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Was the very first thing he told me as we discussed his eroding situation with his ex girlfriend.
I could see anger was welling up in him and I knew that was not a good thing for a guy trying to recover his ex girlfriend.
The “blame game” is something I see a lot between couples as they seemingly compete to outdo each other on who is to blame for whatever.
When things are not working out, it is easier to blame another because the alternative is to blame yourself. As I spoke to my client about his unraveling situation with his ex girlfriend, it seemed that the “blame game” was in high gear. She held him responsible for the break up.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? He supposedly was to blame for all of her bad moods and when bad luck prevailed, he would catch blame for that as well.
My experience with such things has taught me that there is usually a lot more to the story. While it did sound like his ex girlfriend held him accountable for far too many things, I was interested in understanding what, if any, behaviors my client may have exhibited that could have been triggers to his ex-girlfriend’s accusations. I wanted to gain greater insight into when the fights started and when his ex-girlfriend began blaming him for so many things. I needed to understand if there was some kind of triggering event that got the relationship headed off into the wrong direction.
What often happens is that we get so engaged with all the negative events happening in our relationship, that it can be easy to get lost in all the muck. When we have a woman who is constantly blaming, condemning, accusing, or finding fault, it sounds a lot like one way traffic. And while my experience has revealed to me that some women can fall prey to the seductive qualities of always laying blame on their boyfriend; more often than not, both of them are guilty of the same sin.
After hearing a full hour of why his ex-girlfriend is a dreadful person, constantly finding fault with the things he says or does, I wanted to turn the focus around. I wanted my client to hold the mirror up and take a really hard look at things he said or done that could have contributed to the demise of their relationship.
And I think you will see that in most cases, the blame game is really a symptom of a larger problem.
My client had described that he and his girlfriend had been seeing each other for two years. I decided we would temporarily get off the topic of “blame” and turn our attention to the positives in order to give the conversation a more realistic perspective. He told me that in the first year of the relationship his girlfriend sparkled with happiness. He explained that he was happy and thought she seemed happy as well in those earlier times. It turned out that most of the conflict they had in the first year of the relationship was relatively petty and seemed to be usually triggered by fatigue, stress, or a misunderstanding.
If something was on her mind, she told you and you didn’t have to worry about her playing games.
It was a good tactic to get him talking about the better days, because I could see he was starting to climb out of his funk. The feeling that your ex-girlfriend is unfairly accusing you is not uncommon when one is in the early phases of a break up. It was crystal clear to me that he was angry, hurt and confused that the relationship had unraveled. And I could see when we first began talking, he was not ready to accept any blame for any of it. Rather, his attitude was that he was being unfairly portrayed and accused of a great many things. His ex-girlfriend’s tongue lashing tirade had stung him hard and he was not quite ready to move on.
I figured if my client continued to thrash around in this role of “victim”, then things were never going to get better.
To me, it matters less who casts the “blame” and who plays the “victim” because it is a losing proposition to play either role. As long as my client was convinced that his ex girlfriend was the sole instigator of all his troubles, we were going nowhere, fast. After reflecting back on the good times he had with his ex girlfriend, he was starting to find a better frame of mind to accept there must be something more going on. I don’t like at all when a guy accuses their ex-girlfriend as always “blaming” them for everything under the sun.
That kind of talk does not work for me because I know it will not work out for my client if they continue to play “victim”. You see, sometimes when a client of mine is playing the “victim” game, I Iike to jolt them back to reality.
So he is looking at me with this incredulous expression like, “why the frack am I paying you for this”! If you hired me to help you with getting your ex girlfriend back, then that is what I am going to do.
You see, unless his girlfriend was some kind of “she devil monster”, then his explanation for what has been going down between the two of them is far too complicated. Remember, I prescribe to the theory that relationships and everything good and bad about relationships, comes out of two way traffic.
Now, if you tell me that all your troubles stem from this most awful “she monster” of an ex-girlfriend and that she “blames” you for EVERYTHING, well it just does not fit into my simple way at looking at things. My ex-girlfriend is mean spirited and unfairly blames me for everything, even though I did not do hardly anything wrong.
My ex-girlfriend has accused me of some things because I may have made some mistakes, but so to has she.
