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Were potential customers on their way to your special event but and they got lost along the way?
Directional ERA yard signs can not only advertise your listing for sale, but they can also help buyers easily find their way to your listing. These signs are different from traditional ERA yard signs because in addition to your contact information, they have an arrow that points buyers toward your listing so they don't get lost or frustrated along the way. A-frame directional ERA yard signs are strong and able to resist blowing over in strong winds.
Advertise a home for sale, a home for lease, or an open house showing with these blank arrow directional ERA yard signs.
What better way to direct a ton of potential buyers to your open house than with open house arrow directional ERA yard signs.
Pastel Blank Arrow Yard SignThe Pastel Blank Arrow Yard Sign is the perfect way to let your guest know when they have arrived at the baby shower or bridal shower.
Roseton and Danskammer Point (at marker "A") are on the western shore of the Hudson River about 61 mi. In the year 1883 he once more embarked in the brick business, this time about six miles north of the city of Newburgh on the Hudson River West Shore Railroad where he purchased a large tract of land, buying out various parties until he owned nearly three hundred acres. The New York Times, March 3, 1885 reported that the Davis estate was purchased for about $25,000. In 1884 the firm of Rose & Company was incorporated with a capital of ninety thousand dollars, Mr.
His sixteen brick machines had a capacity of twenty-four thousand bricks per day each, and the two engines which ran the same were of one hundred and one hundred and seventy horse power respectively. Roseton had housing for the workers as well as a grocery store and post office (which later even had its own zip code: 12576). An article in the New York Times on March 3, 1885 predicted the population of Roseton would grow to over 250 persons. In The Great Hudson River Brick Industry George Hutton wrote, "Rose created a community for workers that included an attractive commons building (featuring club rooms, a reading room and billiards) and a very proper-looking brick schoolhouse. Born in Haverstraw on April 14, 1875, John Bailey Rose came from a family of ancient Dutch lineage.
In 1908, John Bailey Rose built a 3-mile long electric railway to transport the clay and sand at the upper end of the property to the brickmaking machines. This gravel was used to pave the beautiful drives in Central Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
The name was changed to "The Rose Brick Company" and a New York City office was opened on West 52nd Street. John Bailey Rose served on the Electoral College for President Roosevelt in 1904 and was elected to the NYS Senate in 1908.
Rose Bricks were used in the Ansonia and Bell Nord Hotels, the Customs House at the Battery as well as the Empire State Building, the Linden Apartments in Riverdale, the Stock Exchange, the Singer Tower (now gone) and the Waldorf Astoria.
After the brick yards shut down, the Central Hudson Gas & Electric Company purchased them and most of the private property for expansion of its power plants, and demolished all of the homes east of River Road -- almost the entire community.
During the American Revolution, Colonel William Armstrong, a native of Scotland, came to America with the British Army, attached to Headquarters in New York.
In the 1820s Edward Armstrong purchased land about 60 miles north of New York city on a point jutting into the Hudson on the west shore.
David Maitland Armstrong, the youngest of the four boys, married Helen Nelson, a descendant of Peter Stuyvesant and niece of Governor Hamilton Fish. John Chandler Bancroft Davis (1822-1907) (better known as Bancroft Davis) of Orange County, NY. Even though Maitland Armstrong scoffed at "the brick-yards, scarring the landscape and even gnawing away our lawns and gardens," ironically, our research finds that in 1905 Maitland Armstrong ran the Arrow Brick Co., located on Danskammer Point and produced 5 million brick.
We've also found information that his son, Edward (the little boy in front of the Danskammer fireplace), may have operated the yard with his dad. In the late 1800s, Juan Jacinto Jova (J J J) came from Cuba to New York City as a sugar broker, then moved up the Hudson River to Roseton, NY, where he had hoped to raise sugar cane.
After his untimely death in 1894, Jova's four sons (Henri, Edward, Joseph and John), known locally as "The Jova Boys," continued the business.
