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And by Retrograde, I mean appearing to move backwardsa€¦and therefore s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n the important stuff that Venus (+ Taurus & Libra) rule, such as: Beauty, money and love. Grammatical errors and logical fallacies are added by a partially literate hobo who is forever huffing gold paint to simulate realism and the finished message is typed in by chimp.
Venus rules our values and when shea€™s moving backwards she wants to make sure we are truly aligned to our values and self-worth.

And ita€™s a great time to deal with any old buried a€?gunka€™ that might be keeping you stuck in some way a€“ and ultimately improve your relationship.Ita€™s also a good time to get out the photo album. Venus Retrograde loves to reminisce and this could be quite a romantic time if you decide to re-visit the restaurants, places or even countries that are special to you both and fill you with nostalgia!So is this a good time to get back with an ex?
Wait until October 9th before making a final decision.So is this a good time to break up?Not really. As your heart wona€™t be seeing things clearly, you may make decisions that you later regreta€¦ Again, wait until October 9th before finally pulling the plug!Just remembera€¦Venus Retrograde is not bad, just a time of evaluation. After the retrograde period has passed, will be the time to take action on everything youa€™ve learned.

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