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Keep you boat on an indoor dry storage, where it is being protected from the weather and secured in a dry environment, where it will last for many years and survive even the worst tropical storm without the danger of being damaged. A dry storage will keep your boat’s resale value up, it will lower your insurance premium, maintenance and will eliminate the associated risk of South Florida’s rampant boat theft rate. Check out this comparison cost chart and call us to get your sign-up special, while rack spaces last.
RV and boat storage makes a great add-on to a thriving storage business, but it can stand alone as a smart business venture if you go into it with your eyes wide open.
For one thing, RV and boat storage requires considerably more space than a regular storage operation so your land costs will be increased over what you would need for a traditional storage business.
While RV and boat storage can be a great investment, you need to make sure that your local market needs such a facility. Open space near campgrounds, lakes and other bodies of water make ideal locations for storage facilities.
When you offer more than one type of space, the layout of your facility should make it easy to get from one section of units to another.
The cost of building a single basic canopy unit, one that doesna€™t include secure housing around the RV or boat, will cost around $20 per square foot. If you are able to charge the average market price for your RV and storage units, you may be able to pay off the cost of each storage unit in a year or two. The right layout and number of units are two essential ingredients to a successful storage unit, and they are difficult to change once you have begun construction on your new facility. There are a wide range of boat storage facilities accessible today, each offering a variety of services. The first step to consider is exactly which type of facility will best accommodate your boat. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise! Get on the list and receive a lot full of auto reviews, reports, new technology, events, etc. AMT has two different products that can be adapted to your marina depending on your specific operational requirements. AMT and LA¶dige works closely with you with the objective of delivering a comprehensive and tailored system solution to achieve your strategic goals and objectives and further increase your competitive advantage. Elevating transfer vehicles (ETV) are boat storage platforms that travel both vertically and horizontally simultaneously.
This highly innovative concept was originally designed by LA¶dige and has now been modified to be used in transporting and storing boats.
The splitting of the transport directions into two components can increase system throughput by up to 45%. More space efficient use of available building area therefore other areas of the site are able to be developed for other uses. A AMT systems can be built to a height of over 45m whereas FLT systems typically can only be built to around 20m.
AMT systems have a far greater boat throughput than any other system in the market.
AMT systems have the ability to generate and store electricity by utilising the movement in the machine. A Far less internal lighting required as boats are stored without the need for an operator to a€?seea€?.
A AMT systems has back up redundancy systems built in to the overall system should there be a problem that requires maintenance.A  There are 2 motors on the drive train system and when one motor fails, the system still uses the other motor and the effect is the speed of the system reduced by half. There is a general perception amongst boat owners that it is safer for their boat to be moved by a computer driven machine rather than be subjected to human error. AMT systems are far quieter than traditional FLT systems; therefore operational hours can be extended. Through the integration of our boat storage and car parking systems we now enable the operator to store more than just the boat within each racking position. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. The Right Team Your first assignment is to assemble an effective team to resolve all challenges encountered with your new construction.
Whether you own a small dinghy or a large houseboat, you need to find an appropriate storage facility for your prized possession. You don’t want to keep your boat in your garage because your home is at a good distance from the lake or the sea. If the locale experiences inclement weather for most of the year, it is best to keep your boat in an indoor area. But if you often ride your recreational watercraft out on the waters, it may be a good idea to opt for an outdoor storage place next to the water body. He has a commendable profile complete with the Master 5, MED3, TAE40110 Training and Assessing qualifications. In total, you can expect to need at least 300,000 square feet to accommodate all of the storage spaces as well as parking and other buildings. In order to build a successful RV and boat storage facility, you need to think about the big and small pictures at the same time. But make sure you will offer something that other established facilities dona€™t already have. The units should also be built on either side of any established drives so that you maximize the use of the roadways. You may need to work with the city to create or change the entrances to accommodate the size of the RVs and trailers. While the exact costs will vary depending on the materials used and the area where you live, you should count on spending at least this much.

