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When you get in your car and hit the road today, you perform a number of actions without realizing it. The problem is that bloggers focus so much on taking content to the next level that they forget the next level is sometimes just a step back.
These new readers, new consumers, new users are ready and primed to receive what you have to give. I think most of us who spend a great deal of time online forget how much most people DON’T know about the internet. I had a client a few weeks ago ask me how to attach a file I’d requested he send via email. Everytime you revisit the fundamentals I believe you embed the knowledge deeper into your subconscious mind which makes it possible for silk to flow from your fingers when you write. Isn’t it nice when someone shed’s their unique life story and experience onto a subject you know well?
When it comes to copywriting knowledge it seems like some of the new self proclaimed guru’s are feeding back the same examples and stories the veterans have said in their programs. What was really cool was the way this approach allowed everyone to freely interact, question and comment on stuff during the calls. Before the call he gives them exercises to do and this is where you learn a ton because he asks every person penetrating questions about why they did what they did. My goal blogging is to write genuinely compelling content, that is super clear, not to mention fun.
This post came from that exact inspiration – that everything I write has to be a masterpiece. It should be, yes, certainly, but that doesn’t mean forgetting some people have never stepped into an art gallery.
Sometimes the new bloggers are looking for many basic information but because of its simplicity, noone writes about it… I have written some basic but powerful post on my blog, especially focused in this kind of newbies. I think it’s the feet on the ground that enable us to write simply and elegantly about basic information.
As a reporter we are taught never assume that your reader knows anything – no matter how basic. Linda makes a point about never assuming anything about your reader which is one that we can all take to heart. The basics are great and adding video or audio to them can spice them up and make them more fun.

I think one problem is that many bloggers haven’t developed for themselves an educational model that describes all the different areas that their readers need to attend to in order to get results.
Having a model like this means that it’s easier to understand what the fundamentals are and make sure these are addressed regularly. I only get rare glimpses of who I was when I was new to the internet, new to blogging, new to some specific software I use. This was remind me when i started to learn internet marketing in early 2000, i got nothing to write about in my blog.
Great insight, powerful platforms, and tag-lines look great on paper, but they don’t touch people at their core. Human body – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The human body is the entire structure of a human being and comprises a head, neck, trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), arms and hands, legs and feet. Human body – howstuffworks, The human body is an amazing structure made up of many fascinating parts and systems. Human brain – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The human brain has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but has a more developed cerebral cortex than any other. Skeletal system – labeled diagrams of the human skeleton, Full skeletal system description [continued from above] . An online examination of human anatomy and physiology, Human anatomy and physiology including tutorials and quizzes on the skeletal, muscle, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and urinary systems.. I would rather go for a hike.'The Brazilian beauty is said to wear dress size six (US size two) and has a 34-25-34 figure. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You drive so automatically these days you can’t really remember how nervous you were, how proud you felt, and how hard you tried not to crash the car. The more we repeat actions, the better we become until we don’t even think about them. They’re the same actions you painstakingly performed as a new driver, determined to do a good job. Everything they write has to be the most creative concept, the most thought-provoking post, the very best cornerstone content.
Each day, people who have spent less than 5 hours of their life on the Internet are traveling around in absolute awe, filling up their minds with this brand new world. Designed to bring you business results and brought to you by professional writer James Chartrand of Men with Pens, ita€™s guaranteed to help you reach your goals.

It’s so easy to get trapped into the pattern of bigger, better, smarter, etc, in all walks of life, let alone blogging. And a great reminder for me, as my traffic slowly climbs and I feel the need to be more brilliant each day because more people are reading. Not to mention that stepping back and having a look at things from a distance may help you reconsider things. First experiences matter a great deal to many people, and remembering that is key to making sure they become lovers of the masterpieces they will (of course) eventually read.
We often forget (until a post like this reminds us nicely) that many people are still new to the Internet, new to our concept, and just want to learn the basics.
We need to remember that people are human beings, born to live in relationship with others. This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free. Have the confidence to revisit basic information with just as much confidence as you deliver higher-level concepts. Maybe, you have different thoughts since you last covered that subject, maybe the environment (or the technology) have changed. After all, elevation implies that we lift off and lose contact with the earth and with our humanity.
Often because we network with those who know more then we do we try and rise to that level instead of remembering what it was like to find a simple step-by-step post on a task that we now take for granted (such as the perfect example of driving a car in this post). And many new comers still doesn’t know what a blog is and only know conventional websites.
We arena€™t customers, commodities, or categories a€“ we are individual human beings who want to relate as such and be treated as such.
Yes, it gets boring once you realize that blogging is eventually a rinse and repeat type job just like anything else.

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