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As the traditional iPhone bumper case while offering protection does not help with the look of the phone, and this is where i+Case comes to the rescue by using aluminum as the material for a bumper-style case. The iPhone case is carved out of a solid chunk of metal and comes in two pieces, which will be held together via four screws.
Today, we have a similar iPhone 4S case made out of aluminum with awesome look and three different colors to choose from.
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Malmsteen – Miracle Of Life [war To End All Wars, 2000]178 – Vinnie Moore – April Sky (Instrumental) [time Odyssey, 1988]179 – Moonsorrow – Matkan Lopussa [kivenkantaja, 2003]180 – Galneryus – Fly With Red Winds (Instrumental)181 – Conquest – Before The War (Instrumental) [frozen Sky, 2005]182 – Rhapsody – Virgin Skies (Instrumental) [legendary Tales, 1997]183 – Cardiant – The Hackneyed Dream [midday Moon, 2005]184 – Manowar – Heart Of Steel [kings Of Metal, 1988]185 – Motley Crue – Without You [dr.

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