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Yes, it should; get the measurements of the box from the store and measure the back of your SUV.
The box has the same dimensions as a 4X8 sheet of plywood and about 10 inches thick and is very heavy.
Accessories Arrow's accessories help you customize your shed to fit your own, individual needs and style. Arrow sheds can be purchased from most of your favorite retailers both in-store and online. Arrow Storage Products is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of steel storage units delivered in kit form. Yes, Sam's Home Repair builds and assembles play houses and sheds.Please see our slide show for Be sure to have the ground level. An Arrow 10 x 8 steel storage building would be a great choice if you're in the market for a new garden building. The top hatch door (if that's what you have) might have to be tied down instead of closing all the way. Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 13 million sheds to customers around the world through its retail partners.

If you have various things that don't fit in your garage, or if you don't have a garage and you would like somewhere to store various things, then investing in a storage building can definitely be the way to go.
Steel Shed 8 answers Will the shed (in the box) fit into a small SUV (Kia Sportage) for transporting from store to my home? These Arrow 10 x 8 steel storage buildings are durable, practical and sleek looking and would be a very good choice if you're looking for something that will last more than a couple of seasons. Metal Shed accommodates lots of lawn and garden tools and equipment, helping you safely store seasonal items when not in use.
Wood Storage Shed Kit with Floor including 4x4 RunnersDescription:The Millcreek Shed Kit is a perfect choice for adding extra storage to any backyard. You can find Arrow 10 x 8 storage buildings, Arrow steel storage buildings as well as Arrow 10 x 8 garden storage buildings among other models.
Lockable sliding door that helps keep your stored belongings safe, the shed's doors have a tall walk-in style for convenient access. With it's traditional barn style appeal and additional loft storage you'll have plenty of space and many years of use out of this wooden shed kit. Since there are a couple of different models to choose between, it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable to your particular preference.

Arrow is a great choice if you're concerned about durability and function - their structures are made in steel and feature good design. Metal Shed accommodates lots of lawn and garden tools and equipment, helping you safely store stored belongings safe, the shed's doors have a tall walk-in style for convenient access.
These sheds are perfect if you need to store your bicycles, lawnmower or other garden tools and equipment.
For instance, if you have nice garden furniture which you want to protect when not in use in season, then investing in a shed or building to protect them in would be a very good thing.
The building's 2 doors have a convenient swing-open design and are protected by door locks that enhance the safety of your stored itemsLabor prices start at $300. With 4 corner shelves to provide a surface for candles, flowers, plants or hors d'oeuvres, this gazebo broadens your ability to enjoy your garden or backyard.Labor prices start at $200.
These particular buildings can be found at Home Depot where there are quite a few different options to choose between, however any home improvement store such as Lowes or Sears would also be worth a look since they might carry other brands and have a somewhat different selection of products.

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