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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. By Kirsty White On April 2, 2014 This bike shed was custom built for a customer in Bampton. Large and open fronted for easy access and built to fit the available space, this shed offers weather protection as well as tidy storage. We create many different storage options here at The Wooden Workshop, from logs to boats, we have storage to suit your needs! Mountain bikes and bicycles can be a pricey investment especially if they are not kept in safe, sheltered environment when not in use. You can be sure our bike sheds will keep your valuable pedal-driven recreational vehicles safe and secure! I put this on top of a slab base and in place of one of the slabs i installed a ground anchor that comes up through the base of the shed i then chain my bikes with a pramasis chain to the ground anchor. At the end of the day if they want in they will get in but hopefully it will take them long enough with what i have done i will hear them. More seriously, I've only ever lived in rented houses - plaastic mat on the floor, bikes in bike bags. I had one in a small front garden in London for a few years and it kept the commuter bikes out of sight and dry. I suppose 'excellent' means 'it will stop kids and smackheads', bain't nothing going to stop professionals. So we went for a very simple wooden shed with little external security to draw attention, and then an anchor inside.

I have never understood why people are funny about keeping bikes inside the house, you track in more rubbish on the soles of your shoes each day, unless you put on plastic slip covers or walk about in your socks ?
I've got one of the Asgard 4 bike sheds, it'll take 5 at a push with bars moved parallel to the top tube. Glorious lifting roof for easy access, delightful hinges supporting a fully opening door. Built using durable pressure treated timber, the sturdy 50mm x 50mm frame was cladded with shiplap. If you need a secure storage solution for your bikes, this 6x3 bike shed will be perfect for you.
Bike sheds are the easiest way to protect and ensure your bike is in it's peak condition, rust free. When a bike is left out in extreme weather conditions, it's life is drastically cut short, causing an expense to fix or replace the entire bike itself.
When i put the shed together i used screws, i then replaced 2 of the hinge screws on each hing with round headed bolts.
After some rides I can't see my frame logo it's so dirty and there's a half pound of mud lodged in the tyres and frame. Stylish, Practical Bike Sheds We hear from one resident who commissioned a shed from Brighton Bike Sheds, a company specialising in designing and installing bespoke bike storage in your outside space.
When he came to quote, he helped us think through solutions to the space constraints and suggested a design that we hadn’t considered but looked great.
His alter-ego is inspired by all things shed and is the centre of his readings and interactions.

She has posted on a variety of sites including The Argus, The Huffington Post and The Guardian's Comment Is Free.
This 6x3 wooden bike shed is supplied without a floor, allowing you to store your bikes wet and muddy without causing damage to the floor of the shed.
Finding a universal bike storage shed that has just enough room for a bike and other important belongs is easy and affordable as well.
This problem can be eliminated by simply storing these bikes in a cool dry place such as a shed or storage unit.
So a usual bike shed design is wide but not overly deep, with double doors and possibly a security window (or none at all). The police chap who came round pronounced it excellent protection although when the builders moved it they were through the padlocks in seconds with an angle grinder. As well as his plays being broadcast on BBC radio, he creates live events and experiences exploring the world of the shed.
Known as The Contented Mummy on social media, she is dedicated to honest, unsponsored blogging so that parents can benefit from shared experience. It takes up less space and has the same great features that are required to protect and shelter.. The work happened really quickly and we were left with a beautiful shed with an integrated flowerbed, pergola and trellis.  I was delighted with the result.

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