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Why is it that kids (or people who don’t seem to have back problems) can sleep in the strangest, most bizarre positions, but never seem to have any pain? And why is it that even when I try to sleep in a perfect position, on a great bed, with tons of pillows,  I can’t sleep.
Exclusive Bonus: Download a bonus step by step guide here to getting pain free (2 tips not mentioned here). When you mess up that natural, optimal alignment for too long (like when you sit at work for 8 hours and get terrible lower back pain), pain results.
And here’s another common spinal misalignment that is frequent in many of us who sit a lot. Depending on how tight your hips are, if your legs are too straight, it will pull the lower back into an arched position. For many of us with tight hamstrings, tucking the legs up too close to the chest will result in an over-rounding of the lower back. Generally, the main problem that people have with back sleeping is that the lower back starts to ache.
The easy fix is to simply add a pillow beneath your knees, which will let the lower back settle a bit. The problem here is very similar to the problem that people have with sleeping on their back – but in reverse. If you’re having problems with your back or neck, I highly suggest sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your side, you have to worry about your back alignment, neck alignment, your hips twisting, etc. Second, when you sleep on your back, you are naturally laying flat which is letting gravity re-align the body a bit. Also, if you have neck pain, I’ve found that back sleeping is also easier than side sleeping for some people. It took me years of waking up to throbbing neck muscles and spasming trapezius muscles, with a crap night of sleep, to realize this. At the end of the day, deviation from your body’s natural alignment will cause pain in the long-run.
Thanks very much, I’ve just recently started waking up in the middle of the night with back pain and want to hit it on the head before it gets any worse. The doctor wants me to hold on for a while till he is assured that this is not any ordinary muscle issue. I would suggest checking with your doctor first, and avoiding anything that causes pain or discomfort. Your sleep positions have been really helpful, but I can’t understand why I get severe lower stomach pain when lying on my back. I had back pain a few years ago and added a comforter to the bed which seemed to fix the problem. Try putting a big pilow under your knees while you sleep and see if that fixes the pain a bit.
Chances are you simply slept wrong and now you’ve got a stiff neck from the muscle strain. Am suffering from back pain since 1 year ,but its not consistent…When i tried yoga it gives me temporary releif.
I have had upper back pain in the middle of night for 1 month plus and my sleep has been disrupted because the pain will wake me up after lying on bed for about 4 hours. Arms don’t go asleep, only that pain will be there when i lay down anytime or sleep at night. Hi Alex – For the last 3 months, I have been having lower back pain, while turning sides.
I have been having upper back pain (in between shoulders) only after 5-6 hours sleep , it is very deep and sharp and makes it difficult to breath in deeply. I am a 28 year old male and about a month ago I had severe back pain right in the middle of my back which built up throughout the night until it was unbearable by the morning time.
However hanging from a bar, arms straight, feet off the floor, for about 30 seconds a day, every day for a week, fixed the problem. About a month after I started training in iaido (which involves alot of sword-swinging) I noticed a pain that sounded alot like yours beginning to develop: middle of my back, but slightly to the right, around my shoulder blade. After reading your comment I started looking for a place around the house I could hang from. I would follow through with this protocol I put together here for neck and shoulder pain – if you have neck alignment issues, that slight headache issue is REALLY common. I sleep in my bed and get back pain every night, the pain is in the lower back and sometimes the middle (not between shoulder blades, just middle of back) but the pain is mostly in the lower, bought new beds and still get pain, if I sleep on the couch in a reclined position I wake up fine, any suggestions so I can start sleeping in my bed again.

Hi I have arthritis in my neck is there a good pillow u could recommend or sleep position 1 pillow or 2 pillow or flat have tried them all ?
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AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If your legs are too bent, tight hamstrings will pull the lower back into an overly-rounded position.
When you sleep on your back there is less than can go wrong and fewer variables to experiment with to get comfortable. People with neck pain tend to have protruding necks (in my case – from staring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day).
The key is to maintain better alignment throughout the day, and while you’re sleeping. If not, it could be that you have tight hip flexors and psoas muscles which make your back overly arched. Basically all you can do is take it easy for a few days, relax, and maybe massage some pain-relieving cream on your neck. I purchased a cheap mattress and have been waking up on it with back pain for over a year now.
I had surgery about 2 months ago on the top corner of my scapula, as we thought this may have been the issue.
I hate nights because I’m constantly waking up in pain and not able to get back to sleep.

I hate back sleeping too but it’s one of the best ways to keep the body properly aligned. At first it would go away during the day, especially after exercising, but quickly got worse.
Best I could do was grip the top of a bathroom door frame and put part of my weight on it – even then I felt better almost right away and after a few days the pain completely disappeared. Toutefois certaines donnees empiriques (experiences tirees de consultations cliniques) ouvrent certaines pistes de reflexion susceptibles de sensibiliser les parents a ce sujet .
There are many wonderful quotes that celebrate the mystery and warm connects that love brings. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Usually when they go to sleep the neck continues protruding and stays in the poor alignment, reinforcing the pain. It takes 2 – 3 hours of movement in the day and pain will be gone but it returns once I go to bed. I’ve been getting used to sleeping in that relaxed side position for the past week and my back pain is practically inexistent. After a few weeks it had escalated to the point that it wouldn’t go away during the day anymore, and I noticed that, like you, it would get worse throughout the night and become excruciating by morning.
Now I’ve gone and bought an exercise bar I can hang from my closet door and hang my entire weight off of should the pain ever come back (and every once in a while to try and offset all the time I spend sitting).
I wake up most mornings with a slight headache( trapped nerve feeling) and its due to the fact that when I am asleep I am tilting my head right back as far as it will go and sleeping like that ( I wake up in that position) which in turn makes my neck stiff in the morning as well as the headache etc. Comment reconnait-on une terreur nocturne ?   Les terreurs nocturnes sont differentes des cauchemars car elles surviennent en debut de nuit, pendant le sommeil profond, generalement entre 23h et 2h du matin. Such is the wonder of love that you may even feel you were not breathing before you met your beloved.
Love can connect souls even during an argument, and that is the powerful and inspiring soul truth that deep love quotes celebrate. They do generate more heat which is good for back pain because it increases blood supply to area. Eating within three hours of bedtime increases the likelihood of digestive pain while sleeping on the back. Throughout the day today i have kept a hot patch-thing on my neck to make it easier to move around. I stumbled across your article here when I was trying to figure out if it was how I was sleeping that was causing all of this.
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Seriously can’t thank you enough for this information… It all makes sense now!! I set off to sleep purposely tilting my chin down but I cant control my neck while I’m asleep.
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Can you explain how my neck should be if I’m a back sleeper and trying to get this spasming to stop? But within one hour of getting up from bed, the pain disappears and back gets stronger as day passes.
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