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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te kunnen benutten. De geweldige combinatie van vakmanschap, toewijding en innovatie, leidt bij het Amerikaanse merk Clae keer op keer tot een interessante en onderscheidende footwear collectie met essentials voor de moderne man. A Lenexa man who disappeared in early July has been found alive, according to the Lenexa Police Department.
Park officer Rick Reynolds, who has known the Schnackenberg family for years, was on routine patrol Wednesday when he found a shirtless Schnackenberg covered in insect bites on the trail.
Schnackenberg was taken to Shawnee Mission Medical Center, where his family was reunited with him Wednesday evening. Authorities believe the Hallmark Cards retiree had been taking shelter staying in a shack in the sprawling park.
At this point, it does not appear a crime was committed, said Lenexa police spokesman Officer Dan Friesen.
The first Johnson County Energy Expo took place Thursday, July 29, 2010 at the county administration building in Olathe. Attendees of the expo received information on new technologies for controlling energy costs and consumptions and learned about old technologies that are just becoming more affordable. Sean Reid, Contractor Licensing Program Manager for the county and event organizer, saw the event as an opportunity for homeowners to see what the actual costs of some of the popular products and services are. Jim Freed, at the expo on behalf of Johnson Community College, found the event to be very informative.
The project is called Communication, Autism, and Technology, and it pairs KU graduate students in speech-language pathology with families. Two veteran officeholders are vying for the Democratic nomination to become Kansas’ secretary of state. Prior to his appointment, Biggs had served as Kansas securities commissioner for seven years and before that was Geary County prosecutor. The other candidate is Chris Steineger, a state senator for the past 13 years from Kansas City. Both Democratic candidates downplay their political connections, saying the secretary of state’s office, which handles elections and business registrations, needs to be run in a nonpartisan manner. Steineger points to his past challenges of Democratic leadership as examples of his independence. But some Democrats have criticized Steineger, noting that the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission fined Steineger $5,000 in May for a campaign finance law violation. The commission ruled that Steineger used his Senate campaign fund to pay for polls used to test the waters for a potential statewide campaign.
Steineger dismissed Hensley’s criticism, saying the two have been at odds over issues and efforts by Steineger to reach out to non-Democrats.
Both candidates have been asked about the extent of voter fraud in Kansas, and both have dismissed it as not a major problem when compared with voter apathy.
Steineger has said he wants to make voting easier by moving polling places to locations where people go to for other reasons, such as banks and grocery stores. The "Make a Splash" themed program will end with a beach-themed party, complete with Hawaiian storyteller Jo Ho. The final day to register children for the youth soccer program through the De Soto Parks and Recreation Department is Friday, July 30. A mature grasshopper is among the insects displayed in Bryce Zimmerman's insect classification box. A national debate on illegal immigration has loomed over the Kansas Republican Party primary for secretary of state. That’s because one of the GOP candidates, Kris Kobach, has become a lightning rod on the issue for helping Arizona and other areas pass laws aimed at catching illegal immigrants. The other two candidates in the race are Shawnee County Election Commissioner Elizabeth Ensley and J.R. Biggs was appointed to the post after Ron Thornburgh, a Republican, left office to pursue a job in the private sector. Claeys is a former chief executive officer of the National Association of General Contractors. He has touted his experience as a certified international elections observer and has served in this capacity in Bolivia and El Salvador. Ensley and Kobach have also said they favor requiring Kansans to produce an ID when they go vote.
He said if elected he would push for a law that would require proof of citizenship to register to vote, and that he would want greater statutory authority to prosecute allegations of election fraud.
Kobach helped write the Arizona law that allows local law enforcement to question suspects on their citizenship status. Kobach has also made headlines because of a recent Federal Elections Commission audit that criticized financial dealings of the Kansas Republican Party when Kobach was chairman.
The FEC said that taxes weren’t paid, illegal contributions were accepted and questionable expenditures made.
