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I installed a big double slider in the storage side and built a wall isolating the shop so I can heat it easier with an insulated roll-up door because I intend to someday install a car lift in the shop..
Now I wouldn't want to be within 400 - 500 yards of one of them nuclear bombs when it goes off, I tell ye!
When you build a room for an air compressor what do you need to help keep it cool and fresh air?
With our unique MultiBuild™ Computer System we now offer our customers a very fast & efficient quoting service. Check with your local zoning office because over here in NY a floor drain needs to be plumbed through some sort of separator to keep oil and other possible Ecological nasties that could enter your drain from working on your equipment. I'm sure my wife wishes I'd have installed at least a sink from the dirty one I leave in the house when I get into really greasy stuff!

I insulated the heck out of it and installed a vapor barrier and the place stays cool all summer long as long as you keep the doors closed most of the time.. I have three 16' garage doors along one of the 60' walls, and one 12' garage door along one of the 40' walls.
Something big enough to run a truck through, and another large enough to accept the largest thing you think you possibly ever want to stuff in there. I think I decided on a 18'x14' door (maybe wider) with a smaller 10'x10' door on one of the sides. In my opionion, two of the three garage doors along the 60' wall are unnessary and somewhat reduce the utility of the building because I have that much less wall space. I went with a single OH door in my 36x48x13.5 shed, 12x12, centered on the 36 side of the shed in case I ever got a large camper or boat.

Should I set the shop up with one big door on an end (thinking a 14'hx18'w) or should I set it up with multiple doors on one of the sides? If I was you, I would put one on the 40' wall, and another on the opposite corner of a 60' wall. Now, he is saying he has got to build a shed to put all his junk (tools, etc.) in so he will have room to work inside the house!

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