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So many first time shed buyers we talk to, and even a few veterans, underestimate the input they can have in the construction of their shed.  If can wait a week or two, and you know exactly what you want, give some serious thought to creating your own tailor made shed giving you exactly what you’re looking for.
If you haven’t already, make sure to have read our super informative Things to Know Before You Buy Section.  If you have that under your belt, understanding the options is much easier. Assuming you’ve done your homework and you know what you’ll be using your shed for and you know what kind of style you like, you can begin selecting the colors. We use quality Finneran Haley “Storm Plate” exterior paint.  Repainting is recommended every 5 to 7 years.
Did you read about the shingles we use in our “Why We Build a Better Shed” section?  If you did, you then know why any shingle you select will last longer and prevent leaking unlike some of the cheaply made sheds. We’ve tried to incorporate as many options into our standard sheds as we could to please the most people.  But because we’ve seen folks use our structures for so many different uses, we’ve come up with a long list of options –some are free- that you should consider for your shed. If you wanted an upgraded and unique look to your shed, our steel doors let you choose between 9-11 or 15 individual “panes” of glass also in the standard square or with arched windows.
Is part of your landscape or curb appeal, cupolas dress up a shed to make it look like a real classic outbuilding. Add shelving units to at least one of your walls and use that space to get items off the ground. When in doubt, throw it out-  Eliminate clutter-buildup that has overtaken the garage.  Have a garage sale, give to charity, take a trip to the real landfill, and take a deep breath and get rid of all the excess that not only blocks entry into the home but the clutter that blocks energy too.

If you plan on storing taller lawn and garden equipment like rakes, hoes and shovels, check to make sure you’ll have enough wall height. One plan I've looked at showed placing a 2x8 PT mudsill laid flat (wide side) down on the cinderblocks, then the 2x6 joists and rim joists up edgewise on that. My question, I've built small decks and the like on blocks before, but never laid a mudsill like that. I'm not Jerm, but if it were me, I would use a sill plate of PT lumber and even put some water seal on it.
It might not be more accurate, but why introduce accuracy to a discussion about inaccuracy? I hope Buffco plans on filling the blocks with concrete to give a little more stability, at least the ones you're putting anchors in.
You can do a post and beam foundation and build walls and lay joists (or pour a concrete floor) this way.
NOTE: This complete plan-set can also be purchased in downloadable PDF format free of advertising and print friendly for only $5. Our sturdy shelves can easily hold those boxes of old records or you can set paint cans, lawn and garden supplies, or smaller knick knacks.
And if you don’t find out how the price changes for your dream shed to have it constructed with 6’ high walls.

The sill is secured to both the joists and block-- This is the point where the framing gets physically attached to the foundation. After our phone conversation, I realized we can do things a different way besides a straight up pole structure or framed walls on top of a block foundation. Please allow 5 - 6 weeks for delivery of your High Quality farmland 12' x 20' Garden Tool Shed Kit.
So what you do is strap or anchor pressure treated sill to the block, then lay joists over that. That way, when the big bad wolf huffs and puffs, the building don't blow off the foundation.
A straight up pole building is probably fastest and cheapest, but I hate what the interior walls look like it really don't give you any good options if you want to insulate or put in paneling.
Depending on the structure you go with and it’s roof design, you can easily add another 8 foot by 2 foot loft and get another 16 square surface space. Now you’re talking space for patio cushions, grilling supplies and anything else that you want to store but won’t need to get to on a regular basis.

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