Not many people can say they have had a life-changing experience, a live-or-die moment, a miracle. The foundation has found ways to showcase the success stories from organ transplants while advocating their importance. Every two years, the foundation holds the Transplant Games, an Olympic-style competition with 12 events.
Twenty-four of the nearly 1,500 athletes will be competing as part of Team MO-KAN, which represents western Missouri and all of Kansas. Strauss, who has been to the games four consecutive times, said it is the most rewarding activity he does. Ali Jacobsen, a sophomore at Johnson County Community College, has also attended the games four straight times. Bryce Zimmerman, 14, (left) and his brother Chace, 10, work their hogs on Wednesday, July 28. Park patrons who visit Kill Creek Park on Thursday, July 29, are warned to expect delays and minor disruptions, Johnson County Park & Recreation District officials said. Weather permitting, plans call for Johnson County Public Works Department crews to complete chipping and sealing of the park’s roads on this day.
Park Manager Monte Fiegel said the intent is to let traffic pass on one lane where possible, but he added that the equestrian access area near the park entrance may be closed on this day as well.
As is the case with most people during this rough, economic time, money is on the minds of the candidates for Johnson County Commission chair. With the economic climate uncertain and the money continuing to be tight, candidates seem in agreement that fiscal responsibility is the key issue in this commission race. Surbaugh said she also plans to reduce county positions, mostly by combining departments and not filling positions opened by retiring employees. Segale, a former Shawnee City Council member who lost a re-election bid to the County Commission in 2008, agrees the way to improve the economic condition of the county is to reduce costs.
If Segale is elected, he plans to schedule a vote of the commission to reduce the aforementioned salaries within his first month in office. Toplikar, who also lost his bid for re-election to the commission in 2008, also has plans to trim county spending. Surbaugh and Segale also see the transparency of the office and the commission as a key issue in the upcoming race. Surbaugh plans to maintain her current policy of being available for the public whenever possible, including being reachable by phone until midnight every day. Segale plans to make the commission more accessible to the public by changing the times of commission meetings, which now are conducted on Thursday mornings, to evenings. The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) has issued an Ozone Alert (orange) for the Kansas City metro area for Wednesday, July 28. This alert indicates that an unhealthy level of ozone pollution will be present for most of the day. Simple measures that can prevent further pollution include carpooling, waiting until after sunset to refuel vehicles or to mow the law and simply not driving.
MARC also advises individuals to avoid outdoor activity as much as possible between the hours of 10 a.m.
The Northwest Consolidated Fire District budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year was passed at the board meeting Monday, July 26. The general budget for the year is $1,278,853, with a 12.373 mill tax rate, up nearly 3 mills from the previous year. Every day, Lawrence High School teacher Heidi Adams sees the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The protections the act guarantees — accessible public accommodations, employment equality and freedom from discrimination — play an important role in removing barriers for those with disabilities.
Examples of the progress made in the past 20 years were evident at the event, which included raffles and live music.
But the work continues, said Dot Nary, a Kansas University doctoral student and disability-rights advocate. Nary pointed out that with an aging population, the community will see a rise in people with disabilities, and it’s important to continue building an “accessible community,” she said. She was encouraged by the strong turnout for the event, and said everyone is responsible for protecting the rights of those with disabilities. The De Soto USD 232 School Board met Monday night, July 26, and approved the action items on the agenda.
These approved items included releasing the proposed 2010-2011 budget of $47,466,201, the issuing of employment contracts without salary changes and extending the lease on a parcel of land for the T-Mobile company for the construction of a new cell phone tower.
The T-Mobile tower project will not begin construction until the coming winter, in an effort to keep students away from the construction. Discussion items for the evening's meeting included creating a tobacco-free policy for the district and creating a "special needs" fund for students.

The 2010-2011 fiscal year proposed budget for the De Soto UDS 232 was unanimously approved at the school board meeting Monday night, July 26. The total operating budget for 2010-2011 is $47,466,201, approximately $600,000 less that the operating budget for the previous fiscal year.
