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In the first post of this 5 day series 5 days to Change for Success – Day 1: Clear the decks!
Once you have cleared your decks, you are ready to start putting your strong foundations in place to set yourself up to succeed. The same is true for creating success in your life, work and relationships – the stronger the foundations, the better results you will get.
The following four points are an essential part of building strong foundations in your life. Without a vision you can’t decide what goals and actions to take every day, week, month and year to move you forward to better results and a more fulfilling reality. True success, freedom and fulfillment lies in orientated all areas of your life around your values. Create your own defintion of success based on your values and vision for all areas of your life. Once you have completed these points you will have created really strong foundations on which you can start to move forward and build the life you really want for yourself. In the meantime, have fun playing with creating your strong foundations and do let me know how you get on. You are right, a lot of people do overlook the definition of success part yet it is absolutely essential for business success and living life on your terms. Building a strong foundation is so important to achieving success in our lives; your strategy of vision, goals, values and success is such a great tool to use. Includes a step by step process to get on the path to the life and results you really want. If used, the landscaping fabric should be a heavy duty material which will allow water to drain away. I have met many people over my lifetime that are seeking enlightenment or pursuing greater awareness.
If we look back we can see that for most of our history the path of enlightenment has been guarded by groups devoted to keeping and protecting the knowledge.
The knowledgeable Master observes their students continually and could help guide them along a path. This started to change a few centuries ago when some began to disseminate the knowledge to a broader audience; however, with communications still restricted to word of mouth or through books which were not easily attainable, those who shared the information were far more likely to be in contact with those who received it and also, few were able to gain access to it. Today, a growing number of people have decided to follow a more spiritual path in their life and as a result are focused on, at least in part, trying to develop their higher attributes. Yes, it is great that we have access to vast stores of knowledge; however, what we get is bits and pieces rather than the whole picture and often we get pieces that are not aligned or even in conflict. The first challenge is that we may find ourselves out of balance, like a table designed for four legs having only two or three.
Except for the most enlightened among us, everyone takes on the illusion that is commonly known as the ego. Certainly some of this was based on the approach and thinking of the teacher, though a primary concern was that students develop themselves enough to be a suitable vessel for the knowledge.
I have seen both of these many times, the result being that those who experience it start to feel very uncomfortable with and disillusioned about by the lack of growth of those around them.
The reality is that most of those seeking the kind of development I am referring to are doing so while they go about their lives. In the series on Awakening Our Gifts I went through the stages of development needed to become more aware and balanced.
The other challenge can be that despite ones best efforts, the seeker finds themselves unable to access more of their higher awareness. At this point you might think, regardless of which challenge you face, that this is all well and good yet wonder how to get beyond the discomfort or uncertainty you may be feeling. In either of the situations I have mentioned, resolution can be found by exploring what we are “feeling” and then looking within. While there can be many reasons for our negative or problematic reactions to experiences, there are primary sources for them.
I have mentioned numerous times that there is a great deal to learn, far more than one can learn in any one lifetime.
Now, it is natural to follow ones strengths therefore we tend to work with these rather than our weaknesses. Let us say that one has started clearing old negative blocks in their awareness, perhaps limiting beliefs of self.
When we start to develop our honesty and take personal responsibility for all that occurs in our lives, and combine this with working on our sensitivity to energy, we open up a whole new world.
I know many would say they do not feel this way, having had this conversation many times; however, the separation between us and others has a source, and that source is our reaction to what we perceive in them.
You can imagine that the aspects we are most familiar with, our thoughts, feelings and physical bodies as enveloping a core that is essentially the kernel of our existence. At the physical level we must have the necessities of life, food, water and in some cases shelter for protection from the elements. When people consider their lives they tend to see the physical first then "look up" towards their emotional, mental and spiritual self. The reason for this is that there is a multiplication of expression, which means a greater degree of differentiation, as you descend or go down the sub-planes from the spiritual towards the physical. Ask yourself this: “Why am I choosing to grow?” This may seem like another simple question, but it is not. To help in understanding of why this is important I will reiterate an analogy I have used before.
Physical: rocking chair, lounging chair, couch, stool, love seat, bench, divan, a big bed, and firm bed and so on. For the advanced seeker this means that while we can start to work from the outside in, we must work from the inside out, from the root or core towards the physical. We find more balance when we start to accept the root concept I stated above in one form or another. Judgments are based on a false notion of “good and bad”, “us and them” and are founding in a misunderstanding of the nature of people’s lives.
Can we not feel for the person whose programming prevents them from being honest right now?
To embrace these ideas on must truly believe that there is such a thing as unconditional love, which is not an emotion at all.
