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The Waltons Groundsman Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed is just the thing you need to keep your tools in a tidy and clutter free manner, with a more spacious interior than your ordinary garden shed. This garden shed can also be used as a den or a play shed for children, a quiet little place to spend some time on your own. You might also like to see the top 20 garden storage sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed garden storage sheds awards league table. The sturdy 12mm tongue and groove cladding, renowned for its stability and durability, ensures a long lasting garden building, fit for supreme storage of all your garden items. The Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed has many unique features that’s makes it a must have garden building. Free Roofing Felt: High quality, mineral roofing felt is included in the package to protect your shed from harsh weather conditions. Made in the UK: The shed supports local British manufacturing and is made in the UK, making it affordable and easy on your budget. Double Framed Corners: Double framed corners give the shed added strength and makes the structure extra stable. Round Edge Framing: The internal framing is planed and rounded to avoid splinters and make the interior resistant to moisture. Floor Joists: The shed comes with floor joists made of planed timber which provides a sturdy support to the base.
12mm Tongue and Groove Cladding: The structure is clad using 12mm thick interlocking tongue and groove boards.
Window Panel Placement Choice: The window panel can be placed on either side of the building, wherever you prefer. Styrene Glazed Windows: The windows are glazed with styrene to make it shatterproof, which provides a professional and safe finish that most garden sheds in the market lack.
The Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed will be delivered to your doorstep with all the parts.
The Tongue and Groove structure gives the building enhanced durability and strength, enabling it to withstand extreme winter conditions and everyday wear and tear with ease. The garden sheds have solid tongue and groove floors and tongue and groove roofs covered with heavy duty green mineral felt.
All our buildings, apart from the kennels and garden buildings, are dipped in a tank of dark creocote to preserve them. We recently brought a garden shed from Smiths the whole process was perfect, from agreeing the dimensions of the shed, to delivery date, to erection of the shed. The Walton's Premier Groundsman Garden Shed with Front Windows is a shed and summer house mix. The 8 x 6 shed is one of the most practical garden buildings of them all, as its mid size design means that it can store a more than adequate amount of tools and equipment for a typical small garden and yet it won’t take up too much precious space. WhatShed bring you reviews of all garden buildings in all sizes and styles, so we know what to look for when selecting 8 x 6 sheds that are truly exceptional for our league table. With such a large amount of 8 x 6 sheds to choose from, whether made of wood, metal or plastic, selecting the 20 best was far from easy.
When you think of a typical 8 x 6 shed, you may picture a wooden garden building with an apex roof, but as our league table shows high quality mid sized sheds come in many styles and in different substrates as well. We always rate value for money highly, but you’ll find an 8 x 6 shed to suit every budget in this run down of the 20 best.
What we especially liked about this shed is that it has been pressure treated, which means that it has long lasting protection against wet rot and insect attack. This is the second metal shed to make our top three, but from a distance you could be mistaken for thinking that this particular 8 x 6 shed is made from metal.
In common with all the galvanised steel sheds we review it’s very durable, and in this case we were pleased to see that it was backed up by a 12 year cladding guarantee. Log burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular as a greener way to heat the home, and potentially a way to save on household bills as well. As well as this value adding feature, we were also impressed with the durability of the main body of the shed itself.
This 8 x 6 shed may lack some of the additional features and grand styling of many of its competitors that surround it in the upper reaches of this WhatShed league table, but it makes up for that by offering excellent value for money for what is a very well constructed and reliable shed.
The OSB floor is itself slightly thicker than the felt covered roof, and it also has integrated joists. This is the highest placed plastic 8 x 6 shed in our league table, and it earns its position by representing perfectly the advantages that PVC can bring as a substrate for garden buildings. Appearance wise, it shares the style of a typical apex timber shed with wide opening double doors, but we were impressed by its subtle grey colour scheme that makes it look surprisingly stylish. There are many factors that influence where a shed is positioned within our league table of the 20 best 8 x 6 sheds, which is why we’ve already seen examples that exhibit very useful additional features or which provide outstanding value for money. The curved roof looks different to any other roof, but it performs just as well as the pent roofs we often see when it comes to carrying rainwater away. The majority of metal sheds that we see in all sizes are either a variation of silver, which is good for those who like a clean modern look for their garden buildings, or green, which is ideal for consumers who want a shed that will blend into a garden background.