The remaining increase is due to the overall decrease in the property valuation for the area.
With the mill increases, overall property taxes for the average, district homeowner are expected to increase by approximately $173 per year. District resident and Belmont Elementary 5th grade teacher Nikki Leisten agrees that the increases can’t be avoided. The proposed budget is expected to be adopted at the official budget hearing meeting to take place on August 16, 2010, at 6 p.m.
The 2011 budget does call for a nearly 3 percent mill levy increase, due to a drop in the assessed valuation and other "unforseen costs," according to Operations Chief Mark Billquist.
I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it to the meeting, as I have to attend another budget meeting. The De Soto Methodist Church is proud and wants to congratulate church member Jim Walker on his awards from the Sunflower ArtFest from this past weekend.
The De Soto Methodist Church's Fellowship Committee met after the service on Sunday with Pastor Jan in the Fellowship Hall.
The De Soto Methodist Church is offering a "Safe and Sacred Spaces" traning for individuals who are currently working with children and youth who need re-certification. The De Soto Baptist Church was led in singing by Jeff Hodges and the ushers were Rick and Monica Walker with Mary Etta on the organ and Karen Wall on the piano. Richelle Hodges reported the "Relay for Life" jewelry part was well attended and supported with an increase in donations. The pulpit of the Baptist Church will be filled by Reverend Karl Beesley on next Sunday, August 1. Those having anniversaries this week are: Keil and Amy Hileman and Glen and Ruby Nelson, who are celebrating their 50th. I had dear friends come to my home and had much needed curtain valances put up for the summer. Bob and Marie Welsh are having a 50th Wedding Anniversary on August, 21, at the VFW clubhouse. If you’re squeamish about needles or believe only in allopathic medicine’s power, you might conclude acupuncture’s a load of quackery. Adherents believe the body’s a complex energetic (electrical) circuit that’s divided into two main systems — yin and yang, composed of 14 main meridians each connected to different body parts.
On an initial visit you’ll give a full health history and a description of your lifestyle, habits and health challenges. In the East, acupuncture is the first treatment given; it’s often been a last-resort-treatment in the West. After graduation, he studied the human potential movement in California because it dealt with the whole person, not just the body. Nichols started a holistic practice in Topeka in 1978 and a complementary medicine practice at 1023 Ky.
Bob Christensen, 1311 Wakarusa Drive, offers a variety of healing modalities, including acupuncture when requested or when chiropractic solutions and adjunctive therapies aren’t enough. Acupuncture’s considered a safe, effective holistic natural therapy in the hands of qualified, experienced practitioners; it has no side effects.
Editor’s note: To protect confidentiality and privacy issues, the person living with AIDS in this story will be referred to as Robert. Wake up, make coffee, feed and let the dog out, check the mail — a fairly average routine except for the 25 pills Robert has to remember to take every day.
As a client of the Douglas County AIDS Project (DCAP), Robert has been introduced to a variety of helpful resources.
Thanks to volunteers who serve as “buddies,” the program has helped clients such as Robert transition from isolation and depression to freedom and comfort. In the beginning there was nothing — no services, no money, no knowledge, no education, no social support, no recognition by the medical and political establishments. That organization became the nation’s first volunteer-based AIDS service, as well as the first to establish the Buddy Program. Many times people with AIDS had nowhere to turn for help with the simplest and most necessary tasks. As the need rose, community organizations were founded to spread information and take care of the sick and dying. Whitney Gudgel, coordinator of the Buddy Program for DCAP, said the program was reinvented early this year to provide clients with a long-term, supportive relationship with an agency volunteer. The buddies in question, Pat Phillips and Lisa Miller, have been involved with DCAP since the mid 1990s.
Since becoming buddies, Phillips and Miller have had several clients, five of whom have died. But, for all the sad memories, Phillips and Miller said they have had just as many or more fond memories. After working for the De Soto School District full-time since 2007, McAnich resigned in May to start his own IT business called J-Tek. McAnich, now 24, began working for the De Soto USD 232 during his junior year of high school as a part-time intern, but as early as middle school he was helping his teachers with computer problems.
