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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Shed Pre Fabricated, Panelized Shed Kit is ideal to as a starter room for early bloomers or frost tender plants! This Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Shed kit ships to your address in a pre fabricated panelized kit. The Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Shed has all the necessary hardware, screws, hinges and instructions to complete the assembly. The Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Cedar Shed Kit is a simple Do-it-Yourself Kit that is easy to assemble in one afternoon with 1-2 people. The Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Cedar Shed Kit is made with Premium Western Red Cedar exterior, a wood species that is known for its beauty, durability and strength. The Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Cedar Shed Kit comes unfinished, but can be painted, stained, or left to weather naturally, depending on your preference. Please visit our knowledge center to learn more about our products and gain some expert advice about set up, maintenance, and product care. The fact that these are portable is great too – you could conceivably move the entire operation depending on the time of year.
I’ve started to even spot custom built greenhouse sheds out in the country near the family farm.

Hey, here’s another thought – what about adding yet one more function to your greenhouse shed by putting some chickens in it? The Cedar Greenhouse makes an ideal art studio, workshop, garden greenhouse, or backyard getaway.
The functional and interchangeable dutch door and rear window will ensure you have plenty of fresh air while you putter away inside. It features GE manufactured LEXAN siding with UV specifications for the large windows, 3 foot interior workbench, 1 dutch door, and 1 smaller, functional decorative window. This cute little garden shed is perfect as a starter room for early bloomers or frost tender plants. This can be really crucial if you are a city dwellers, and have limited property to work with! And the greenhouse aspect is improved by all those tools being right there when you need them. For instance, in the summertime you might locate your greenhouse+shed underneath the boughs of a large oak tree, while in the winter you it could sit front and center in the sunniest part of the yard. In the future I think greenhouse shed combos are going to get a lot more popular as people start to see the clear advantages of combining these two crucial outbuildings.
The angle wall windows are made of a high performance thermoplastic that transmits up to 90% of visible light, while filtering out harmful ultraviolet light.

This type of wood is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties that make it one of the world's most unique woods. This Western Red Cedar shed lets in plenty of sunshine for your plants, and is built with premium materials so you know it will last you a lifetime! People out in the country may have the luxury of separate tool and gardening outbuildings but for someone on a postage stamp lot, you’ve got to really get as much use out of each square foot as possible. That way they stay warmer and use more of their calories for putting on pounds and less for heating their big lazy bodies. The Cedarshed Sunhouse 8x8 Shed makes a distinguished storage solution for your gardening needs! Stains are absorbed by the wood so there is no surface flaking, and they can be chosen in a wide range of colors to match other structures. It is classified as a durable wood by the building codes across North America, which permits the use of its heartwood in exterior applications without preservative treatments.

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