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The information contained in this web site is strictly the opinion of the administrators and does not offer any warranties based on the information contained in these pages. THE ONLY biomechanical course that shows you how to improve your health, increase your agility and better control of the distance between you and another person using the essential legwork principles of internal DAOYIN TAIJIQUAN. This exclusive one-day event in the heart of Leeds will mesmerise martial arts practitioners and enlighten those seeking all round health improvements with ancient practice integrated into modern biomechanical  science that you can practice on the day and in your own home afterwards. The ONE surprising truth about why legwork is so important for your health and your martial art, whatever style you practice. Why placing your feet correctly can help you avoid nagging injuries and troublesome joint replacements.
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7 Practical drills to help you improve your agility and (weirdly), the power of your upper body. The event is from 10am (prompt) to 6pm followed by a social meal and course analysis at a local restaurant. A Certificate of Achievement will be presented to those delegates who can successfully put into practice the principles taught.

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Be sure to be on time to collect your goodie bag and review the contents before the course starts. This Footwork Drill Seminar is a one-off event in Leeds where you will learn exclusive biomechanical techniques for better martial agility, balance and increased wellbeing. It's packed full of practical health and fitness tips, healthy recipes, holistic news, curious cures and free gifts to keep you energised and fit.
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In the book, I reference a great article in the New York Times from a few years ago about Marcus Sheridan of River Pools & Spas.
But, after reading the article and being in the business of content marketing for many years now, what I realize is that, as crazy as it sounds, it really is revolutionary – or innovative, or differentiating, or whatever other word you want to use to describe it.

Get weekly articles delivered to your inbox and get the e-book 25 Website Must-Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales FREE! I was thinking that if you had a big tree limb over your driveway you could use a hoist to lift the shell. I was thinking of using 4 tractor jacks (they go up to 4 feet high) and placeing some 2 4x4s between the jacks (from left to right) then jacking it up. Going out on a limb here, I'm guessing that Rich, Stu and Zach are using a rotisserie that has 2 stands with 2 legs and 2 casters each. A follow-up:I end up using a hoist attached as Chris described - at the seat adjuster brackets. We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in or linked to this web site.
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