Explanation number 2 requires fewer assumptions because in the real world, when we have two people involved in a relationship, both will make mistakes and cast blame. Couples will encounter problems and it is rare that only one person is to blame for everything. So after I introduced my client to Occam and after we had talked about some of the wonderful qualities his ex girlfriend possessed, he was ready to “spill the beans”. After some probing, I finally got him talking about what he might have done to get sideways with his ex girlfriend. He and I both knew that all this “blaming” just did not emerge like some evil genie in a bottle. He explained that shortly after his off the cuff remark about her sister, they were planning on going to the movies and she asked him what he thought of the idea of her sister coming along.
If you have ever been down this kind of path before, you will know that sometimes your girlfriend might suggest something that the two of you can do together, but she may not really want to do it. Instead of telling his girlfriend, “no, I really just want it to be us together at the movies,” he royally screwed up and said, “yes, sure, that is a great idea”. If you pick at things enough, sometimes little important facts just fall right into your lap. So, I kept picking at this conversation he had with his ex-girlfriend about inviting the “sister” to the movies. When your girlfriend is jealous and hurt that she is not getting your full attention, you best get ready to pay the piper. Just for clarification, make no mistake, your lovely girlfriend of the past will not just stop loving you over something like this. But if you have done something wrong in her eyes, then it is far easier for her to first blame you for your transgressions then wait for your apology. Now, I did not wake up that day thinking that my lovely wife would be casting blame on me for what happened next.
So I am out there whacking away on some tennis balls when a girl’s team from a local High School arrives at the courts.
My wife and I had agreed to play tennis when she arrived at home, so it was fortunate I had gotten an available court.
So while I was working on my serve (by myself), the young women and their woman coach set up camp right next to me and started doing some drilling. But she had every right to blame me for not recognizing that the entire scene could have been misconstrued. If you are really close to a woman, it usually does not take much for jealousy to rear its head. Going back to my client, I wanted him to understand the drawbacks of playing the blame game. Not only did he act like he was “victimized”, but he launched into several little tirades about how his ex gf really screwed things up with her aggressive and brazen accusations. I told him that “blame” being passed around within a relationship like a football, usually results in a massive withdrawal from the trust bank you have worked so hard to establish with your lover. For the benefit of my readers, I am going to list out some of the common things ex-girlfriends blame their boyfriends for. But I want to make it clear, that the “blame game” couples can play at, almost always ends in more trouble. Don’t be surprised if you are accused of not being serious about the relationship and blamed for the lack of progress. When there is some kind of major problem in the relationship in which something really bad happens which threatens the very survival of the couple, you can bet one or both parties will be looking to cast blame. It is just that all of us have some degree of selfishness that is very much part of our make up.
Most of us are programmed to launch our counter measures to protect our ego and selfish needs. At that stage of the interaction between the two lovers, it can easily develop into a no holds bar, ugly, and messy fight where “blame” becomes like a cheap poker chip, thrown around with little consideration. And those that prefer to play the “game of victim” are as guilty as those that sling the mud of accusations.
There are no winners when you and your ex girlfriend play the blame game and the victim game.
Now, in this singular case involving my client, it took a while before he realized that he screwed up. It took him going all the way back to the movie cinema incident to realize he set into motion a wave of jealousy and distrust.
Now that does not excuse his ex -girlfriend from not calmly talking about the matter early on. It does not excuse her from holding this against her boyfriend for weeks and letting it fester. I am sure if I peeled back more layers and took an even deeper look at what was going on between these two, I would probably find some passive aggressive efforts where his ex-girlfriend gave him subtle opportunities to acknowledge his insensitivity or prove himself to be a loving and faithful boyfriend. We don’t bite, because we don’t know we are suppose to fish ourselves out of the misunderstanding. Things get worse as your girlfriend internalizes all of these thoughts and you still have no clue. Or are we dealing with something that is systemic, involving a lot of issues over a longer period of time? Eventually, the time will be ripe to sit down and have a heart to heart with your ex girlfriend about how all this “blame stuff” got started. It was used as a device by his ex girlfriend to get his attention because she was angry and hurt by what she later described as “hitting on my sister”.
When they finally got around to sitting down to talk, I had prepared my client to take a completely different approach than what he normally would have done in such a situation. Typically, he would get defensive when his girlfriend ran through her laundry list of complaints.
Since I was certain most of their troubles stemmed from the jealousy over the “sister”, I told him I wanted him to use what I call the “Empathic Technique”.
Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Then I told him that I want him to tell her that you feel you really need to listen to everything she has to say.

Tell her how insensitive it was for you to make careless and suggestive comments about her sister.
Express to her that you made mistakes and you now understand how your immature behaviors can hurt her.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. I had to return to UK for personal family reasons in june 2013 and we got on fine for 2 years, she came over 3 times to visit when she had holidays.
