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Narcissistic Rages happen because the narcissist cannot bear to hear the truth about himself. Desertion and Abandonment: Walks out on you, the children, the bills, his job, his lifestyle. They, too, are a way a narcissist gets 'even' with you for making him face himself or his own imperfections. Most people are not even aware of it, until the damage is so deep that it often is permanent.

Removing your mode of transportation or removing you from the support of family or friends. Often times a narcissist can start a new life and identity with a new lover with a complete and total disregard to the spouse, his family, and the responsibilities he leaves behind.
Hiding assets, bank accounts, savings accounts, safe deposit boxes, property, boats, valuables, etc. Have you ever gone to a narcissist with a problem, or the need for love, comfort or support, only to have them become defensive and offensive as if you were attacking THEM and you were being aggressive?

For more help with a narcissist, or for help in healing from your life with the narcissist, please check out our sister site, Breaking Up With Your Narcissist. Doesn't show affection with hugs, gentle squeezes, soft kisses, or simple loving gestures like brushing your hair out of your eyes; or he is cold, distant, or rigid and unyielding to you.

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