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After nearly a lifetime of being devoted to what I call a€?good-natured curmudgeonrya€? (and no, that is NOT an oxymoron), ita€™s strangely disconcerting to find that my retired life has now left me with little to grumble about a€“ not even good-naturedly.
Still, a lot of other places have pleasant climates; ita€™s just that Ia€™ve never lived in any of them and so I am having to become accustomed to a lot of nice little weather characteristics for the first time.
The trouble, too, is that there are far too many interesting people here with whom to socialize.

Because Mary Beth and I were airline people, we did a fair amount of traveling during our working life and so are now more contented than most to just enjoy where we are.
But I still refuse to give up my curmudgeonous nature, however the practice of curmudgeonry obviously gets harder by the day because this locality and its circumstances argue so strongly against it.

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