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Orisha Yemaya, also known as Yemoja in Yoruba, is widely hailed as the energy source of all water across the planet. In the Yoruba spirituality system of Ifa, all active life forces are thought to have originally developed in these waters.  Among the first to emerge, were countless Gods and Goddesses.
Being the spirit of this life-giving water, Yemaya is revered as “The Great Mother” energy of all energies.
Amniotic fluid preserve each new life in its mother's womb until she becomes the gateway through which it is born. Amniotic Fluid protects an unborn child and saltwater is used as a common food preservative. Just as in childhood, we still have new ideas, desire to blaze new paths, and develop new understandings. As a  Novice Umfundi I was just learning about this powerful energy, but even with very little information I intuitively felt she was with me.
INSTRUCTIONS: Start your bath, and while the water is running add the blueing, molasses, and sea salt. Next I recite an oriki in Yoruba to invoke Yemoja which I usually repeat at least 3 times, while also ringing a silver bell.
NOTE: For this bath to be effective, it must be accompanied by or followed up with a true desire to change, ie. MORE INFORMATION: To learn more about orikis, and offerings, as well as the Yemoja energy in general, I encourage you to get the book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power", by our instructor HRU Yuya T. These earthly materializations also exist inside our own internal temples and are coordinated internally to the rhythm that we command. What that means is Orisha are not here to lord over you, you are, in fact, charged with the responsibility of regulating their presence on earth and “heaven”.
If you are in command of the rivers of blood within your body, the wind or air that enters and exists your body, and the fire that you internal hold in your body, then you are also in command of those energies outside your body although metaphysic tells us that all things are connected so, therefore there can never truly be an inner and outer realm as all things are one but, let’s focus on the Orisha energies for now. Once western religious beliefs get a hold of an individual far too often the western master- slave notion becomes the underlying relationship in all things; even the idea of everything and everyone being naturally at odds. To truly comprehend the Orisha energy it’s important to know that they are spiritual gifts and spiritual powers that exist in harmony inside of you and are here to assist your journey. HRU is an initiated Priest in the Nigerian Orisa tradition and an advanced student of the IFA priestly order, as well.

Although HRU works with and through various spiritual systems, the ANU system is one that is born exclusively from his own experience, meditation, channeling, research, and divination. In bodily fluids as an electrolyte, salt greatly assists our body in its using electric impulses for brain communication and it specifically controls the electric signals that cause the heart to beat.
Yemaya’s energy can be invoked for use at very specific levels during the development of each of our goals. Assaan-ANU  gave me my ITA or my life path reading, it was one of the happiest days of my life. Before I received confirmation, I noticed a lot of similarities that I shared with this energy, but what was key for me during that period, as well as today, was that I was diligently focused on my growth, and healing of some deep rooted issues.  As such, HRU advised me to work with Yemoja to begin the healing process.
Once I feel the energy is present, I begin having a dialogue with her just as I would with a family member or a friend. Assaan-ANU which is available by clicking on the book cover located on the right side bar panel of this site.  Also if you're interested in getting a powerful reading as well, go the the Services tab on this site, and click on Spiritual Consultation with HRU Assaan-ANU for more information.
Reflecting this mindset spirits become eternal foes, as highlighted in the book “Suicidal Family”; family relationships give rise to battle ready adversaries and even different spiritual systems can be sent, literally, to go to war against one another. HRU has been working with the spirit world through various indigenous native systems for over 20 years as a spiritual counselor and guide. He's a communally acknowledged warrior scholar, who has presented a pioneering body of work that spans inventive, academic, spiritual, entrepreneurial, and environmental arenas and has cleared the way for a cadre of artist, educators, youth activist, and community leaders to operate and present their gifts and talents boldly under his guidance and pedagogy. HRU stresses each person should develop a way of spiritual working that works for themselves as opposed to following anyone’s doctrine or “belief”. I’ve been a Christian my entire life and recently discovered the truth about religion. Ive been on this journey for a long time and feel that i was brought to this site so i may get the knowledge that i so long for !!!!!!!!
It was an absolutely surreal moment which in an instant, had literally healed me on some level.
During this time I was also recovering from a failed relationship, and today my vibration and energy is so much higher, to the extent that I am a completely different person. As that will be the key where your spirit will then guide you to the people, places, or things that will assist with bringing you to another state of healing and awareness. This is a new age model of confrontation diametrically opposes the traditional reasons for going to battle; which was to come to one understanding.

The Orisha are your supporters to complete spiritual awareness and elevated consciousness on this earthly plain. He is also the Chief Priest and temple head of “ANU Nation”; where he has initiated a cadre of students into Orisa tradition as well as his own ANU Spiritual Order and currently teaches indigenous occult and mystery systems, African philosophy and spiritual sciences, and divination to adults as well as children through his school “Sadulu House”. This was a completely new experience for me that had revealed possibilities for my life that I could have never imagined.  And what was even more healing and as equally exciting, was that I  received confirmation that Yemoja is the Orisha that sits on my head!
I realized that I was about to sabotage a life full of wonderful possibilities that I continue to work towards building and manifesting on a daily basis! I usually use the candle to focus myself by staring into the flame before I begin, but you can use whatever method to make sure you're focused and balanced before you begin invoking the energy.
Another method I use to reinforce my requests is to repeat whatever my goal is while staring into the flame of the candle to create a mantra. One idea, in the west, we’ve become adjusted all too well to the idea of incessant warfare just for the sake of being at war. This is key in owning this new 2012 spiritual awareness and consciousness while we prepare for this 2012 spiritual shift.
I know have started a family of my own andy husband and I are looking for a guide ne in our lives to align us with what are true purpose is.
So if you also need assistance with getting back in alignment with your spiritual destiny, this bath may help you to get there.
For this ritual I use a white candle, but again, you choose whatever color your spirit guides you to.
For me this helps to program my subconscious mind to assist with manifesting my requests, so that my mind knows whatever I am asking for, it is already done! Now, if you want them to lord over you and you desire to be subordinate, then that’s your prerogative. The ANU order equips you with the tools to erect your higher form and to put your own human form in proper perspective in order to come to your own realization of your power and true reality.

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