I’ll be very grateful if you could give your review of this, and give some advice what to do. There’s a thin of being rude and being hard to get because of your standards or your activities. How does one gauge where your ex girlfriend is at in terms of head space and feelings after a breakup? My ex left me 4 weeks ago, her reasons being that she still loves me but doesn’t feel that lustful attraction all the time and that I had been too jealous and clingy. Hence, how does one go about gauging where their ex is at after a breakup if you are trying to get her back?
We have not had any contact between eachother for 3 weeks now and I although I have my own thoughts on how she is feeling based on the factors above I don’t know if I am correct.
She says the silence between us since the breakup has made her want to make peace between us and be able to be friends, saying that she would be totally open to being friends with me. She said she had been thinking about breaking up with me for a month before she actually did it because she thought it could be a mistake and she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. All in all we spent about an hour together and I kept it cool and prodded her with questions to get information from her as she did most of the talking.
Have I screwed up by replying to her on day 20 NC and by spending too much time with her on our first encounter seeing eachother and by feeling down near the end of the meet up? What do you make of the information I managed to get out of her?How do you think this encounter went and how should I follow up on this bearing in mind she leaves in 2 months and the holiday season is upon us? Sorry about this, I could really use your thoughts on my current situation (as posted in comment above) or do you think it is pretty much over?
Reach out to her to try be friends and work on that front or step back into NC and take another approach? Often times when a woman says that she doesn’t need you, you have to take it with a grain of salt and look at what her actions are actually saying. To this day I can’t think of a more helpless feeling than sending a text message or calling your significant other and being ignored on purpose. I can’t tell you how many times I get this question on a daily basis from desperate men out there. Ok, I went through the emails and comments from yesterday and I received this question in some way, shape or form twelve times. So, if you are one of these 4,380 men wondering why your ex girlfriend is ignoring or avoiding you allow me to tell you what I tell every one of these men.
Now, since I am such a stand up guy I am going to give you in-depth analysis of the most common reasons your ex girlfriend may have for ignoring you. Well, for starters the two of you just broke up and many experts say that going through a breakup is sometimes worse than losing a job and if any of you have lost a job when you absolutely needed money then you will understand the pain that goes along with that. Of course, usually women focus in on something specific that you did wrong during the breakup and remain angry at that.
For example, if your ex girlfriend walked in on you and her sister in bed then she is absolutely going to have all the motivation she could ever need to stay angry at you and ignore you.
One time there was this guy that became so desperate to get his ex back that he crashed her wedding and tried to break it up.
If your ex girlfriend views you as that crazy ex then that could be a motivating factor in her attempts to ignore and avoid you. Have you ever had a girl that was head over heels for you to the point where it was kind of creepy. Apparently, the crazy Dutch woman in the story above got arrested for stalking but that isn’t really what I am getting at here. Though, I will admit that if you call your ex that much you should be arrested for stupidity AND stalking. Anyways, if you show up at your ex girlfriends house unannounced and uninvited multiple times then congratulations you are the stalker guy pictured in the gif above. Batman Shooter (Not Even Worth Mentioning This Guys Name)- I am sure you remember the day the Dark Knight Rises came out in theaters and some nut ball went in with a machine gun and shot people. Columbine Shooters- Two mentally unstable young men go into school one day and essentially start a massacre. So, if your ex girlfriend perceives you as emotionally or mentally unstable then you have a serious problem because she put you in the unstable category with the people mentioned above. Lets say that I call your ex girlfriend like crazy, I show up unannounced, I threaten to hurt myself if she doesn’t cooperate and the list just goes on and on. I know, I know, it sucks to even think about this possibility but it is a possibility so I can’t leave it out. As many of my informed readers know this isn’t the only self help relationship website I own.
So, it could be possible that your ex girlfriend is ready to move on from you entirely and that is why she is ignoring or avoiding you. In my experience, in helping people with relationships for three years I have learned that it is extremely hard for people to cut their exes out of their life entirely. So, the odds are in your favor that your ex girlfriend won’t be able to move on from you by cutting you out of her life entirely.
Now that we understand the main reasons for why your ex girlfriend may ignore you lets shift our focus to what you need to be doing to prevent that from happening.  Now, in my book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO, I go through a specific set of steps that you have to follow in order to get your ex girlfriend to NOT ignore you.