It’s not only the paintwork that attracted us to this shed however, as the hot dipped galvanised cladding makes it very tough and durable as shown by the 15 year non perforation guarantee provided by Emerald. This is another plastic shed that offers excellent value for money, and thanks to its white PVC cladding we feel it will fit in perfectly with homes who already have white PVC products on display in the form of conservatories, doors, or a PVC roof line. Firstly, it has both an attractive cross hatched window and a translucent panel in the roof, so there’s lots of light in the interior which is ideal for people who also want to use their 8 x 6 shed as a place to relax or carry out craft work or a hobby. The top ten of our list of the 20 best 8 x 6 sheds available online in the UK today is rounded off with the most expensive entry on the list, but it has so many positive features that it is only the thousand pound price tag which stops it achieving a much higher position. BillyOh make a wide range of timber sheds in all sizes, but thanks to its clever design and a very affordable price tag this is their 8 x 6 shed that we rate the highest. If you want a metal shed, with all the practical benefits that brings in terms of strength and maintenance requirements, that has the appearance of a wooden shed then this could be an ideal choice for you. All fixtures and fittings are included, so it’s quick and easy to construct, and once assembled it feels very strong and sturdy despite the lightweight nature of its cladding. This strong and reliable 8 x 6 shed has the traditional look that we all love in garden buildings, with an apex roof that quickly channels water away being positioned above smooth and tough tongue and groove cladding. There are two stand out features which raise this 8 x 6 shed above its competitors and elevate it into our list of the 20 best. This is the top end model from the BillyOh range, and yet it still represents good value for money for such an attractive timber 8 x 6 shed. The tongue and groove cladding used for the walls, which is covered by a 10 year anti-rot guarantee, is thicker than that used on other sheds from the same manufacturer, as is the frame.
This is the most traditional looking metal 8 x 6 shed thanks to its stark silver colour scheme, which is one of the reasons that it isn’t placed higher up our WhatShed league table. To add to this value for money a 10 year cladding guarantee is provided by Yardmaster, and an anchor kit is included as well to secure the building itself to a suitably sized level area of concrete or patio. The Woodland Trust is an important charity that protects and maintains wooded areas across the United Kingdom, so they make an ideal partner for this feature packed 8 x 6 shed.
Another advantage of this particular shed is that it has a modular design; this means that the white cladding sheets, arranged in a shiplappattern, come readily assembled and simply slot into place along a strong steel frame. This is the third 8 x 6 shed from the BillyOh range to feature in our top 20 league table, and yet this is the very different from its stable mates and indeed from all the other timber sheds that have made this list. We were pleased to see that high grade tongue and groove cladding had been used throughout, and indeed that it comes with the reassurance of a 10 year guarantee. This is the second 8 x 6 shed on our list to feature a reverse apex orientation and again we would recommend this kind of shed to people who are looking for a spacious storage facility but whose lawns are considerably narrower than they are wide. Interlocking shiplap cladding is used for both the reverse apex roof and the walls, although OSB sheeting is used for the floor. This plastic resin 8 x 6 shed may be at the foot of our top 20 league table, but that is no indication of its build quality or what it has to offer the customer.
The cladding has an off white colour which the manufacturers refer to as sand, and the double doors and roof both have a dark chocolate brown colour. Well done then to the Grandale Eight metal shed which takes the accolade of being the highest ranked 8 x 6 shed in what has been a very competitive category. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We are proud to supply an extensive range of Tongue and Groove Wooden Sheds which combine every day design with quality materials suitable for any garden. All of our buildings are made with quality FSC responsibly sourced materials come with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. Standing at 8x6ft, at first glance this is an impressive shed that will provide a fantastic storage solution for gardening enthusiasts and families alike. You might also like to see the top 20 wooden garden sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed wooden garden sheds awards league table.