According to George Hutton in The Great Hudson River Brick Industry, JMC was the brand used for Jova brick made after the Jova Company bought out the Hutton plant in East Kingston in 1965. Here Hendrick Hudson, in his voyage up the river, witnessed an Indian pow-wow: the first recorded fireworks in a country which has since delighted in rockets and pyrotechnic displays.
This family estate originated with the purchase of land by Edward Armstrong (1800-1840) the son of William Armstrong (1750?-1830?), a former British naval officer and Margaret Marshall Armstrong in the 19th century.

David Maitland Armstrong (1836-1918) is noted for his prominent careers first as a diplomat and also as a graphic artist. In 1872, Armstrong returned to United States and devoted himself to the art of design possibly being the inventor of the American opalescent stain glass. In the 1930s, power generating stations were built on the brickyard sites by Central Hudson Gas & Electric. In 2001 Central Hudson sold both Roseton and Danskammer to Dynegy, under new rules deregulating electricity, in order to become just a distributor of power. Shortly afterwards, environmental activists began to raise concerns about the plant's emissions.
The environmental group Riverkeeper took note of the long-overdue renewal of the plant's discharge permit from the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). 9GENEALOGICAL AND FAMILY HISTORY OF SOUTHERN NEW YORK AND THE HUDSON RIVER VALLEY, 1913 A RECORD of the ACHIEVEMENTS of HER PEOPLE in the MAKING of a COMMONWEALTH and the BUILDING OF A NATION; NEW YORK, LEWIS HISTORICAL PUBLISHING CO.
13Pixley, Francis V., Remembering Pix (Pixley was a ceramic engineer and co-founder of Kil-Tel Systems Inc. By placing directional ERA yard signs in various locations around the neighborhood of one of your listings, you can ensure potential buyers find your listings or open house showings without the risk of problems. Directional ERA yard signs are available in different styles, shapes, and materials, but they all work to make sure buyers can find you.
Fully customizable for any real estate event, these blank arrow directional ERA yard signs make it easy for potential buyers (or sellers) to find you.
These small plastic signs mount onto light metal frames and are usually available in a variety of imprints, including custom imprints. They are all thoughtful and effective ways to ensure potential buyers, sellers, or agents can locate the property you represent.
Rose, third son of John and Sybil (Beaver) Rose, was born at Esopus, Ulster County, NY on October 4, 1828. He also bought the Hudson River mansion and estate of Bancroft Davis, which was located just south of the Danskammer Mansion (scroll down for more information on Davis as well as Danskammer). None of those buildings exists today." In Lost Towns of the Hudson Valley Wesley and Barbara H.
Rose is credited with introducing the above deck shipping method that made it possible to carry as many as 600,000 brick in a single load. Based on thorough research and experimentation, for the most part, the Rose Company conformed to traditional methods of brickmaking with a few individual takes on this process.
He used 5 high-powered electric locomotives and 50 cars, each with a carrying capacity of 15 tons.
David was admitted to the bar, but gave up law to study art in Paris and Rome, becoming a specialist in stained glass windows (as did his daughter) and examples of their work can be seen in many of New York’s churches as well as the Episcopal church in Marlboro, NY. The discovery of Native American artifacts at the excavation site led to the company's name. In 1904, they had calculated that they could continue to produce bricks at that capacity, on site, for another 200 years. We now behold on the west bank a large flat rock, covered with cedars, recently marked by a lighthouse, the Duyvel's Dans Kammer.
He built a house called "Danskammer" that remained in family hands until a descendant sold it off in the 1970’s or 80’s. Returning to Europe several years later, Armstrong went to Paris as head of the American Art Department of the Paris Exposition (1878).
Dynegy later added a facility that allowed the plant, which had previously received coal only by rail, to receive coal from self-unloading ships. According to Environmental Protection Agency figures, it was among the top ten releasers of pollutants by weight in New York, releasing 1.4 million pounds (560,000 kg) of hazardous emissions in 2000. In common with Roseton and Indian Point Energy Center, its use of once-through cooling, in which river water was pumped in, used to cool the plant, then pumped out warm, dated to the 1950s and was responsible for large fish kills in the river. Place them strategically on the route to your location and the bold imprint will draw their attention and successfully direct them to the right place.
