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Why can’t Asia have artists like this- young, talented and who have the voodoo that you do to me- someone with that raw potential a producer with the smarts and not on Remote can work with? Why must, for example, every single Canto-pop dirge have the same chords, the same structure and the same melody?
What makes Sa Ding Ding so outre and different to the glut of Hello Kitty Canto-cuties from the same Willy Wanker factory those tiresome old “Heavenly Kings” and their Kingdom Clones? Perhaps there is real talent out there, but for whatever the reason- a corrupt entertainment media or music journos with no idea what’s good or bad?- we never get to hear them. If this region is arid when it comes to raw talent like Jess Greenberg, well, blame it on the water, but more than anything else, put it down to an environment not conducive to the creative process or originality. What can be done to change this situation that has been going on for far too long with no rainbows in sight?
New thinking, new ways of doing thinking, not wasting time on time wasters and hoping to hell that the coffers of an organization like the Hong Kong Jockey Club with its current venues and other venues coming on stream, are used to make that leap into the world of entertainment sooner than planned and with the right people driving that Mothership home and away.
The world of entertainment today is vast, it cannot be defined, it is intertwined and has become one. Rock Stars, supermodels, actors and actresses and sports heroes have formed Mutual Admiration Societies. Fast Track is the authority and driving force to steer you along the edgy road to this new world of entertainment..
In this webinar, we’ll discuss Local Search and its impact on whether or not your website is getting found by potential customers in your own hometown.
Join us to find out the most important parts of your web page for Local Search, how customer reviews impact your visibility, how social media can help your cause, and online marketing options you will want to consider. Kim Butler is a serial entrepreneur and owner of The URL Dr., an online marketing agency based in Columbia, MD.
Me, groggy and annoyed to be asked this question: Yes, we do have bread, so make a sandwich. Yes, that was the first tale and in response, one of my readers suggested that if you want a man to find something, glue boobs to it…  which by the way is much harder to do than it sounds. Yes, from now on, if he doesn’t know where something is, I will be using my vagina area to point in the right direction. Birger focuses on the admittedly (by his own account) limited college-educated set and adroitly outlines that the disparity has been building for decades, but without us ever fully recognizing its influence. Not for nothing are there 39 percent more women ages 22 to 29 with college degrees in Manhattan than men in the same bracket, with a gap of 100,000 between female and male college degree holders under the age of 35 in the entire city.And while the land of Sex and the City is tough for single women seeking college-educated men, it’s hardly the worst. Hendrik not only engages in the delights of not texting one-night-stands and ditching women who don’t immediately agree to have sex with him, but also loves playing women off each other by insulting others to manipulate them into feeling special. There were moments when Date-Onomics is initially disheartening—especially if you’re a 25-year-old woman who takes comfort fantasizing the perfect guy is out there and you just haven’t found him yet.“For a college-educated woman who puts an extremely high-priority on getting married to a college-educated man, she may be better off strategically—though not necessarily romantically—getting married young to Mr.

