by giving a lecture on human courtship, which is based in self-perpetuated fantasies of everlasting love whose sole purpose is to perpetuate the species. He elicits an unintended laughs when his pager goes off in the middle of class, since who uses pagers anymore?
Cut to: Min-joon, looking at the heels in his shoe closet, hanging his head at his own behavior.
Rival actress Yura dines with Jae-kyung and complains about his kid brother dating her rival—if both couples get married, she would be Song-yi’s sister-in-law, and that would be terrible. Yura wheedles anyway, saying that they’ve been dating a year (and that Dispatch is slacking on the job to not be all over her dating life) and should break up if he has no intention of marrying her. Jae-kyung looks at her with that scary look in his eyes, though he agrees to be her date at an upcoming wedding.
Song-yi prepares for the wedding too, mock-complaining that she’ll be accused of being a wedding disturbance by outshining the bride.
Song-yi calls Min-joon and leaves him a message, informing him that she re-bought those same shoes and will expect an apology in the future.
She runs into Yura again, this being their mutual salon, and Yura snipes at her to stay away from the wedding and out of her sight. Min-joon checks his voicemail, just as he sees a news report on TV about the big celebrity wedding.
He explains seeing instances where lovers would fall into a love that transcended class, like the lady of the house running off with the servant, only to have that love fizzle in a few years.

I’m loving Song-yi more and more, monstrous ego and all, which is nicely played alongside her loneliness and family abandonment issues. I do like seeing that she’s still capable of being a decent human being, though, at least in matters that count.
Song-yi’s also trying to be a good sister to Yoon-jae, which is why it stings to have him reject her so thoroughly. I’m a little skeptical about the murderous chaebol brother storyline, in that it actually feels a little broad for this drama. I do find Min-joon’s alien status tinged with unexpected poignancy, especially when we consider that it sounded like joke fodder and little else. And while Min-joon isn’t human, his experience of walking among the humans offers a poignant look into what exactly constitutes being human (his scientific birds-and-bees mating lectures are a nice touch), inasmuch as he lives as one.
Please Javabeans or anyone else , what is the track’s name , when Min Joon takes Yi Hwa and travels to a spacious field where they find her grave , at the start of the episode ???
2—I love the drama in this drama, SY’s mom, the way SY always cares and is concerned about how she looks, her mom, her brother, and her dad. 1—When he shielded her (MJ), did he take her somewhere else in the process (like right away)? 2—The guy who plays the boss (Yu Jun-Sang) of Lee Whi-Kyung (Park Hae-Jin’s character), was he in “My Husband’s got a family?” Viki mentioned that Kim Nam Joo was his co-star, and I was just wondering. 4—“This is why we are not supposed to take care of black-headed animals.” Can someone please explain? 5—Did the actress just black mailed him into getting married (Lee Jae-Kyung)?.It not only seemed that way. I’m not sure but from the first time we met Evil Hyung, is there a woman trapped somewhere waiting to be let out? The boss falling was hilarious, I replayed that scene many times, I found it to be so well acted. I love his stone-faced expression coupled with his intense burning desire to intervene in her life! Looking fwd to tonight’s ep when he saves her from drowning at the yacht party, despite himself, more or less.
Kim Tae Hee was labeled a “nuisance guest” after her appearance at Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s August wedding. I think both Jeguk and Phantom were made-up names, but there is a real Korean entertainment company called Star Jeguk or Star Empire, which Im Si Wan and Park Hyung Sik are under. When I heard Jeguk in this episode, I thought about Jeguk Group from the kdrama Heirs as well. I love it when kdrama characters share worlds with dramas from other characters or when they seem to know of each other. Giant wasn’t a big part for him, the drama was epic one of my top five best drama ever.
Yes, fate is described as an element in play, but it’s actually our coldly logical hero who pooh-poohs such explanations. She asks him a string of questions about his identity, offering that she believes in other life forms (whether grim reapers or folk-tale creatures), and therefore he can be honest about his origins.
Ah, so it was her own family plotting to rid themselves of her—once she married into the family, she became one of theirs, but as she is a mere widow they literally have no use for her. Just then, the henchman looks up straight at them and Min-joon reacts swiftly, placing himself in the way to block Yi-hwa from sight. He mulls over the connection with his friend Lawyer Jang, who tosses out words like reincarnation and doppelganger, which Min-joon summarily dismisses as ridiculous. Surprisingly, it’s Song-yi who speaks up for her, schooling the hoobaes on their lack of manners. Hwi-kyung has done as ordered and changed his desktop, and now they can see exactly who his family is. Jae-kyung says that the matter can be left to the police, but doesn’t resist when Director Hwang presses. Song-yi protests that she doesn’t fart, but Min-joon dutifully takes her for a walk around the hallways. Min-joon shakes his head no, saying she’s someone he feels sorry to, and Song-yi sniffs that he probably has way more than one person like that in his life. She asks if they have nothing to ask about her, and the reporter corrects course to ask about a boyfriend. In walks young Hwi-kyung, who introduces himself to Song-yi as the son of the company she just shot a CF for. She wonders now why she continued to like him despite it all, and so it’s with her usual disappointment that she sees Hwi-kyung when she arrives at the hospital. She wonders why he would conjure up some fake prediction for her, just as Min-joon is congratulating himself for the disguised warning. Except this was also the number he used when registering Song-yi to the hospital, and when he calls back he gets her on the line, wondering where to find that horoscope.
He cites a Joseon book as his type of reading material, and then it’s his turn to get defensive when she calls him stuffy and old-fashioned.
They’ve been alerted by the documentary crew, which wants to get coverage of the family moment, though Yoon-jae refuses to play and goes in glowering.