However, if you are in a competitive market and will need to offer discounts or reduced rate units, it may take longer to get a return on your construction investment. Therefore, adequate budget boat storage should be attainable, even though storage fees in Florida tend to be more expensive than many other areas of the country.
The type of enclosure you place your boat in will matter to you and to your boat’s distinctive needs. Boats travel vertically from the water, once they reach the required level they are delivered to the transfer vehicles (TV) that travel horizontally within each level.
The TV system is more commonly used for marinas with larger boat numbers as throughput is technically limitless. Lift and Run Systems can lift boats up to 45 meters high; their aisle width equals the boat length + 1 metre.
The programmable logic controllers are connected to the main computer through a radio frequency transmission and drive the various conveyors, lifts and vehicles. This discipline has been carried over from the Air Cargo industry where there is no scope for downtime. Specifically once each customera€™s boat has been placed into the water, they have the ability to have their car parked in the boat rack that their boat usually occupies. For example, tilt-wall construction works well for large-warehouse applications but may cause unique challenges for the design and construction of self-storage. Choosing a storage facility too far away from a water body can increase transportation costs. A facility at an inopportune location isn’t a correct choice either because of the same reason. The next question is – whether an indoor or outdoor facility will be suitable for your boat?
Again, a cramped up indoor area filled with numerous vessels may not be the ideal place as your boat may suffer damage in such a small space. Many recreational craft storage facilities have strict lease agreements that run for a year. A service that lets you store your watercraft for a shorter period, say a month, may work better for your requirements.
If you don’t have any fixed schedule about your boat ride, make sure you find a service that offers 24 hours access to owners.
Also, many new-age boat storage services incorporate security features such as CCTVs, 24×7 surveillance and such others to ensure your peace of mind.
The correct place will be able to keep your personal recreational watercraft safe and sound. With his extensive experience of 35 years on the waters, he is one instructor who knows every little detail you need to drive a boat safely. Also, make sure that there are enough boat and RV owners looking for a place to store their big toys for your business to thrive. Enclosed units offer more security and sun & weather protection than open storage spaces or canopy spaces. If you have a main office on-site, it should be clearly marked and easy to access as soon as a customer drives up to your storage lot. In addition, the adjacent streets must be able to handle vehicles of such size turning in and out of your parking lot. If you take your time and look around, rather than just going with the first storage facility you come across, you will find that there are some that offer an acceptable price. Some of the options you have include storing your boat within a building, in an enclosed but open area, in a covered area, or in a storage container.
The lift platform travels both horizontally at 120m per minute and vertically at 60m per minute.
If you have larger and heavier boats needed to be accommodated our system can be modified to suit your specifications. The architect should be familiar with the exact mix of technologies and materials you intend to use, particularly when implementing cutting-edge systems. Again, even if you own ample land, if it is too far away from water, the transportation costs will be humongous. Numerous service providers offer indoor and outdoor storage facilities for recreational vessels. For this, you need to pay attention to the weather conditions as well as the way the vessels are stored at the place of your choice. If you aren’t going to keep it in store for years, such services won’t be suitable for you. If you rarely take it out in a year, it is best to look for indoor storage facilities that offer affordable rates for long-term leases. And when you do reach it, you face closed doors and an automated voice tells you that you need to come between this and this time? The answer is simple; you need to make sure that your valued asset is safe, secure and in good condition even when it is not in use.
And whenever you take your vessel for a ride, make sure you have your boat driver’s licence. Research the area to make sure that you will have a demographic to market to before you begin to set up shop.
You also need to factor in fire codes when it comes to spaces between buildings, and the necessary hydrants or fire sprinkler systems in your buildings.
Other costs associated with building new storage include security cameras, alarm systems, landscaping, permit fees and payroll overhead for hiring and training.
The most affordable of these are the open areas and those that are simply covered, as they provide the least amount of protection.
Mixing technologies doesn’t necessarily make for a workable match, so do your research before laying down the plans.

If it is neither, you need to look for a facility that offers competent services and fits your budget.