In other words, if you follow the advice laid out on this page you will most likely move from your ex girlfriend ignoring you to her not ignoring you. Ok, now that we have that out of the way lets take a look at how the three steps above can help you regain your exes attention. Right now your ex girlfriend is ignoring you (on purpose) and you are kind of freaking out about it. I have been through my fair share of experiences in which someone I really care for ignored me on purpose and let me tell you it is a very disheartening feeling. What do you think happens to most men when an ex girlfriend they really want to talk to ignores them on purpose?
They become super desperate and turn into those calling and texting terrorists that I mentioned above.
I am always telling the women over on my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, that men are the ones that crave admiration but the truth is that human beings in general love to feel admired and the last time I checked human beings also included women. So, why is it that woman are constantly chasing the guys that don’t make them feel loved or admired?
Well, it’s because they think that eventually a guy is going to change and show them the admiration and love they feel they deserve. An underlying reason that your ex girlfriend could potentially be ignoring you is that she knows it will illicit a reaction from you. In his mind she would come home, feel horrible about the whole situation and apologize profusely to him. Now, what ended up happening was that when his girlfriend came home and realized he wasn’t there she decided to go out and spend some time on herself which essentially crushed my friend.
In other words, the expectation that you are going to be like every other guy in the world is there. So, if you can overcome that expectation and do the opposite of what she is expecting all of a sudden it will be her who starts to rethink things and realize the mistake she has made.
In my E-Book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO, I recommend something I like to call the no contact rule. If you are successful in your attempt to turn the tables on your ex girlfriend then congratulations, you have completed the first step of the process. Step one (turning the tables on your ex) was all about putting her in a frame of mind where she is wanting to hear for you or wanting to message you. Well, if you have read this far down on the page then I am assuming that your ex girlfriend is currently ignoring or avoiding you.
Probably because she isn’t really looking forward to your text messages or phone calls.
It basically primes her so that she is looking forward to your text messages or phone calls. Once you feel you have your ex girlfriend properly primed or looking forward to hearing from you (step one) you can go ahead and reach out to her to test and see if she is going to ignore you anymore.
Your text message has to be so interesting that it would be impossible for your ex NOT to respond to it.
The next day I send her a text explaining how I thought a lot about the night before and I would like a proper talk about it. I know this seems like a lot of texting her, and I wish I had gotten the idea of messaging her in a way that she could read the message without letting me know last night.
After the breakup we did No Contact during December, but then I contacted her by her birthday on January.
I am currently going through the avoiding period with my ex fiancee and am highly doubtful that she’s trying to remove me from her life completely as her and I have a two year old daughter together. Its been a 5 month now, grl who cheated with other man, didnt cme back to me bt i stil love her, i thnk we’ re completly finish, there is no geting back. Anyway, at the end of phase 2 one day I just got impatient and texted her something like ‘ for the past few months we have been spending a lot less time together. For the next month I tried (2 times) to pin down a time and location for us to meet and discuss but she always had some reason (probably legitimate) for those times to not work, e.g.
I kept waiting to hear from her about when she wants to meet up till the middle of month 3 (because I was not sure when she returned from her trip abroad). I know I may appear to be a very sore loser so far but here is the thing: I want this relationship to grow and I would still like to get back with her because she did not technically cheat on me. I do not plan to have any contact of any manner EVER with her, unless of course, she clearly expresses her desire to meet. I always admire couples who declare their love and don't fear judgement or speculations of any sort. I always admire couples who declare their love and don’t fear judgement or speculations of any sort.
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Just a few months ago me and this girl were kissing, making-out, talking about going to the same college et cetera.
This is the same 20 year old girl that is going through a phase now with all the clubbing etc as she had been attached to me since she was 16.
A week after breaking up she posted an emotional article on FB basically stating how she feels (i.e. She is going overseas soon and had been in contact with my mother to meet up to talk and say goodbye before she left. I was aiming to do NC for 21 days but recently I have wanted to extend it to about 28 or so. She carried on about this new life she is living, how she is enjoying being independent and being able to do whatever she wants and feels like a completely different person but she wants peace between us and that she thinks I won’t like this new person she has turned into.
She says she will always have love for me and mentioned that her and her friends had recently been talking about what kind of girl I would hook up with next and mentioned that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship for a long time and her going overseas might make her want to never come back home.

I tried to remain mysterious and evasive when she asked me questions but near the end I lost my cool a bit and she could see I was feeling down so we wrapped things up. After seeing me on Saturday she had asked one of my friends that night how I had been doing.