She doesn’t, however, see her father walking away glumly, not having the nerve to actually come see her. Already the swapped meds are taking effect, and the director staggers to the stairwell and takes a tumble down a flight.
Min-joon was in charge of her belongings, and Song-yi wonders at his fixation with her heels, recalling his distraction with them earlier. But she’s jumping the gun, and Jae-kyung points out that he never mentioned marriage.
Song-yi has no intention of skipping out, and tells Yura that if she’s so afraid of getting upstaged by Song-yi, she should just have more confidence in herself. Song-yi talks dreamily of the grand proposal she wants, with serenade and on bended knee—an idea Min-joon calls immature. Which I know is hilarious given that we’re talking about a drama about a 400-year-old alien, but really, the Min-joon characterization has actually been lovely and grounded in human emotion. It kept me on my toes, and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode, because I want to see how she will be saved by MJ.
It also looked like he might not do it, and maybe he might kill her at some point, like he killed the old man.
We have seen MJ do that in the Joseon time, and he did that 12 years ago (though the distance was not as long) when he saved young SY. The first time we meet Evil Hyung (when he is talking to his brother), he talks to a woman on the phone and he threatens her). That is an interesting expression, which once explained (and given the context), actually makes sense.
Her mother-in-law directs the preparation of a coffin and orders her men to find and kill the girl before she is spotted and contradicts their lie.
He whirls around her… and suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of a faraway field.
She warns them of dire consequences should they continue to snub Se-mi, drawing them close to assure them that the rumors of her terrible temper are true. Min-joon takes up a newspaper and pretends to read a horoscope just to tell her that her fortune advises her to stay away from boats and be careful around water.
At least Se-mi’s presence finally gets him inside to visit Song-yi, and he protests over her choice to let her neighbor take her to the hospital rather than calling Hwi-kyung. Note that Min-joon changes the topic rather than address it, complaining that Lawyer Jang is talking to him a lot more familiarly than he used to, and that this modern society’s losing its focus on respecting its elders. Mom, on the other hand, is happy to take center stage and get her time in front of the cameras.
He reaches for his cell phone to make an emergency call—and gets it kicked out of his hands by an unseen figure. She meets him outside and demands her shoes back, which he flatly denies knowing anything about. The wedding is on a cruise ship, and with her shoes stolen by the alien man, Song-yi has had a backup pair rustled up to replace them, though she’s had to settle for the wrong size. It also keeps me curious to know how the two girls relate to each other, because I don’t quite think Song-yi is a mere reincarnation of Yi-hwa. That one gesture doesn’t negate the fact that she may be a deficient friend in other respects, but I do think she cares for both Se-mi and Hwi-kyung, in her own way. But as dysfunctional as they are, Song-yi’s only way of relating to her family is, thus, money.
But the chaebol killer is just over-the-top enough for me to find it funny (whether or not that is its intention), and I find myself thinking back to Tae-mu, the world’s most inept attempted murderer in Rooftop Prince.
I have a feeling that he will do what he did with the doppeldanger in the Joseon time, shielding her with his outfit (his sleeve), which transported them to another place. I think he tells her to consider herself to be lucky to be alive, however, I am not sure whether he has her killed or not.
She rattles off all the things she’d love to eat, accompanied by the calorie counts that make them impossible to eat, and wonders if losing an appendix reduced her body weight at all. Hwi-kyung sputters in indignation to hear that this manager brought Song-yi in and stayed with her all night long, and then sputters some more when Min-joon states that the patient needs absolute rest and is not taking visitors. That makes me want to see this friendship flourish despite hints that it may not, because wouldn’t that be a nicely unexpected turn?
So round and round the cycle goes, of her throwing money at the problems and hoping for a different result each time, only to be crushed every time Mom sucks her dry and asks for more. 4 (which I am assuming he will do), though I don’t think it will be anything really new. I also loved that it was after the boss was so proud of the lecture he gave HK, it added to the comical effect. 4 recap that Evil Hyung seems to kill one person per episode (or she alluded to that), so maybe he had her killed too. Hopefully the show will do a good job of letting us how many people Evil Hyung had killed in the end.

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