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2) On the west side, I am getting the Quonset hut ready as a work shop to build the wooden forms for the precast concrete ribs.
I probably have a months worth of work on each of these sides before the paths converge on the middle. 3) In the middle of the house, I need to get in these steel posts that will support the ring beam that will eventually support the precast concrete ribs that will eventually hold up the steel arches and shotcrete that will form the radial vaults. In this region of the earth sheltered house, the load from earth above (not shown) is directed, by the radial vaults (made of heavy shotcrete over steel arches), down onto the precast concrete ribs. The load of those 10 heavy ribs runs thru the ring beam and down the structural steel columns into the shotcrete basement wall below. The 3D CAD model shows a nice flat surface where these pipes attach to the top of the basement wall. The reality is that the shotcrete guys did not do a great job of squaring off the edge of this wall, probably because it was 9 ft tall and hard to reach.
The next step was to prepare the steel bases.  I bought a box of scaffold bases for $4 each, but the (nail) holes were too small to fit the anchors thru. I was also careful to make sure each scaffold base was level so it would be easier to plumb the columns later. My steel posts were ready a couple days earlier than promised (a first for me on this build), so I picked them up in my trusty trailer.  They weighed about 100 lbs each and put the trailer near its official limit, but it felt like it pulled easily. The mission was to move the steel posts into position on the base plates, hold them steady and level and then tack them into place with my welder. This third post was the one on the less stable base, so we added extra bracing to keep it plumb until the concrete is poured around it.
My sister and I both enjoyed the welding, so we took turns welding vs holding… Some times on the same post if it was tricky to access a certain point. It took us about an hour to get the first 5 posts in, but they were on the side of the circle that was easy to reach.  We were expecting the back side, were we had to balance on the wall, to be more difficult, but it was pretty easy too.
After all the posts were in place, I was worried that someone may give these a good push and cause them to shift… Yes, they are welded to steel plates bolted into strong concrete with 3 inch steel anchors, but an 8ft long 100lb lever would probably be able to pry those out. I wanted to weld the ring beam on right away, but each half was 320 lbs and I couldn’t think of a safe way to get them into position. So we decided to weld some rebar between the posts as a temporary solution.  This was nice and easy and I really liked the look of it, so it will be sad to have to cut most of it off again when we need to put the door bucks in. I was not sure how far my tank of shielding gas (Ar and CO2 for the MIG welder) would go, so we only did tack welds. After that, we put in some work prepping the shop for building the forms, and I will talk about that another time. The next step in this center section will be getting in the QuadDeck ICF (insulated concrete form) floor over the basement. The rest of the steel arches are still being rolled and I will soon start on the forms for the ribs. This entry was posted in FYI, Sourcing, Timelapse and tagged FYI, QuadDeck, Steel, Timelapse, Virtual Build, Welding.

Well, according to our Gantt chart (schedule), my wife started getting permits last week…  Except we are not actually there yet.
One thing to note is the way the foundation dips on the right hand side…  This is the cost of having a basement that comes closer to that corner.
As we get closer to the build, I have been getting updated prices on things like the steel arches. The biggest change to my sourcing plan was due to a conversation I had with an electrician two weeks ago. Well, I am up to about 2700 visits a month (over 5000 page views), which isn’t bad even if half of those are robots or mistakes. While waiting for a reply, I looked around the site and found that pretty much everything was just copied from other sites, but all claiming to be written by David. One good thing that came out of our exchange is that Larry is going to post some earth tube performance data on his site.
Over the past couple weeks, I put in half an hour here and there in the evenings and moved the virtual build slowly along. Virtual build as of Feb2nd, the garage, mezz and other areas are mostly complete, I am working on the bedroom wing and will work on the front of the house later. I had been thinking a lot about how to lay out the ribs while I was casting them, I thought it might be a good idea to illustrate that with the virtual build. Now I was working on my gantt chart and considering how much time would be taken making these only two at a time. So, I added the ribs to my garage model…  You can see that it would be very difficult to fit a 3rd rib on the pad. I will update the Gantt to show building two forms first, then working on the second two forms while the first two ribs cure…  Then I could position all 10 ribs in only 3 crane visits instead of 5. Other revelations included that the steel stud layout for the bedroom was messed up by the architect (yup, I checked my original notes). I also got prices on HDPE pipe for various diameters…   Trying to understand the pricing structure better, I divided the price by area, weight, etc. I drove out to his place, which is about an hour from my current home and about 40 minutes from the building site (its a big triangle around Ann Arbor, MI). Along the way thru the virtual model, we kept referring back to the gantt chart, which included things like the dates for each of the 4 shotcrete phases and the amounts of shotcrete that needed to be applied in each phase. We discussed equipment that I would need to rent and what his crew would bring (and the associated costs).
The main rough patch came when I got to the part about using his gunite machine to spray the specfinish along the underside of the vaults. Nate  said he would rather just have his guys apply the plaster by hand, but that sounds rough and slow to me. Another option may be that I would use the same glue up styrofoam ceiling tiles that I planned to use to form (impress) the ribs. I left the meeting with a few notes on minor changes that I needed to make to the gantt and process and some homework to Google search a number of things that were discussed (such as a rebar tie belt with a reel).

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Virtual Design-Build is a resource guide for manufacturing engineers,  designers and design-build professionals involved in industrial projects. A manufacturer such as Maisons France Confort you in the completion of construction project by providing you with all services and benefits: Maisons France Confort has a catalog of models and plans of houses . Site preparation is not your responsibility is to the builder or architect to look after and supervise.
It took many centuries for engineers, architects and designers managed to discover that the versatility of steel in any type of work, adds an additional benefit of great value and allowed to turn to the construction industry in world: its high fire resistance. But to reach this important conclusion, humanity had to be witnessed devastating fires that destroyed large parts of cities such as New York (1835), London (1861) Chicago (1871), Boston (1872) and San Francisco (1906) or, more recently buildings such as the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, USA, or the Dupont Plaza in Puerto Rico.
Steel as a building material is widely used because of its rapid placement, and optimal traction properties.
The sheet metal building system is a new concept METALDECK used in the design and construction of structural slabs in buildings that are implanted in the works before the great and constructive technical limitations of conventional systems, due to the need for building systems more efficient and economical.
It has a high structural strength due to its trapezoidal die that allows a high capacity to carry loads, but mainly for its proper distribution of reinforcements to cover charges.
This film serves as formwork when the concrete and cast concrete, and is the main steel reinforcement for the life of the slab. The initial costs associated with green design will be compensated over the years, resulting in long-term savings for the owner.
The green building is typically more expensive than normal construction, ecological architecture uses materials, which is common to find, although that trend may change with age, due to high demand, you have a better distribution of environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo is used in light construction, in areas where the wood grows, where the climate allows the use of lightweight materials. Is possible to use bamboo in many sectors of construction, which is not exposed to water or excessive heat, but usually it is used in combination with other materials such as other wood, clay, lime, cement, galvanized iron, palm leaves.
They look like industrial chimneys now, but they will be mostly covered in earth and that should soften them up. This giant metal that passes on all the seas of the world for months, subject to the roll and the sea air, represents an area of ??over 20m2 and a volume of 33 to 66m3 for the largest!
It’s not just homes but now also include joint proposals for ecological homes and buildings, this because the benefits of green architecture outweigh the disadvantages. It is important to take a look at the pros and cons to make a decision, both financially in the long and short term. Here are some of the great advantages for use in building homes that have become the favorite material of architects and builders.

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