We find ourselves becoming more isolated from others because of how we view them it is because we too are isolated from our spiritual core, that being that ALL is ONE. Earlier I mentioned how we can use meditation to work on our issues, but as you likely know we can do a great deal more than that. Those with more experience in meditation can actually focus on the particular energy they would like to develop, that is imagine the energy of compassion or devotion or affection and then allow yourself to resonate with it.
You will know you are being successful if after you have done this you can think of someone who you believe has harmed you and feel compassion for them rather than lower emotions such as hurt or anger and so on. Up to now I have been focused on the first of the two challenges I brought up at the start. This is certainly has been a long look at the issues we can face in our growth, though it is far from exhaustive. Loads from the superstructure support elements -- such as the load bearing walls, columns, and posts. We need to ensure that the foundation structure is capable of carrying and transfering the input loading safely to the supporting medium downstream. In case of large loads, and poor soil conditions, soil load bearing capacity investigation is conducted by geotechnical investigation by Geotechnical Engineers. In certain situations, such as poor soil conditions, large input loads, high water table, and so on, it may be necessary to use piles, or caissons to transfer the loads to good bearing strata. In areas where we encounter expansive soils, we consider the use of post-tensioned concrete beam-and-slab system for the foundation.
In colder climates, where the supporting soil medium may be subject to freezing, the foundation is located below the frost line. In designing the foundation as a system, we have to ensure that the output loading from the foundation can be safely carried by the supporting medium. If the builder didn’t put strong foundations in place before starting to build, what he is building is likely to be unstable, not be fit for purpose and even fall down. Not having a vision for you life is like not having a map or GPS as you head off on a road trip – you are not in control of which direction you are going or where you will end up.

What do you value most? What are the values that would bring you most fulfillment if every area of your life was a reflection of them? It is time to leverage your strong foundations to get the results you want in the life you are building.
They set up there goals and start working but have no idea what the end result should look like. I think the stumbling block people face with getting clear on their values is that it is not something that is commonly taught in families, schools, and so on.
Delighted that this series is inspiring you to deal with your fear and shoot for what you really want.
This is wonderful and can be very beneficial if done properly; however, it is not always the panacea that many believe it will be.
It can lead to general unhappiness, disillusionment and even angry, a sense of abandonment or even withdraw from ones daily life. In order to gain access to the knowledge, or as some would say secrets, they required aspirants to follow a strict path. This helps the student develop themselves and their base of knowledge so that they could reach higher without the risk of their succumbing to basal needs or falling into confusion and uncertainty. This has changed dramatically over the last century, especially in the last thirty years due to the explosive growth in communications. The later being primarily due to the core differences between, for example, eastern and western schools of thought. For the modern seeker who is unaffiliated with any “school of knowledge” development is focused on only a few aspects of the self. There is a reason it is called the path less traveled, and not only because there are few who take it, it is also because once you take it you can become separated from the world as you knew it to be.
Dealing with this is not necessarily easy as it can take years to develop the aspects of self needed in order to get beyond these things.
They did not start their learning at a young age so as to build a foundation that would help them maintain balance as they shift from where they were into a higher state of awareness. I spoke about how to keep from adding to the poor programming of our minds, which creates our ego, and how to work on the poor programming we have developed already. This is a different issue altogether than the first case where on has developed some attributes or skills to a higher level without other skills or awareness’s that are needed to provide balance. If you read the Awakening Our Gift series you may remember that I listed ten areas we need to work on in order to develop our higher awareness’s (found in Part 5 of the series titled “The All and the One” (1)). Still, having even some of our awareness is, from our perspective, a very significant amount.
This can improve one’s sense of honesty and personal responsibility, critical elements in growth, which in turn can improve one’s perception.
We also step outside the bounds the average person lives within, which can lead to the perceptions I mentioned above. When we are incarnate we have matter of all the sub-planes of the seventh plane, namely we have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body and what many refer to as a soul or a piece of our higher or true self. We need to develop aspects of all of these vehicles in order to be in balance.  This goes back to the list above, namely we must develop our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.
At the emotional level, we need to work on developing our higher emotional aspects (compassion, devotion and affection).
This is actually the reverse of what is the case when we incarnate, as the higher self takes a portion of itself and it is this which descends through the sub-planes down to the physical (our bodies). Consider that while one builds a house from the bottom up, starting with the foundation, one does not build the house without a plan, and one does not have a plan without a reason to build the home in the first place and one decides to build a house in the first place because of root need or want for a home.
Everyone is here for their particular lessons and while they may seem out of alignment or imbalanced to us, they are exactly where they need to be to learn the lessons their higher self set out for them. If we are doing it because we think or have been told that it is important then we are working from our ego’s perspective, which is from the outside in.
