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This extremely versatile cottage has a very rugged frame that will withstand the test of time. All of our wood sheds, storage sheds, outdoor storage sheds, garden sheds, potting shed kits, cottages and utility enclosures are built of the finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for long life and durability. A Whitcomb “Take Apart” Door Latch is the perfect addition to your next shed, cabin, or barn project. The rugged lugs on the handle are built to stand hard wear and the strong spring makes for sure latching and a long life.
The Saltbox shed comes standard with a set of pine double doors and two barn sash windows (see spec. This simple and practical design is strong enough to withstand the pesky critters that frequent our area. The Saltbox storage shed comes standard with a set of pine double doors and two barn sash windows (see spec. This extremely versatile shed has a very rugged frame that will withstand the test of time.

Jamaica Cottage Shop has designed a building to compete with the pre-fabricated tinker toy sheds found at franchise home supply super stores. Basic storage, a potting shed or parking for a 4 wheeler the design has many uses. Photos may depict client modifications.
New England weather can really put a wood garden shed or cottage to the test, and Jamaica Cottage Shop’s products have proven to stand the test of time and strength. This functional handle with old fashioned charm will secure your doors and provide long lasting style. No rivets, no pins, no welds- no chance for a weak connection or accidentally pulling the handle off. The 6’0” JCS-built double doors are large enough to fit your riding lawn mower, snowmobile, snow blower, lawn furniture, and ATVs. If you would like an additional door or would like to include windows you can use the selection below when ordering or you may call us toll-free to place your order. The 5’0” double doors are large enough to fit a riding lawn mower, ATV, or a couple motorcycles.

The building can be used as a garage since the floor system can handle a small to mid-size car or tractor.
Keep in mind you will need additional lumber for framing in additional windows and doors if you are ordering a pre-cut kit. The versatile shed has been used in many ways from general storage to a play house or turned into a great little potting shed tucked away by the garden. Photos may depict client modifications. The open floor plan allows for a great workshop space or can be split up and be used as a cabin. Photos may depict client modifications. The shed is perfect to fit your storage needs and cure the over flowing garage. Photos may depict client modifications.

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