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Popped in to see you all after a brief visit to see Phil Taylor and be interviewed by BBC Radio Jersey about Poppy Day to talk about my composing of songs for Poppy Day.
I look forward to seeing you on Red Nose Day for the cake sale and to be part of the all round charming ethos that is Helvetia House School. Hi Lindsey a€“ It was a really beautiful show that Helvetia produced yesterday evening and you must all be very proud of yourselves. May they go from strength to strength giving sound foundations to their pupils and happy memories for all who cherish and attended. My other half and I had the absolute pleasure of attending your 125 year celebration at Haute Vallee School last night, to watch our niece Kathryn Haynes perform. The last thing I want to become is a pest of a parent who emails after Helvetia's specialA occasions. It is not just the quality of the show but the obviousA affection and respectA between all the girls and their teachers, it is wonderful to see. Even our son Tom, who as you know was only supposed to come the first night, said he was pleased he saw the show a second time.
Once again many congratulations to all the teachers, I hope you have a glass or two of your favourite tipple over the weekend and celebrate you pulled off yet another superb performance. Really well done to all the girls on their splendid performance today, it really was super!A  They must all be so proud of themselves! I must just take this opportunity to thank you and your team for such a wonderful evening last night. It really was the best production I have seen from a school in quite some time and I just wanted to say well done to all involved. Please pass on my thanks to all your lovely teachers, what a wonderful open evening and all the girlsa€™ work looked amazing.
And thank you Mrs Woodward for being such a positive influence on the whole school it really shows in how happy all the girls are at school. We wanted to write you a quick note to express our delights in our daughtera€™s progress since she has been in Form 2. We will continue to encourage our daughter from home so that hopefully she will continue to flourish for the rest of the school year.
My eldest daughter, Jade (another old Helvetian) was only saying that if she had little girls (she has 2 boys) then she would send them to Helvetia. Thank you so much for forwarding on the Souvenir Programme my Gran was thrilled and still clearly remembers her head teacher Mrs Haines!!

I attended your school from approximately 1967 leaving in 69 (age 7 years) when my family moved to England, where I have lived since. From memory the school had only just started to take boys back then and we were definitely in a minority! I still have my old cap badge a few pics of me in my uniform a€“ very dark navy and pale blue. I remember the school with fond memories - my mother driving to school each day from St Peters a€“ both of us singing Winchester Cathedral a€“ passing the statute of Queen Victoria and visiting the beach on summer afternoons. My own son age 7 is attending a private school (Holme Grange School in Wokingham, Berkshire) which in many ways reminds me of Helvetia a€“ hopefully, he will also look back with fond memories of his early school years. The following are extracts from several letters received from one of the schoola€™s first pupils who, after a brilliant scholastic career, has settled in Melbourne, Australia and is still teaching. In those days there were three - not two a€“ granite steps leading from the front gate to the garden where flowers flourished under the care of Miss Joste. This was in 1890 and I was learning to subtract and multiply, using weird numbers like 57,003 by 3,006 ! There was a large garden with a lawn, a conservatory, several fruit trees a€“ particularly a Morello cherry tree a€“ and I remember the acid taste of the many cherries, big, black and juicy, but seldom ripe, I have had from it. On wet days and in cold weather we played in the laundry and must have been a nuisance to Mrs. I remember two cats and a collie dog about the house a€“ one tom, a slate grey beauty of extreme dignity who basked equally well in the sunshine as in the homage of at least one of the scholars. I believe Nan and I first came to school about my fifth birthday.A  We arrived under the escort of my two bothers, making our entry at the side door in the front garden near the gum tree.
The annual concerts were a trial of skill and patience.A  A cold sinking at the pit of the stomach preceded them but the plays were joy unconfined.
Such were the beginnings of our School!A  We open wide the doors of Memory and glimpse the childhood days of sixty years ago.A  Let us turn to the activities of the school today and then quietly remember the life-time of service and devotion given so generously by the two sisters we older ones remember, honour and revere. You and your staff ably supported by your parents provide an exemplary teaching and learning environment.
My camera takes a NEFF file, which basically means that I have to edit every photo individually. And it was lovely to see the affection that all the girls showed toward you and the other teachers a€“ Helvetia is a very special place. However after the last two nights I just had to contact you to congratulate you and all the wonderful teachers and of course all the fantastic girls.

I know Steve and I say it many times but it really does warm our hearts and we feel great pride that Emily is lucky enough to be part of the school. Considering my kids spend the majority of their time arguing(!) I think this has to be the biggest compliment of all!! Thank you so much for another wonderful production from all the amazing and gorgeous girls.
We credit you and the wonderful school for all the progress she has made so far and also for the noticeable increased self-confidence that she is showing in her learning. As always please let us know if you think there is anything we can do to support you in her learning. I have such fond memories of your school, and it certainly gave my girls the best grounding ever, I am so pleased you are carrying on with it.
She has asked me to pass on her thanks to you and also to say she has very happy memories of her time at Helvetia. The show was brilliant, the songs and performances so enjoyable and learning about the history of the school was veryA interesting. Ia€™ve enjoyed watching the girls take part in the various performances - they were brilliant. You may remember that she wrote the liberation song that was played for Prince Charles when he visited Jersey. I started the process yesterday, and will work as quickly as possible to get a disc of images to you. The money she won for the school was used to buy the play equipment in the little ones playground. Ivatt for Maths and Latin, and Miss Ann Joste for Sewing Class on Wednesdays a€“ I disliked sewing and made canvas samples in lines and squares of violent purples, greens an blues which in memory still pursue me. Would it be an idea for me to do a downsized version of each file and put it onto a Flicker slide-show so that everyone can have a look?

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