Jessica Dain, principal at Starside Elementary school and a private client of McAnich's, says this talent of McAnich's is what sets him apart from other IT guys. McAnich's new business is more than just an IT company, it also has a non-profit branch that will provide scholarships for local youths interested in technology-related or entrepreneurial careers. McAnich has an undergraduate degree in management from Ottawa University and is mostly self-taught in IT. The meeting is open to the public and the board invites patrons to come to the meeting and voice their opinions and concerns.
The meeting will take place at the Board of Education administrative building located at 35200 West 91st Street in De Soto. According to the weekly inmate report from the Johnson County Sheriff's Department, the inmate population of the Johnson County jail is currently 834. At this time, all Johnson County inmates are being held at the New Century Adult Detention Center branch of the Johnson County jail at New Century Airport, while the Olathe Adult Detention Center undergoes renovations. Keith Carr of De Soto places his recycling in the bins located in the parking lot by the De Soto City Hall on Friday, July 23. The vaccine is free for children ages one to 18 years that are in need of either a first or second dose. The vaccine is being offered free of charge through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Prior to July 1, all those situations were red flags for the Kansas Attorney General’s office when deciding whether to issue a permit for someone to carry a concealed handgun.
But now a new law, passed this spring by the state Legislature, largely has made those issues nonfactors. Some concealed carry advocates said that is the direction they would like to move because they believe many concealed carry laws unnecessarily restrict people who can legally own firearms. The latest changes — which were approved 103-15 in the House and 37-2 in the Senate and went into effect July 1 — open up who can receive a permit under the state law. Clae brengt elk seizoen weer een een uitgesproken collectie op de markt met tijdloze essentiële items voor de moderne man. 02-10-02 WAFC 3 WBA 1 - Nathan Ellington walks away with match ball after hat trick against club-to-be. Wigan Athletic fans will enjoy a real taste of their club’s past, present and future when a team of Latics Legends take on a team of Development Squad and Academy players in a special charity match for Joseph’s Goal, held at Ashton Town FC, kick off at 7.30pm, this coming Friday 8 May. The event is being organised by the Joseph’s Goal charity itself, who have announced that so far Gary Caldwell, Emmerson Boyce, Tim Chow, Lee Nicholls and Mike Pollitt from the current Latics set up will be joined by some great names from the club’s past, including Roberto Martinez, Graeme Jones, Nathan Ellington, Chris Kirkland, Graham Kavanagh, Jason Jarrett, David Lowe, Graham Lancashire, Simon Haworth, Neill Rimmer, Ray Woods and Don Page. The team will be managed by Ray Mathias, who of course led Latics in two spells, in the 1980s and 1990s. It should be a real night of Latics nostalgia, as well as a chance to see some of the club’s up and coming stars with the Development Squad featuring the likes of Jordan Flores and Louis Robles, who both appeared off the first-team bench at Brentford, alongside players from the current squad and various Academy teams at the club. It’s also pay on the night, priced ?5 adults, ?2 concessions and under-5s free, with plenty of entertainment for kids and families as well as a raffle, with all the proceeds going to Joseph’s Goal. Joseph’s Goal was set up by the Wigan Evening Post's Latics correspondent Paul Kendrick, to raise funds for research into NKH, the incurable genetic disorder his son Joseph was diagnosed with at birth.
The Ashton Town stadium is situated at The AM Property Stadium, Edge Green Street, Ashton, WN4 8SL.
Gary Caldwell looks ahead to the visit of Southend United to the DW Stadium in Sky Bet League One. Donervon Daniels and Yanic Wildschut feature in Saturday’s programme for our game with the Shrimpers. LaticsPlayer HD sat down with Gary Caldwell on Friday morning to discuss Saturday’s game with Southend United and recent events at the DW Stadium. De schoenen zijn zeer comfortabel dankzij het hoogwaardige leer en orthopedisch verantwoorde voetbed. His unlocked SUV was discovered the same evening in Shawnee Mission Park with his ID, wallet, keys and cell phone inside. Reynolds said Schnackenberg told him he used plastic bags during the heavy rains that fell while he was in the park. We’re just hoping that [the expo] can help homeowners and builders realize that a lot of this technology has come a long way in being more affordable and practical for use in their houses,” Reid said.