At least she won’t ignore me from here on out and her wanting to see me is a little bit of progress. Because she’s a wrestling manager this year(I graduated) and I was a wrestler my 4 years of highschool and my coaches and teammates asked me to come to some practices, think I should try to talk to her then so I can flirt better? We are over NC, did the texting and also 2 dates -it want good , she sad in the end she miss me-.
Instead of leaving it at just one missed text or phone call you up the count to thirty and it’s almost like someone else is controlling your actions. More specifically, I am going to let you in on why your ex girlfriend is ignoring you or avoiding you on purpose. So, if twelve is my daily average of receiving this question then that means that this question is asked a total of 4,380 to me every single year by 4,380 different men. Another common thing that I know women get angry about is something you said about them during a heated argument or fight. You know, the ones where the crazy ex boyfriend stalks the ex girlfriend until she has to take out a restraining order. Sure, as men we all like to feel admired by the opposite sex but there is a point where it can become too much. It’s a creepy looking guy that just follows one specific person around without being seen. In fact, I also own another website called Ex Boyfriend Recovery in which I help women try to get back with their exes. In fact, I wasn’t even close to the second person to have this epiphany about moving on.
Only a select few can do it successfully and guess what, yours truly couldn’t do it during his first breakup.
However, if you want her back in your life permanently there is a lot more you have to do than to just regain her attention. Seriously, there are moments where you just want to scream at the top of your lungs at how unfair your love life is.
Now, my friend (who worked from home) was absolutely furious that he decided to one up her by not being there when she showed up at home. You see, my buddy was sure that when he came home he was going to teach his girlfriend a lesson and she was going to apologize to him. Your ex is trying to teach you a lesson by ignoring you so she is going to have a similar expectation that my friend had about his girlfriend.
However, if you want more advice on what length of time you should use when you implement the no contact rule I recommend reading my book or checking out this article. While this is essentially in making her not ignore you it doesn’t necessarily mean that she will stop ignoring you. That means that whenever you do reach out to her via a text message or a phone call she isn’t responding or picking up.
So, don’t even think about reaching out to your ex until you have successfully turned the tables on her. That made her very upset and sad and we had a short talked were she again asked me to stay over, which I declined because I was confused about my feelings. Last night I messaged her on facebook again, this time being a bit more open about my feelings and opening the possibility of us working things out.
We have been talking a bit and I become the terrorist exboyfriend, I got really, really nervous about her new relationship (which was a friend of mine and is no longer) and an surgical intervention she had so she told me not to talk to her anymore and has been ignoring my text since then (two weeks ago). We had a great time and we talked a lot via text messages, but then I became the GNAT and acted irrationally, she was hot and cold and used mixed messages which drove me mad. That may partly be because we never really spent a lot of time together for extended periods, except for the start of the relationship. From my experience in failing to set up a time in the previous month, I responded ‘sure, let me know when you would like to meet’ so that she could pick the time that works best for her.
I reached out to her around the middle of the month to check if she was back but got no response.
What surprises me is the fact that she could not find find any time for us to meet and talk but she found time to find this new guy. Kangana's name was also recommended for Padma Shri awards!This is what Aamir Khan did for his mother on Mother's Day!Soon to be moms!
One such jodi was Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan, who fell in love during the seventh season of Bigg Boss and openly confessed their love for one another on the show.I believed theirs, was a relationship that would last long but unfortunately, another one bit the dust. I think she started getting all wound up a couple of weeks ago when I told her that her sister was pretty hot”.
Beyond that, I was being regarded as the best Boyfriend ever who showed full concern in every aspect.
Just before this i had been very nasty saying silly things and sending her emails saying lets finish. I said a few things in closing like I will always have love for her and she can talk to me.
She mentioned she wants to see me again before she goes overseas to say goodbye and to exchange our belongings again. Of course, in addition to that I will also be giving you a game plan on what to do going forward if you are currently in a situation where you are being ignored or avoided. Well, sometimes when women get fed up with their exes they decide that they want to move on with their lives instead of being hurt all the time by an unresponsive ex boyfriend. No, there are a lot of capable people out there that can come to this conclusion on their own.
She is hoping that it will draw out that admiration and love that she so desperately wants. He went to the movies, ate at a nice restaurant and by the end of the day, when he felt enough time had passed, he decided to come home.
