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Having purchased other barn door hardware from other vendors to compare, this was not worth the money.
Product was not shipped on time and I had to pay our contractor for an additional day to install it. I was told by local door specialist that I wouldn't spend less than $700., especially when I needed 10 feet of track. Will have make a trip to the hardware store to purchase additional hardware and to repaint it. All the hardware you need is included; however it is a little rough and to get a quality installation some work is required. Good price and it looks and works nice, but you need to be willing and able to do some addition work to make it that way.
The rail was packaged poorly, just protected by a piece of cardboard tape wrapped around it. Standard flat track sliding door hardware installation involves the installation of a track sliding along a surface.

Flat track systems date back to the turn of the century when it was most commonly used in warehouses and industrial settings. Flat track sliding doors are now stylish enough to be used anywhere within a large building and even in your home.
Standard flat track sliding door hardware comes in many finishes, including: standard black, machine polished, painted bronze, weathered rust and many more. For a rustic, authentic old world look, consider the Hammered Flat Track style for your sliding door. For interior or exterior doors and for high quality function and an attractive design, check out the spoked and solid Horseshoe Flat Track designs.
The industrial Green is VERY green so we ended up painting it but the over all look of it is amazing. A sliding door attachment is added to create an operable door that looks great and is 100% functional. Today flat track sliding doors are often used for closing off rooms such as libraries, laundry rooms or offices, keeping unwanted items out of view or sectioning off areas to create dimensions.

Check out our Standard Flat Track Gallery to view and find various styles and finishes to match your style and taste. Whether you’re looking to install a new automatic door or turn a current manual sliding door into an automatic one, we can help. While the free shipping took a couple of weeks, which you would expect, our custom made barn door is exactly what I wanted and it slides perfectly. It doesn't come with instructions, but according to the pictures, I have to drill my own holes on the rail, which is understandable, I just didn't know I would have to.
No matter where you’re at, we pride ourselves on being able to serve you and anyone else around the world who requires barn door hardware or hardware assistance.

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