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Conscious of life outside the sims, not necessarily partaking in it as much as he should though.
Nah, although that would be an interesting diabolical direction, those two aren't that evil. My sims have been well behaved for the most part, sticking to the scenario I want to play and not giving me headaches.
Well, well, William Fangman, and Katelyn just happens to have a want to use her fire spell on someone.

I have to admit that I think that the fortune teller is now my favorite, she is so entertaining.
I am a girl and I zrow out ze hints, and I learn magic like her, to be closer to her, but it is as if she cannot see. At first I thought she was simply up to no good and wanted to use Katelyn for her magic, but now it all makes sense.
By the way, have you ever considered making a blog on tumblr for all your sims pictures and stories.

So, did she like Sithia because she is a magical faerie and being a girl was just circumstantial?

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