The safety and security of your vessel matters most; you have to choose a place that can guarantee this. In Florida, the weather is conducive to outdoor storage; however, your boat will get the best protection from the elements in an indoor storage unit. The constructions costs wona€™t pay off if you dona€™t have enough regular long-term renters. One option to consider is using a container that is enclosed, providing maximum coverage and protection for you boat, with the advantage of costing less than indoor storage. Research the performance of other operational facilities when mixing technologies and materials.
There are many alternatives for one that is most suitable for your needs considering that overall, the more coverage provided for the boat, the more will the cost be.If you are resolute regarding providing maximum indoor protection for your boat, but you still want to save money, consider selecting a geographic area that offers lower rates. Make necessary changes to designs well in advance of the actual construction, otherwise plan on paying a pretty penny and rescheduling subcontractors frequently. If you need to find a spot in Florida, select a facility that is a few miles inland from the coastal areas. Any change creates a ripple effect for other subcontractors in addition to the added costs.
Spacing and Site Use To amplify space, some developers have toyed with angled spacing and narrower driveways, which don’t always work well in all applications, such as with concrete tilt walls engineered on a triangle-shaped site with irregular elevations. If you reside in an inland area, you will be closer to the storage area, making it easier and less costly to check on your boat during the off season. On paper this design may look fantastic, but in application risks must be considered to prevent escalating construction costs.
Challenges become especially acute when angled spacing is combined with a saw-tooth staggering of each space, stepped concrete at every unit and a continuous sloping roof with no steps. With angled spacing, roof supports no longer run the length of the building parallel to doors. If you are planning to buy a boat, it’s a good idea to locate a potential storage facility in advance so you can factor in the cost up front. Remember, if you want to locate a storage facility at the lowest cost possible, your main objective is to consider the most suitable type of coverage for your boat, the best location that will keep your costs down, as well as booking in advance for the longest duration possible. If the architect does not allow for enough head room for the doors, you could be a support beam shy of having enough room to mount the doors properly.
One solution is to cut the beams and re-fabricate supports to provide just enough space for custom-installed doors. Remember, the entry space will be shorter than the door opening because of the curtain on top and the rain lip at the bottom.
Wall Options Concrete tilt walls are resilient, but it’s more difficult to drill through 4 inches of concrete than through thin metal, and construction costs increase if lights and cameras are included in the exterior.
Fortunately, maintenance costs are reduced because tenants are less likely to run into concrete than steel. For a painted tilt wall, the finished surface should be smooth and carefully patched prior to the final coat. Concrete imperfections can be covered with an attractive stucco finish, which can be messy when applied. Once the stucco is dry, it’s hard to clean even with a pressure washer, so take precautions to protect surfaces before application. For example, when designing a 15-by-60-foot space, the concrete tilt wall uses 4 inches, making the interior wall length approximately 58 feet, 10 inches. Door Openers Large-vehicle storage units need 14-by-13 doors, which can be very heavy for some tenants to open.
In addition, they’ll need to ascertain the building has enough electrical power to run the motors, plus have a contingency plan for a power outage. Management will want to establish a procedure for maintaining the doors, as well as over-locking them in the event of nonpayment. They also help reduce insurance costs, but must be regularly maintained and tested annually. Discharge water that has been sitting in a sprinkler system for a year becomes stale and malodorous.
When the system is flow-tested, the discharge looks like black ink and can stain concrete driveways. Consider installing drain pipes below the nozzle to handle the discharge, or use a hose adapter to divert high-pressure water into a storm drain.
Resident Managers Onsite management living quarters can be viewed by tenants as an added value in terms of security.
Before designing living space for resident managers, ask yourself if they should get paid overtime when they address tenant issues after normal operating hours.
But with careful design and the right mix of technologies and building materials, you can build a quality, cutting-edge facility at a reasonable cost.
Ed Heil is the manager of operations and security at Lake Havasu RV & Boat Storage of Lake Havasu City, Ariz. He is a member of the Arizona, California and Texas self-storage associations and a regular speaker at conferences of the Arizona Mini Storage Association.

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