Organizers are hopeful it will become an annual, learning experience for the community, albeit with some changes. The project gives students a hands-on learning experience while also providing support to families.

Mark Parkinson after longtime Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh, a Republican, left office for a private sector job. 2 general election the winner of a three-person race in the Republican Party primary, plus Libertarian Phillip Horatio Lucas and the Reform Party’s Derek Langseth. In the past legislative session, he was the only Democratic state senator to vote against the state sales tax increase. But Kansas campaign finance laws prohibit the use of funds contributed for the purpose of one race to be used for another.
3 primary will advance to the November general election to face the winner of the Democratic Party primary between Secretary of State Chris Biggs and state Sen. She has worked for 11 years in the secretary of state’s office before becoming Shawnee County’s top election official, a position she has held for 18 years. Kobach has blamed the problems on the party’s executive director at the time, who was Christian Morgan. After several years of treatment and medications, he finally got what he needed in February 2007: a new heart. In fact, more than 100,000 men, women and children are waiting for life-saving organ transplants, and 18 of them die every day, according to the National Kidney Foundation.
Mike Strauss, Lawrence, who received a liver transplant in 2001, has been able to remain close with his donor family, a blessing most recipients do not get. The Lawrence woman has not yet met the donor family who made her liver transplant possible, but she said hearing the stories of others is touching enough. She and the rest of the team leave Friday to join more than 1,500 other athletes and to compete for the chance to take home gold. Johnson County has a high quality of life with our libraries and parks, etc., it’s (the commission’s) job to maintain those. Until the vote occurs, he says he will only accept the $25,000 a year that he is proposing. He plans to make cuts in the same areas of organization as Surbaugh and Eilert, but he also plans to cut taxes, although he was vague when it came to details of these cuts. People can’t be involved in their government if they don’t know what their government is; that’s why we need to get as many people involved as we can,” Surbaugh said. MARC recommends that individuals limit outdoor activities and take extra measures to prevent further pollution. This increase is mostly due to the decrease in property valuation the area received this year.
Various speakers in wheelchairs easily glided up to, and down from, the stage with the assistance of a ramp. This fund would be part of the gifts and grants funds for the district and would be dispersed to students on an individual basis, after requests would be reviewed by a small, selection committee. District Financial Director Ken Larsen was sure to point out that the proposed budget represents the maximum amount the district can spend during the year, not the minimum.
Just over 6 mills of the increase is needed for the debt on the new bond issues from November of 2008, a bond issue the voters passed. The assessed valuation for property in the district decreased by 4.3 percent for the 2010-2011 fiscal year, meaning 1 mill generates less revenue this year than it did last year.
The board voted down the proposal to give a 1 percent raise to select employees, but have not introduced any pay cuts.
I will get the minutes from the meeting and have something up on the outcome later this week. He received Second Place in the Sunflower-themed artwork category and Best in Show for his photography. My sister-in-law, Mary Ruth Lester, who lives in Colorado, is also having a birthday this week. It’s been described as a web-like interconnecting matrix with at least 2,000 acupuncture points.
The acupuncturist, using light finger touches, will “listen” to your pulses and give feedback about your energy levels, state of your organs, your temperament, sleep patterns and even your world outlook. In recent years, however, more people, including medical professionals, consider it first, based on studies that indicate patients receiving acupuncture recover faster, spend less time in hospital and use fewer pharmaceutical drugs.
