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From large solid wood statement making conference tables to a tidy corner office desk for your home, we provide Amish handcrafted office furniture that screams quality.
Our all American Amish made office furniture includes office desk sets, office filing cabinets, office desk chairs and more. Your options are limitless from hardware, drawer size, to secretary slide out options, flat screen computer stations, seating options and more. A Furniture craftsmanship is an important industry for Amish in large Ohio communities such as Holmes County and Geauga County. We know you will be completely amazed at our prices, at the quality and blown away by the selection you'll discover at Amish Custom Furniture and Accents. So much work went into its craftsmanship, that you'll make an impression in your home or office environment.
The big box furniture stores may be super sized large, but they just don't have the same quality, low prices and selection of American made Amish furniture. A Amish craft home furnishings for the bedroom, office, kitchen, living and dining rooms, children’s rooms, and more, as well as outdoor furniture and structures. Curios, cabinets, armoires, dressers, TV stands, beds, desks, chairs, dining tables, computer centers, book shelves, filing cabinets, desks, more. Cribs, bunk beds, nightstands, rocking horses, toy boxes, high chairs, and more.Hidden Creek Furniturea€Z 4363 Ohio 39 Millersburg, OH 44654 (330) 893-3999Hillside Wooda€Z (A) 8413 Township Road 652 Millersburg, OH 44654-8343 (330) 359-5991H. A While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, business locations and schedules can change. A By far the largest is the Holmes County Amish community, which sprawls into 4 neighboring counties.
A Holmes County is home to over 30,000 Amish, and many furniture craftsmen.Amish communities can be found across OhioGeauga County in northeast Ohio hosts the second-largest Amish community in the state, and home to numerous Amish wood shops as well.

A Other notable Amish communities in Ohio can be found near towns such as Lodi, Belleville (Knox County), in Ashland County, Hardin County, and numerous others. A Read more on Ohio Amish.Furniture-making and family businessAmish furniture making has thrived across the nation, but particularly in Ohio. A Furniture shops have sprung up across the state in Amish communities, with heavy concentrations of woodworkers in areas of Holmes County such as Mt.
A In large communities such as Holmes County and Geauga County, land for farming can be hard to come by at an affordable price. A Furniture craftsmanship offers an alternative occupation which requires relatively little start-up money to begin.Amish furniture shops are found, typically, near Amish homes.
A  Amish woodworkers range from small family-oriented operations to those employing 3 dozen or more employees. A Since Amish finish school at age 14 or 15, Amish youth soon enter the work force, honing manual skills they’ll use later in life. A In many cases furniture making truly is a family endeavor, with not only sons being involved but also wives and daughters, some of whom may do bookwork for the business, help with customers, or in some cases even manual tasks.Amish craftsmanshipAmish furniture enjoys a positive reputation. A Amish tap into networks of fellow craftsmen to develop skills and learn new methods of construction. A While there are always bad apples in any group, Amish craftsmen are typically considered trustworthy and devoted to doing a quality job for their customers.Secondly, Amish use high-quality materials to construct their furniture.
A The first thing typically mentioned in Amish furniture advertisements is the use of quality hardwoods.
A These include varieties such as cherry, walnut, oak, black walnut, quartersawn oak, maple, and more. A Amish use soft woods such as pine and cedar as well, and also create rustic hickory furniture.

A It’s common to see styles such as Mission, Craftsman, Shaker, Colonial, Prairie, Arts and Crafts, Queen Anne and others being made by Amish woodworkers.
A  Amish furniture craftsmen also do much custom work for their clients, including nearly any sort of furniture as well as kitchen cabinets.Buying Amish furniture in OhioAmish furniture showroom near Mount Hope, OhioAmish furniture seekers in Ohio have a plethora of options. A First, with the large number of Amish woodworkers scattered across the state, visiting an Amish community and Amish-run wood shop is an attractive option. A This gives a potential buyer a chance to meet the owner and craftsmen, and also to see where furniture is made. A This isn’t always an option, as some Amish make furniture strictly on a wholesale basis, but a sizeable contingent also build furniture for a retail market. A Buying Amish furniture direct from an Ohio manufacturer is a unique experience distinct from the big-box retail option. A The advantage of buying from an Ohio Amish furniture showroom is the close proximity to many Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Cincinatti, Columbus, and many others.
A Amish furniture sellers often maintain a large stock in their showrooms, providing a wide selection for their customers.
A Internet-based Amish furniture sellers maintain connections with Amish craftsman and can provide the opportunity to browse a vast range of furniture pieces online in the comfort of the home.
A Online dealers typically ship Amish furniture to Ohio addresses and elsewhere in the country.
Currently some longer established communities are rather fully employed with the improving economy.

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