When looking for a brand new shed for your garden you may have many questions about a model’s particular features or how it could fit into your lifestyle. Exterior: The Billyoh Lincoln 4000 has a tough exterior due to a combination of high quality thick timber, tongue and groove boards and additional framing to keep the structure as rigid and strong as possible. Interior: The 8x6ft interior floor area is a superb space in which to store your outdoor and garden equipment. Security: No security fittings come as standard with the Billyoh Lincoln, however a simple security fitting such as a padlock can be purchased separately at a modest price and easily attached to the double doors. Billyoh recommend that two people work together to build the Lincoln shed mainly due to the size and height of the structure but most importantly for your own personal safety.
Billyoh have the knack for designing useful garden buildings that are designed with a purpose to have a positive and practical impact on their customer’s lives. At this fantastic price the Billyoh Lincoln 4000 shed has features galore to create the perfect gardener’s haven or storage solution for your garden. With space a plenty, you no longer need to litter the backyard with all your gardening tools and equipments. There are numerous possibilities of utilising this shed – personalise it and get the most out of our Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed. You don’t need to worry about bumping into doors and tools because double doors make storing and retrieving large items quick and simple.
We’ll take a detailed look at those features to know what makes it the ultimate storage solution.
The 8 X 6 Waltons Groundsman Garden Shed ensures just that with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.
It is advised that two people erect the building; ensure that there is a suitable base ready to work on. The garden buildings are pre-treated with water based timber treatment for protection during transit. This timber garden storage shed has many features that are pleasing to the eye, while offering a ton of utility.
We pre-drill the holes to make it easy for you to put together and all the fixings are supplied with instructions. We recommend that you coat the outside of your building every 18 - 24 months to keep it in good condition. The guys assembling the shed were brilliant, the whole process complete within one hour and with no fuss.
Because they are more compact they can typically be more affordable too, and the 8 x 6 wooden sheds will be quicker and less expensive when it comes to retreatment time. When collating the list we considered many factors including price and value for money, additional features and warranty periods, durability and build quality, and of course how they look.
The number one shed on our list then is actually a metal shed, but its green and cream design means that it catches the eye for all the right reasons, and is suitable for those people who don’t like structures that look too metallic.
With hot dipped galvanised steel cladding keeping rain out, and the apex roof sliding water away, the threat of rust is also greatly reduced as shown by the very reassuring 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee. The runner up position goes to the second cheapest shed on our list, but it isn’t simply its price alone that takes it to such a lofty height.
That’s because the metal cladding has been painted in a mid brown colour which has then been arranged in a shiplap fashion. We wouldn’t be surprised, however, to see it last much longer than that without any perforations appearing because of rust.
To make the most of them, however, you need to have a plentiful supply of logs and firewood to hand, and that’s where this garden building can prove very useful. Tongue and groove cladding is used throughout, including the floor which isn’t something that we always see on an 8 x 6 shed, and we were pleased to find that toughened glass had been used for the windows. Whilst the roof and floor are both made of solid sheet material, a cost effective option that enables such an affordable price to be offered to the customer, the walls are made of 12mm tongue and groove cladding, and it was good to see that the cladding is protected by a 10 year anti-rot guarantee even though this is reliant upon the customer carrying out annual preservative retreatments. This is very important as it protects the potentially vulnerable flooring from the threat of ground moisture.
The floor is made of special anti-slip polycarbonate which makes for a safer interior, and we liked the way that the interior is well illuminated as well thanks to an integrated skylight in the roof. This particular 8 x 6 shed, however, gains a place within the top 10 thanks in a large part to its unique good looks as well as its practicality and durability. As tightly interlocking tongue and groove cladding is also used throughout, you can be confident that whatever is stored inside this 8 x 6 shed is kept dry, whatever the weather. We always like to see sheds that stand out stylistically however, as long as they are aesthetically pleasing as well, and that’s certainly the case here. Another feature that we welcomed is the integrated entrance and exit ramp, and because of the non-flammable nature of the metal substrate we can imagine this being used as a place to store motorcycles all year round, as well as acting as a secure, window free and spacious 8 x 6 shed. It follows the traditional apex shed design that we often see used for a plastic 8 x 6 shed, and yet it earns its place within the top 10 in our league table thanks to some features of its very own.
