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Tears rolled down my cheeks.  Minutes earlier husband David had given me the most devastating news. And it was there, one evening while I was surfing the internet that I decided to join a dating website. One of them was from Steve Myers, a widow – and being a teacher, his well-written email immediately caught my eye. Aged 55, he explained in perfect English that twelve years ago his wife had died.  Half English and half Hungarian, he’d lived in America for a long time but he now had houses in Virginia, US and Croydon. Steve claimed he worked as a self-employed petroleum engineer earning ?100,000 a year and travelled the world. We arranged that I would pick him up from the airport.  My stomach tingled as I imagined us running into one another’s arms. He needed equipment but as all the money was still tied up in the contract, he didn’t have enough cash to buy it.

By now Christmas was over and my divorce was going through.  I took out two bank loans on the internet and sent over another ?20,000 for more equipment.
Finally, in February the house was sold.  I bought myself a caravan to live in until I could afford another property. Steve had so many bills to pay and was under so much strain, I was delighted to be able to send him ?70,000.
The only snag was before it was to be released, I’d have to pay ?10,000 for a special certificate. Alison Smith-Squire is a media agent selling stories to newspapers, magazines and TV for the ordinary person. This entry was posted in Recent Stories 2012, Stories sold to newspapers, Take a Break stories, The Mirror stories and tagged Conned and scammed - real-life stories.
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He was sick of me nagging him and he didn’t feel it was too late for him to have a fresh start. At the same time I received an email from an organisation called Crown Third Party Finance to let me know 5.2 million dollars was waiting to go into my account.
I’d seen programmes about gullible women on the news who’d given money to fraudsters on websites. But then Steve was different and anyway, I wasn’t the sort to be taken in by something like that.

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