Jeanne Drisko, Riordan professor of orthomolecular medicine and medical director of KU’s Integrative Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Therapies Programs, believes in acupuncture’s benefits. Treatments are available in Lawrence from a variety of practitioners like physician Jeff Nichols, a KU Med graduate, and chiropractor Bob Christenson. In his experiences, one problem can soon lead to another until eventually the pills begin to fight one another. Whether it is exhaustion from emotional stress or physical ailments, fatigue sometimes makes it difficult for Robert to handle simple tasks such as driving to an appointment or carrying groceries from the car to his apartment.
These remarks from Tom Weber, Buddy Program coordinator at Gay Men’s Health Crisis organization in New York, sum up the perception of AIDS in the 1980s.
Because of advancements in medication, most people with HIV and AIDS are living longer, with a higher quality of life.
The Douglas County AIDS Project in Lawrence faded because it was no longer seen as something people needed. He frequently goes on social outings with them — coffee or dinner, as well as practical errands such as grocery shopping and doctor’s visits. Miller said she has known people with HIV and decided to join the program to help give support to those in need. Gudgel said her goal is to create a community where clients feel connected, supported, wanted and involved.
He began helping his teachers with computer problems as a middle school student and was thrilled when he received Windows '98 as a Christmas present.
He never makes you feel silly or not smart, no matter how major or minor the problem," Dain said.
This side of J-Tek will take unwanted computers, monitors and other unwanted electronics from the community and, for a small fee, will recycle them. Carr likes the convience of the recycling bins and trys to drop of his recycling every 2-3 weeks. It is spread by coughing and sneezing, and by direct contact with a sick person’s skin or body fluids. It also has left some state legislators concerned about where Kansas’ four-year-old concealed carry law is headed. THE CLUB DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE ATTENDANCE AT THE EVENT OF ANY PLAYERS MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE.
Children who have been participating in the program all summer should bring their completed reading logs. He said it is an incredible feeling to learn about other people, build relationships and show others what organ donation means for recipients and families.
According to Surbaugh, 20 percent of these reserves must be maintained so the county can keep its current bond rating, but she has a plan to use the remaining 14 percent over the next five years to maintain necessary county programs while downsizing excess organizations. Sure, we’ll be leaner at the end of five years, but that’s what everyone’s doing until (the economy) turns around,” Surbaugh said.
Those with asthma and other respiratory conditions should be especially cautious during these hours. Modified vans, which utilized reserved parking spaces, allowed others easy access to the event. Twenty-three support positions, meaning positions not directly tied to classrooms, were eliminated from the 2010-2011 budget as well. Leona Hoover had her great-granddaughter with her and my daughter, Debbie, and great-grandson, Hayden Chandler, were in Florida.
Like all electrical circuits, they must be maintained in good working order for effective functioning.
Based on this information, solid, hair-thin metallic needles will be inserted into your body’s meridian points depending on the condition being treated. Demand for acupuncturists in the West is increasing, and many state insurance companies accept doctors of Oriental medicine as primary-care physicians. A buddy is a social contact, a listener, an advocate and a helper with the tasks of daily living.
In certain groups, especially teenagers and adults, chickenpox is more dangerous and can cause skin infections, swelling of the brain and pneumonia. De schoenen zijn gemaakt van kwalitatief hoogstaand leer en andere hoogwaardige materialen, waarmee ongekend comfort bewerkstelligt wordt.
Phillip Horatio Lucas of El Dorado is the Libertarian candidate, and Derek Langseth of Valley Center is the Reform Party candidate. My son Jerry and his wife, Linda, had guests at their home in Overland Park from Salem, Mo., and Cleveland, Ohio. As a buddy, volunteers may do anything from providing transportation and running errands to just listening and providing companionship.
De designs zijn zowel klassiek als modern en daarmee een echte must voor de modebewuste man van nu! During this time of reunion please respect their privacy,” Master Police Officer Dan Friesen said. The youngest teams will play only in De Soto, 1st and 2nd grade will travel to Eudora and all other teams will travel to Eudora and Baldwin City. The insertion of needles along specific meridian-line points helps remove obstructions and restores and re-balances the energy systems.

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