We also liked the curved shape of the double doors, and they open to a very accommodating width.
It’s not the only 8 x 6 shed to be made of hot dipped galvanised steel on this list, of course, yet it still achieves a unique look as the metal has then been given a dark green PVC coating. At first glance it looks like a typical apex roofed shed but then we noticed the four tiny windows on the side panel.
This makes it very easy to move tall objects in and out, and once inside they’re protected from the elements not only by the apex roof but by the tongue and groove cladding which is protected by a 10 year guarantee. Whilst up close its metal origin is unmistakable at a distance it has the look of a traditional timber garden building topped with an apex roof thanks to its brown colour scheme arranged in an overlap style. It comes complete with a 10 year guarantee against perforations caused by rust, but as the quality of materials seems to be high we wouldn’t be surprised to see it lasting much longer than this warranty period suggests. Being well manufactured, the cladding locks tightly together so that there are no gaps for water to penetrate into. It is only the lack of a floor as standard which prevents it being placed higher up our league table, and whilst some owners may elect to screw it directly into an area of level concrete we feel that most will pay a little extra to add either a solid sheet or tongue and groove floor to their purchase.
The result of this is an 8 x 6 shed that feels stable and reliable from the moment it’s assembled. Nevertheless it has a lot to recommend it, and we even liked its modern contemporary appearance, although we know not everyone will agree. We were pleased to see this, as an anchor kit isn’t always included as standard with a metal 8 x 6 shed at such a low price.
One of the features that made it stand our from most of the other sheds of a similar size we review is that it has a reverse apex. This Duramax shed with wide opening double doors is a perfect example of the genre, and the natural toughness of the cladding, not to mention its imperviousness to rot, rust and insect attack means that it comes with a value adding 15 year guarantee.
Another feature we liked is the inclusion of three windows, all of which are made of shatter resistant styrene which in itself can act as a boost to the shed’s security levels. We found this to be a very attractive shed as well, thanks to its traditional styling and the one wide opening window which is adjacent to the single hinged door. At this price, we would have liked to see tongue and groove cladding used throughout, and this is one of the reasons that this otherwise excellent and well built 8x 6 shed is near the bottom of our top 20 league table. This apex roof is designed in a shingle pattern and has been reinforced with steel rods, and the floor too has been reinforced which makes it ideal if you plan to us this 8 x 6 shed to store heavy machinery or possibly a motorcycle inside.
It’s low price and long warranty period proved impossible to beat, but there are sheds in our league table to suit all styles and all budgets. The solid sheet floor and roof combined with the unique construction makes these buildings very sturdy and secure. With such a diverse range of designs and size there is a Tongue and Groove shed to suit every garden and home.
With large double doors and multiple window, this shed has the potential to house all of your outdoor and garden equipment for many years to come. This handsome wooden shed has strong tongue & durable and groove cladding and wide double door space suitable for the user to move large pieces back and forward without issue.
The warm toned timber provides an aesthetically pleasing look to the shed and the multiple windows and large doors make it seem so much more than a standard shed. From garden furniture to tools, store it all in one place, keeping your garden neat and tidy at all times. The large double doors provide easy access in and out for those larger or awkwardly shaped items such as lawnmowers or bicycles. Billyoh do what they can to make assembly as easy as possible by ensuring that parts are supplied in smaller, easier-to-manage pieces.
With new construction measures in place to make their current range of sheds stronger and better than ever, including thick cladding, additional framing and improved strength and rigidity, Billyoh have an onwards and upwards attitude to their product range. Its warm toned timber will blend into the natural surroundings of your garden effortlessly.

Measuring 8 X 6, it is the perfect place to store tools for which your old shed never had room. These structures are the ultimate garden sheds, which means that your outdoor and garden equipment can now be stored in an organised manner. All the parts are included in the package along with an instruction manual to guide you through the building process.
