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NPIP CERTIFIED National Poultry Improvement Plan –Probably the greatest single factor which limited the early expansion of the U.S. FAQs How can I tell if an egg is going to hatch a male or female, so I only set eggs for laying hens? Sexing young poultry Old wives tale –Tying a needle or weight to the end of a piece of string and hold it over the young animal. SEXING YOUNG POULTRY Vent sexing –Developed by a Japanese professor, Kiyoshi Masui –Involves holding the day-old chick upside in one hand and while visually examining the vent area for the presence or absence of a rudimentary male sex organ.

FAQs related to eggs Is there any chance that the eggs from the store will hatch in my fridge?
FAQs: Housing Are there any blue-prints I can use for building a house for my small poultry flock? Jacquie Jacob Poultry Extension Associate Dept of Animal and Food Sciences, UK 2008 Fall ANR update October 20, Winchester. If I put fertile eggs in the fridge and then decided to incubate them later, will they still hatch?

This disease, later called pullorum disease, was rampant in poultry and could cause upwards of 80% mortality in young poultry.

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