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After installing the patio in the backyard, I wanted to carry that same design to the front.
Since a vehicle was going to be parked on top of the stones, I needed to go down a minimum of 8” to support the weight. However, over the course of the spring months the stones settled to their original position – but I needed to re-apply the polymer sand to fill some spots. This entry was posted in House, Projects and tagged bedding, driveway, excavate, hpb, patio, stones, widen.
I spent a few weeks (back in Spring 2013) going back and forth on a decision to install a deck or a patio in our backyard. Using Adobe Illustrator, I mocked up a few designs which gave me a rough idea on measurements. High performance bedding (HPB) is becoming popular – it’s basically crushed limestone that’s been rinsed. With my measurements, I ordered the patio stones online from Lowes – they had the style we wanted on clearance for 40% off, so we saved over $500. One thing that I HIGHLY recommend is renting an excavator – especially if you are doing this by yourself (like I was). When laying down the HPB, make sure you use landscape fabric – HPB is very fine, and without fabric it will embed itself in the soil and sink (eventually).
One thing I never see any of the contracted landscapers do is install an expansion joint where the stone meets the house.
Stand back, …admire your work, …pull up a chair and crack open a cold one on your new patio.

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May I ask, did you put down 1 inch of concrete sand on the HPB, then lay the pavers, or did you lay the pavers directly on the HPB? Every Chanel affordable handbags accept a actual acceptable omega replica consecutive swiss replica watches advanced array audible with the affair which inturn demonstrations 2010 in rolex replica formation. We have a narrow driveway and cannot park side-by-side – best solution is to extend the driveway width with pre-cast patio stones. I ultimately decided on a patio because it would last longer and have less maintenance – however it would be far more labour intensive. You could install a patio on top of the dirt, but to do it properly you need to excavate and replace with bedding. HPB drains extremely well (less chance of heaving during frost), it’s easy to work with, and it is cheap – I only paid $35 a yard.
Once they arrived I booked a 10 yard bin for soil removal – always calculate 1-2 yards more than your measurements. Unfortunately the side of my house was 4” too short to get an excavator to the backyard – I was forced to use a wheel barrel to move 10 yards of soil (70% of it was clay) to the front driveway where the bin was. Once the HPB was level, I starting laying the stones down from one corner and worked outwards from there.
It is important to use jointing sand instead of regular sand – if you get a lot of rain, it will wash away the sand.
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Luckily most of the soil I was excavating was put in by the builder – so it was soft and easy to shovel out.
The only downside I found with HPB is that it needs to be contained – limestone screening just needs water and tamping; then it sets like concrete. Since I was doing this myself to save money I wanted to do it right; I spent the extra money for edging.
Of course that’s if you live in a climate that has below zero temps throughout the year. However, I have had to sweep in another coat of poly sand to fill the gaps from heaving, …and I expect to do the same this year (2015) as well.
Just sweep it in, …lightly tamp down the stones, …sweep in some more, …then spray with water to activate the polymer glue and let it dry. For the HPB, I bought it from Oshawa Sand and Gravel in Bowmanville (Durham Region, Ontario). The high performance bedding does a great job – an excellent substitute for limestone screening!

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