The unique shape of these ERA yard signs will also attract attention, guaranteeing they are seen. Available in a variety of imprints, including custom printing with your name, office, phone number, and even your photograph, these directional ERA yard signs will help potential buyers find your open house or home for sale without problem. Put one of these directional ERA yard signs on every corner to ensure buyers make it to your open house. These ERA yard signs are perfect for scattering around the neighborhood of your listing as they are modest and not overbearing.

For more ideas on directional ERA yard signs for your business, contact the sign experts at Oakley Signs & Graphics. The Red Blank Arrow Yard Sign is the perfect solution for how to signal your guests that they've come to the right place to party.
You can make them even easier to spot by tying on some colorful balloons like the Baby Shower Balloons.
Rose, being president and treasurer, and his son, Hilend C., being vice-president, and secretary. Previously, the old sailing vessels were only loaded below decks and carried no more than 75,000 brick. These included: the absence of circular pits, a drying system using only open yards to dry the bricks, excessive sweeping, lutings, and rolling of these yards, specially constructed docking facilities, and numerous culling (inspection) stations.
The wife of brickmaker Juan Jova (scroll down for the Jova story) sponsored the 1887 construction of this notable brick church.
In 1874 Jova bought a large Greek revival granite mansion (Danskammer) from David Maitland Armstrong (who ran the ARROW Brick Co., described above).
The Jova banks were set along the highest banks on the Hudson River, at 140 feet above the level of the water. Coal was used exclusively in the kilns and blue clay was used almost exclusively in the pits.
He believed that while the reputation of the company would suffice, perhaps, to sell the brick on the merits of the brand, the elaborate care expended from every detail of the making and the excellence of the material at their command would create a market for the brick, even if the past record of the brand were entirely forgotten. Now the point is lighted by the fires of the Dynergy (originally Central Hudson) power plant. He attended Trinity College in Connecticut from which he received a Bachelor’s degree in 1858. At the time of Armstrong’s death in New York City at the age of 83, he headed the firm "Maitland, Armstrong & Co.," and with his daughter Miss Helen Maitland Armstrong, Armstrong designed memorials and church windows throughout the country.
Use them as lawn signs with stakes, or hang them from a wall or fence by adding grommets (extra). They are the perfect directional ERA yard signs to have on hand because you never know when you might need one. Consider customizing these open house arrow directional ERA yard signs with the time and date of your open house so you can place them days in advance.
Whether you use it for a birthday, carnival, graduation, or wedding, a Red Blank Arrow Yard Sign will stand out to any lost guests.
He ran the business with his four sons for several years but in 1894 his oldest son, Hiland, died suddenly.
In 1862, Armstrong received a Master of Arts diploma and admitted to the bar the same year. After DEC rebuffed Riverkeeper's effort to force it to accelerate the process, and ruled that closed-cycle cooling, the environmental group's preferred alternative, was not feasible at Danskammer, Riverkeeper filed suit against DEC and Dynegy alleging violations of state administrative-procedure law in issuing the new permit. Open house real estate signs, political signs, sale signs, or going out of business signs are just a few possible uses.
This two sided decoration even has blank space on both side for you to personalize and convenient hole in the top to tie a bunch of balloons. Armstrong’s demonstrated knowledge of law and his familiarity with Latin countries resulted in his appointment as American Consul to the Papal States.
They alleged that DEC had accepted Dynegy's argument that it didn't have space to install closed-cycle cooling despite the company owning large tracts of adjacent vacant land, and that it had allowed Dynegy to account for its water withdrawals in an unrealistic fashion.
A blank space on both sides makes it great to personalize for whatever event you're planning.
During his tenure in this position, Victor Emmanuel took Rome (1870) and subsequently, Armstrong received the appointment as Consul General to Rome.
Dynegy says there are cheaper alternatives to the cooling towers a closed-cycle system would require.
Rose resumed the manufacture of brick at Haverstraw where he had six machines, and continued to operate uninterruptedly until 1882, in which year he sold out.

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