In the hands of a patronizing writer, or worse, a smug married person, Data-Onomics content would be hard to digest. When I ask Birger how he began exploring the “man deficit” when he’s been out of the dating world for decades, he says his female colleagues and friends were his motivators.When a work friend in her late thirties mentioned that she and her boyfriend, a man in his mid-forties, broke up because he wasn’t ready to settle down, her visible sadness left Birger feeling frustrated enough to investigate what he had long pondered: Why were his amazing female friends and colleagues single after years of dating and seeking marriage? But a big move may not be possible for someone with a full career and social life—and Birger understands that this suggestion is untenable.
By confining themselves to degree-holders, Birger argues that women are “limiting their options and giving those college grad men too much leverage.”“I can’t accept the idea that a guy who doesn’t have a college degree means you’re marrying down. It’s one of the strongest directives to come from a man who is hesitant to peddle too much specific advice when it comes to finding “the one.” As he often does during our interview, Birger places heavy caveats on his counsel, noting he’s not a dating coach or matchmaker. These YouTube videos of the consortium "Why Can't a Successful Black Woman Find a Man" are both hilarious and thought-provoking. Sherri Shepherd goes after Jimi Izrael, who were both honest about the reasons why they believe successful black women can't always find a black man. Shepherd says she just wants a man who loves God, loves women, and can help her take her cornows out. Hill Harper brought the topic back to seriousness with statistics that showed the state of the black family. Facebook live seance hosted by 'The Darkness' on Friday the 13thLooking for a little something extra to do for the upcoming Friday the 13th?
The increases in mobile technology and use have made it a necessity for local businesses to be found on maps, in review sites, and in local listings. Kim’s mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses and organizations be more successful online. The webinar was very well-conducted and offered great tips that will push the marketing of any small business to a different level. We’ve argued about hookup culture and whether it brought the death of monogamy and marriage, and about whether feminism and sexual liberation—giving women control over their reproductive health and sexual expression, while freeing them from the confines of a virgin ideal—could be considered the cause.
He crunches data from the National Center for Education Statistics (and includes very helpful charts in the appendix) showing that 1981 was the last year that more men than women graduated from a four-year undergraduate program.
Fort Lauderdale has 71 percent more female college grads than male between ages 22-29, followed by Providence, which has 60 percent more.The gap’s impact on dating for straight, single women is exacerbated, Birger explains, because men with college degrees are consciously or subconsciously aware that they are in scarce supply.
We will not share your email with anyone for any reason“I didn't get the sense they were all being Machiallevian about it,” he says. California, Colorado, and Washington tend to be states with gender ratios friendlier to women. Besides, it’s a relatively superficial response to the larger root of the college gender gap, a problem that affects so much more than dating: Boys are lagging behind in higher education. Izrael says that black women can't look for Denzel Washington driving a Maybach with Godiva chocolates in the back seat.

Since starting her first company at the age of 11, Kim has experienced first hand, the growing pains of starting and operating a small business.
She first aided me in my web site design and continues to teach me to be a better marketer through her associations with national brands.
We offer online marketing training, WordPress web design, WordPress managed hosting, and online marketing programs. It’s not a hazy paranoia.And it’s not a matter of being too fat or too loud, too timid or too aggressive, too slutty or too frigid.
This conclusion that people should lay off of feminism as the culprit for hook-up culture is not the focus of Date-Onomics, but a rewarding one for anyone tired of hand-wringing about whether feminism “hurts” women.
They take advantage of their rarefied status by holding off settling down and enjoying the market of riches—and Birger’s book includes colorful anecdotes.
Perhaps because he’s not only an outsider in terms of his financial reporting background but as a suburban father of three who has been married for 20 years. In Santa Clara County among the 20-29 age group, there are 38 percent more single men than women and 48 percent more single men than women in the 30-39 group, The county tends to have fewer divorces, too—another upshot of men being scarce. Even those technically challenged, like myself, will be able to follow with ease as the information is presented in layman’s terms.
She consistently delivers high quality, actionable information which continues to benefit my marketing efforts.
Guttentag and Secord noticed there was an over-supply of young, single women when the Women's Liberation movement and the sexual revolution blossomed. One woman recalls a boyfriend who felt entitled to grope her friend right in front of her because he thought he deserved a threesome.
His data provides concrete, liberating evidence that we should stop over-analyzing the nonsense minutiae of modern dating.“There are all these dating books that say how quickly you call or text is really going to determine whether you end up with Mr. It’s that There Aren’t Enough of Him.”In his book, Birger eloquently explains, in terms that even the non-statistically-literate can comprehend, that the gender ratios of college graduating classes in the past few decades reveal that there really aren’t enough single guys. Then there’s Jason Hendriks, the pseudonym given to a 34-year-old on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who is a “little pudgy and not the world’s sharpest dresser,” by Birger’s account. But, as occurred so many times reading Date-Onomics, I ultimately felt liberated, fear replaced by the realization that driving yourself crazy to find some mystical “best”—and, in turn, to attract that mystical “best”—was a waste. I will now waste an hour picking a wall full of them realize you have to pay 4.99 each (though you get it back with your first purchase) and debate over whether I should just buy them to stop the feeling of guilt I have for having spent so much time deciding which ones I must have.

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