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These hand-forged tools are made of the finest quality steel, and they are tempered for marble and alabaster - with cutting edges that will last. This class is designed to be an introduction to basic wood carving of Shells, Scrolls and Rosettes.
Every project begins with an understanding of how to visualize the finished work and thinking in 3-dimensions. The student that completes this 2-day class will come away with a beautifully handcrafted work of art by their own hands under the guidance of a world renowned master woodcarver, Boris Khechoyan.

The palm-handled set is best for someone with large hands - the long-handled set is better for smaller hands.
This 6-piece carving set includes hand-forged tools made of the finest quality steel tempered for soft marble and alabaster. ROMA Plastilina, Claystone, TrimFast, Encaustics Fine Arts, Sculpture House, the Sculpture House logo and La Favorita design are Registered Trademarks of Sculpture House, Inc.
Set includes five chisels (SC1, SC6, SC9, SC13, SC14) plus one carving hammer of soft iron (H17), packed neatly inside the included Tool Pouch.

His sense of humor, combined with his passion for woodworking makes for an enjoyable learning experience.

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