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This is a real beauty, a corner summerhouse which will turn heads of anyone who comes into your garden. To go along with that lovely, tongue and groove shiplap cladding, tongue and groove roofing and flooring has been used to ensure the structure is strong, but as well as this it gives it a very classy type of look. You might also like to see the top 20 corner summer house currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed corner summer house awards league table. Thanks to the awesome Hampton 10X10 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse, the days of having to spend thousands of pounds on a space to relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine or even a place to watch the big match in private is over.
The pent roof is very well made and by using tongue and groove boarding we feel that not only is it very strong, it is also very good looking. Made with some gorgeous tongue and groove shiplap cladding that is made from some very high quality, European softwood. A 44 mm x 44 mm frame is used inside the summerhouse and that is something which did impress us quite a bit. Tongue and groove flooring is used in here and this is one of the design choices which we really like.
As long as you treat the playhouse as the instructions suggest then you will be given a very fair ten year guarantee. The door has a very classic looking door handle that is going to keep them securely closed. It is fair to say that the majority of summerhouses have a decent amount of windows and this one is the same. They are not offering any customisation options with this summerhouse, but as it comes unpainted you can actually flex your creative muscles and paint it in your own unique style. Apart from the furniture, a locking mechanism is the only extra that you need to think about.
The Hampton 10X10 Shiplap Timber Summerhouse is just a gorgeous looking place where you can sit with a glass of wine as you take in the night. Constructed out of tongue and groove cladding to ensure that it is strong, durable and will last for years is just one of many smart design choices. Everything about this summerhouse is kept together thanks to a very impressive, 44 mm x 44 mm frame which is solid and will make sure this stays strong for a couple of decades at least. This is one large, impressively made and just down right gorgeous summerhouse that would be perfect as a place to relax, a man cave or even as a workshop.

We love it when a summerhouse goes that extra mile by using attractive boarding for the roof as we feel that it really does make the overall design better. We just love the look of this cladding and its smooth, elegant and just generally lovely design made us fall in love the moment we saw the first picture.
The framing is going to make this one very robust structure and when you give it a little tap, you are going to be very impressed at just how sturdy this feels.
This floor is first of all very strong and can handle a whole lot of stuff from a large table, entertainment unit to just you and a few friends hanging around having some drinks.
The summerhouse will be given a basecoat treatment so it is going to be protected during installation and even for a week or two after construction, but we would highly recommend that you treat this sooner than later. These are joinery made doors that are mainly made up with windows which gives them a very nice look. There is no way to lock the doors which is a bit of a shame as we feel something like this will most likely see you want to put in a TV, stereo or something else that is expensive.
This is just the way summerhouse are they are designed to let in lots of sunlight and as a result they do not offer much in the way of privacy. Then of course there is the inside where, you are going to have a very fun time planning out where things are going to be placed. We always appreciate it when a manufacturer does not try and hustle a few extra pounds out of you here and there with various extras so we applaud them for this.
While it is always going to be structurally sound, you really must remember to treat it to keep that cladding rot free and silky smooth.
One thing that we really like about this is that at 10 x 10, you get a lot of space, but even more modest sized gardens should be able to enjoy this. A couple of people who are not to skilled when it comes to DIY will take around 6 hours to build this.
It has plenty of windows and large double doors complete with glass panes so there is plenty of light and air inside.
For those of you who have kids, you will be pleased to know that those lovely doors and windows are made from extra strong, toughened glass to give them extra strength. With its very eye catching design, you will be very pleased with this as it stands in your garden. The pent roof slopes to the back so there is no worrying about all the rain running off onto you are you try to get inside on a wet October night with a glass of wine and the food from the take out in your hands.

While the cladding is clearly very attractive, we are also happy in how durable and long lasting it is. Structures with weaker frames can start to get a little flimsy as the years go by, but that is not going to be an issue with this one. The floor really does look fantastic and we are just so pleased they went for this instead of solid sheet boarding which is fine for sheds, but is not the kind of boarding you want in a summerhouse. With both doors open, you can get something as large as a sofa in here without any trouble.
They are going to allow in lots of natural light, but we do wish that they were opening windows instead of being fixed. You could always add your own padlock to keep it secure which would not cost all that much to be honest.
As the windows are fixed we think that a set of blinds would look very attractive and also give you plenty of privacy. The generous size of this summerhouse really does allow you to use it in many different ways and this kind of versatility is something that we really like about it.
You’ll be hard pressed to leave this gorgeous summerhouse as it’s the ideal place to relax after a hard day’s work.
Plus if you are sitting in here with a good book on a hot afternoon in July then you can open these doors up and let some fresh air flow into the summerhouse. We really like what they have done with this and while the price is certainly up there we do feel that due to the quality and the way it looks that this is worth the asking price. The width and the depth are roughly 9 feet 8 inches, because of the interesting shape, you do have plenty of floor space.
So before you go and buy that cheaper summerhouse have a think about saving up a little longer and purchasing this beauty.
We are very happy with the height of the summerhouse as it is just over 7 feet tall so unless you plan on having the starting line up for the Chicago Bulls over for tea, this height is going to be perfect.

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