Recently I said some hurtful things about her body that really made her mad and didn’t want to talk to me but later on did. Im done healing myself, i thnk i realy love her, and i want her back in my life please Christ help me. For the first 6 months, she was unemployed so we spent about 80% of the weekends (fri-sun evenings) together. But I found it hard that in the next month (even with 2 weeks going to trips) she never could find any time to meet – and I had basically opened up my entire calendar for her. The next thing I heard from her was in the second half of the month wishing me a happy birthday. A week later, I got impatient and wrote a page long “emotional” email explaining my situation and angle to her also detailing that I want us to be together and the ‘breakup text’ was because I was upset at the time. It was soon splitsville for the two love birds and the fight was a bitter one, as made obvious by Kushal Tandon. He had made such a plea before, requesting fans and peers to stop tagging him with Gauahar.
We have broken up for about 5 weeks when she said I needed space, I begged her for the first 2 weeks but right now I’m more assured about myself.
Thank them too for rooting for you but let them ubderstand that that makes your ex puul away. After 2 or 3 weeks I made a mistake because I sent her a message asking whats up and how is she, unfortunately I was very weak (obviously) at that moment, she ignored that message.
Initially I ignored it and then she tried calling, which I ignored too, 20 mins later I called her back as I thought it was only 1 day shy of 21 days. She mentioned she has a lot of anger because she lost all of her younger years because of being in a serious relationship and right now she wishes we had met later on in life and feels like she never wants to get married although when she was with me she wanted to get married to me ASAP. She said her reason for coming over was to make peace, see how I am doing and in a way to say goodbye. Not prepared for that talk I didn’t express my feelings very well, and hurt her very bad.
Her and I broke up last June and were back together briefly in late October (briefly as in like two weeks) and we never really went public with it.
After the first 6 months, she got a good job and our frequency of meeting up decreased – drastically in my opinion.
I had been told that she would go abroad for another work trip around this time for a couple of weeks in the later part of the month. Regardless, I still think she looks cute but she told me once that she is never approached at bars by guys. Details of Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline's next!Catch the trailer of Mahesh Babu, Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu's Brahmotsavam here! The actor has put forth a tweet which clearly hints at there existing some bad blood between him and Gauahar. Well I get why Kushal would be irked by this practice but why not put it forth in a humbler way? Well I guess he assumed that this tweet of his would receive flak which is why he has deleted it from his Twitter account! Have to mention that I was very rude at breakup because I did it all via SMS and I told her I don’t wanna speak with her ever again. When she mentioned it was to say goodbye to me and part ways she teared up real fast and I was surprised as she had been upbeat the entire time. She has been spending alot of time with rich people and visiting their fancy apartments and drinking.
A couple of times she got jealous because I was replying to people on my phone ?? Upon saying goodbye I was rearranging my hair style and I saw her looking at me doing this in almost an attractive manner ( I could see in her eyes the way she looked at me) in a way that she used to look at me rearrange my hair when we were together.
Upon seeing no lights in there I started walking back but saw from across the street that she was returning home holding hands with another guy. Was because I heard that she is avoiding all of her old friends because they were constantly reprimanding her for her decision to leave.
Last week we met at the train station, she was there when I came in and she offered to buy a ticket for me, so I don’t have to wait in a long line. I accepted that gesture and told it was kind of her… that day we talked about 30 min and it was very good time. But since she wasn’t willing to take me back and I ws getting frustrated with insecurities and maybe one day she could find someone and leave me I decided to give her the break up she wants.
The only bad thing I started feeling in the last 2-3 months of this phase is that our conversations were always centered around her – her boss, her job, things she does, where she wants to go, what movie she wants to watch, etc.
Now you are simply coming across as this sour lad who lacks the ability to handle tricky situations in a gracious manner. After that I added her on Facebook and we talked few times… She mentioned our breakup and she is blaming me (of course) for everything, and she says if she could go back she would act the same.
Near the end of phase 2 I felt like I had been attempting to have an in-depth conversation with her about a semi-serious topic (in my opinion) for nearly 2 months but the low frequency of meeting up made it impossible to finish the regular chit-chat and still have time for semi-serious discussions.
The next day, I wrote another page long email explaining to her that I still want our relationship to work out. Also, hinting at the fact that the other guy did not bother me while not hinting at my thoughts about him being a rebound. The handful of times I did call her, most of the times she did not pick up and never called me back either. Next day, I texted her a simple message that I hope we could be friends (signalling my acceptance of the fact that she has moved on). I tried sending a few light-hearted messages to her as you suggest on your blog (2 in the course of the following week) just so we could get talking again but still no response..
And then day before valentines day ? texted her ( didnt text her in between 2 weeks ) what an amazing time we had together and i wish everthing could be better.

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