The manufacturer also gives a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, ensuring that you’ve purchased a quality garden shed that’ll last for years to come.
The doors have a pre-attached rim lock so that you have a building that is more secure than your run-of-the-mill garden sheds. In this way you can be sure that every 8 x 6 shed featured on this list is easy to find as well as having something special to offer. You can be sure then that all the sheds on our list will make a good purchase, but let’s see what we rate as the very best 8 x 5 shed currently available to buy online in the UK. One other thing that we liked is the entrance and exit ramp, as this makes it very easy to use a wheelbarrow or trolley to carry heavy or bulky items through the sliding double doors.
For a price of little over two hundred pounds this has a lot to offer the customer, especially those who like the traditional and rustic appearance of classic garden sheds. At the top is a felt covered apex roof, and while there are no windows that in itself can be a security boost as it keeps prying eyes out. One thing that makes this metal shed stand out is that it comes with a strong and easy to assemble floor support kit. It was also good to see that the timber had been pressure treated and that it therefore came with a 15 year warranty, which is another reason that this versatile shed features so highly in our league table of the very best 8 x 6 shed that can be purchased online today.
That means this shed has the benefits of a window free design for security purposes yet still has plenty of natural light inside as well, and it’s this highly useful combination at an affordable price which makes this our favourite plastic 8 x 6 shed.
We were impressed by this shed at first sight, as the curved roof and long side windows give it a style of its very own, and we can imagine this fitting in perfectly with a modern home that has a lot of contemporary design features.
The cladding itself carries a 10 year guarantee as well, and whilst this is reliant upon the customer applying yearly coatings of preservatives this needn’t be too time consuming a task on a mid sized garden shed such as this. This metal shed has a dark grey, almost black, anthracite coloured cladding with white trim around the double doors and the air vents in the gables. This not only gives it a very attractive appearance, it also adds an extra protective layer making this shed rot and rust resistant, as well as being fire resistant to class 0 and 1. It also features one acrylic window underneath the apex roof, and with built in ventilation the interior is light and airy.
Positioned just underneath the eaves they allow a decent supply of natural light to reach the interior, which always creates a more pleasant environment to spend any length of time in, but they still mean that it’s virtually impossible for passers by to find out if anything of value is kept inside the shed, which we feel makes it much less likely that it will be targeted by an opportune thief. In common with the other sheds in this range there is no floor included as standard, but one can be added for as little as ?42 so we still believe this is a good value 8 x 6 shed and one that deserves its place in our league table.
If you want a metal 8 x 6 shed that’s attractive, with sliding double doors to make it easy to store and retrieve items, at a price of less than four hundred pounds then this is well worth your consideration.
This cladding is also covered by a 10 year guarantee which we would expect with a shed of this price, even though we would have preferred to see it come with a longer warranty and to have had an initial pressure treatment rather than the less enduring dip treatment used here.
The other thing which really impressed us at this price is that the tongue and groove cladding on the walls is 14mm thick rather than the 12 that we usually see. This means that whilst the roof is still just as effective at channelling rainwater away, its wide front and shorter depth makes it ideal for shallow gardens. With so much to recommend it, it’s only its relatively high price compared to other plastic sheds of a similar price that prevents it being placed much higher up our league table of 8 x 6 sheds.
The pitch of the roof still ensures that precipitation is quickly swept away, but its eaves height of 1.79m is a little lower than that on most of the sheds featuring within this guide. Whilst two of the windows are fixed in position, one can be opened to provide a natural source of ventilation. Because there are no windows on any other side, by careful positioning it may also be able to prevent unauthorised personnel from seeing inside, enhancing the shed’s security and creating a more private storage space.
On the plus side, it does come with a 10 year warranty against wet rot although this is dependent upon the owner adding a preservative treatment immediately after installation as well as annually thereafter. As extra strong resin has been used to create blow moulded walls, we would certainly expect this shed to far outlast the warranty provided with it, and so if your budget will run to the asking price of nearly a thousand pounds as well then this could be the perfect mid sized shed for you. This also has the highest eaves of any of the sheds in this top 20, at 2.18m, and we were also impressed by the bank of tiny windows running across the top of the double doors.
Whether you want a medium sized garden shed, a child’s playhouse, or a large PVC workshop, WhatShed will continue to bring you the reviews that can help you make a perfect choice every time.
Free delivery is available to most Mainland UK addresses, please see our delivery page for further details. There are plenty of windows allow you to see outside and gives the shed a bright and airy feel, and the spacious interior is large enough to be used as an area to relax after a hard day gardening. Your package will contain all the parts, glazing, fixtures and fittings required for assembly and all that you will need to provide is a basic tool kit. With a range of options available to you throughout the purchase process, from flooring to shelving, why not take this opportunity to build a shed that will truly match your lifestyle and storage needs. Ideal for medium sized spaces and gardens, the 8x6ft floor area will no doubt be adequate space for an average sized family, particularly with all of the opportunities to add additional storage as mentioned above.
I am an avid gardener, i’m out there everyday and I have no issue with my supplies which are ample being in the shed.
There is room to be tidy and stack things on the sides and also have enough room for larger objects.
The extra thick and sturdy framing provides a strong structure that can withstand the general wear and tear of a frequently used shed, while it’s extra tall eaves and an apex roof provide room for taller tools.
Its size makes it great for smaller gardens or simply those wishing to accommodate only one building within their garden. Its roofing felt provides protection against rain and seepage, while an adjustable window panel gives you the freedom of locating the windows on the side you want. With this long warranty period, a virtually maintenance free nature, and a very affordable price tag this deserves its place as our number one 8 x 6 shed available to buy online in the UK today. This means that a wooden floor can easily be installed, and as it will be raised up from the surface there’s built in protection from ground moisture. With the addition of a padlock, which can be bought at the same time as the shed for a price of less than ten pounds, we feel this could be a very secure 8 x 6 shed as well as a great value one. Whilst it comes with a 10 year warranty, however, we feel this could have been much longer. A secure key operated lock is also provided, which is another reason that this could be your number one choice if its price falls within your budget. This extra 2mm can make a noticeable difference when it comes to strength and stability, and is a very welcome addition to such a good value mid sized shed.
They allow a lot of natural light to reach the interior and yet because they only occupy the upper third of the panel it’s still possible to keep valuable items out of sight of people passing by. The eaves height is also a little taller than the majority of its competitors at 2.01m, and whilst 12 mm cladding covered by a 10 year warranty is used elsewhere on this 8 x 6 shed, the floor is significantly thicker than most that we see at 16mm. This then is a very tough shed with a lot to recommend it, even if it does have a price to match.
Increased headroom provides further opportunity for vertical storage and is an excellent design feature for those taller individuals worried about height issues with a low ceiling. We expect that the Billyoh Lincoln could be built within a day by following the instructions and working together as a team. As wooden sheds go, the Billyoh Lincoln requires minimal maintenance aside from a finishing treatment once in a while to aid the longevity of the timber and structure itself. Save yourself from the hassle of building a garden shed yourself and get the 8 X 6 Waltons Groundsman Tongue And Groove Apex Garden shed now. It’s a welcome addition and this price, and claims this shed the number three 8 x 6 shed spot in our league table.
In this way this can still be a secure environment for any valuable gardening equipment, particularly if a padlock is added to the pad bolt that’s supplied as standard. We were also pleased to see a key operated lock provided as standard, and it’s only the above average price that stops this shed from being placed within our top 10 of the best 8 x 6 shed available today. In case of your shed becoming dirty, either through seasonal effects or simply general usage, simply hose down with water. Whether you use the fantastic 8x6ft interior space for straight forward storage of your garden and outdoor items or use it as a place to concentrate on your latest gardening projects, with the many options available to you, you can design this shed to meet your requirements. I would say for any equipment larger than a lawnmower and shovel equipment you certainly should have a larger size but for the money this is perfect.

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