We must spend time identifying and working on our core beliefs so that they are in alignment with this root concept. All such programming, regardless of the nature of the thoughts that leads to the judgments, creates separation between us and others. Can we not accept that “If they could have and should have they would have?” It is all well and good to become more honest, sensitive and responsible; however, without a commensurate amount of pure unconditional love and acceptance that each of us is where we are for a reason and it is right for us we shift to judgments. Love others because they are part of that all and do not concern yourself as to whether they are worthy of it. Loving kindness has the capacity to bring happiness to others without demanding anything in return. In the context of this topic, one of the acts we can also undertake in meditation is we can work on our connection to our inner self and to the vibrant Cosmos around us. For those still new to it, and that would be those who have spent less than about one hundred hours doing, is to focus your attention on the root concept of being unconditional and at one with the ALL. Whenever a competing thought comes forward simply tell yourself it is not relevant and resume your attention on trying to feeland be unconditional in the moment. The goal being to elevate our energy to the level of these vibrations and by allowing the vibrations to grow in both strength and intensity we start to become one with it. We will now look at the second which was that despite one’s concerted efforts they find that they seem unable to access more of their higher awareness.
So, the question then becomes, why are we concerned that we are not growing or developing our awareness as we think we should? It is one thing to not exert ourselves sufficiently and not get results and quite another to exert ourselves and not get the results we expect. In either case, imbalanced or slow growth, we must explore the issues we have be it with others or ourselves from within. Soil borings may need to be taken at strategic locations, penetrometer testing, for example Housel Test (popular in Michigan) may be performed, or a more extensive invetigation may be required depending on the site conditions. For example in Michigan, the footings for permanent buildings are located 42 inches below the finished grade.
That is what we will be focussing on in part three of this mini-series – Getting into Action. The reason is that developing ourselves requires more than knowledge, it requires us to build our awareness on many levels and in many areas so that we stay in balance as we grow. As someone who shares knowledge that can aid people in developing their awareness it is incumbent upon me to also assist people in building a strong foundation so as to avoid these problems. People had to show, through years of work, that they were worthy to have and ready for the “secrets” they guarded.
This is wonderful and those that do this can find they are experiencing life on levels they were not even aware were possible.
The result is we can excel in some areas but lack an understanding of how they all fit together as well as some crucial pieces of the puzzle.
Further, by not belonging to a “formal school of knowledge” we do not access to learning that is structured to help one develop a solid foundation or base. This can happen, for example, when we develop our awareness, or honesty and acceptance of personal responsibility to a higher level than those around us without commensurate reduction in our ego.
They are building their “new mental house” on a foundation that does not necessarily contain the elements required for a firm foundation. I went on to discuss how we should follow this with working on feeling more connected to the world around us and then about the notion of personal will versus universal will. In this case, they have may have developed more skills but none to a sufficient level to access more of their awareness. Simple in that the steps themselves are not hard to understand and complex because there are so many factors that can be in play. In the first case, namely the development of only certain awareness’s that leads to imbalance. However, much like in trying to learn calculus, for instance, if one lacks an understanding of or interest in equations, factoring polynomials or struggles with circular functions and so on, becoming proficient at calculus can very difficult even next to impossible. This is a good thing, unless one finds that also start to become aware of a lack of honesty or responsibility in others. The reactions (the questions are part of our reactions) come from judgments, and often judgments we are not conscious of making.
At the mental level we must clear the thoughts that create blocks and filters that limit our mind and at the spiritual level we must come to terms with the connectivity of all and discard notions of personal will that block this awareness. So while we can start our learning from the physical aspect up, become better emotionally balanced, clear our thoughts of poor programming and start to feel our natural connection to ALL, this is only helpful to a point.

So, what we do in terms of our emotional and mental development must be guided by a root concept and even higher from a purely spiritual source. These things are physical manifestations, but we wouldn’t have built them without an emotional component and above that a guiding thought (as emotions are a consequence of our thoughts) and above that a root concept that encompasses all thoughts about sitting, resting or sleeping, namely the idea ofrepose. This is why judgment holds us back; it is part of the ego and is not aligned with the root concept.
The fact is that, in the grand scheme of things, our respect for them is irrelevant, they are part of the ALL and are no less or more important than we are. When I cannot look at someone who is hurt or angry with unconditional love I am operating from the perspective of my ego. If one has developed some skill in grounding, clearing and centering then can use their memory of an experience. By focusing on one particular vibration (or emotion) we can use it to lead us to the thought or thoughts that gave rise to it, similar to how a sensory perception can lead to an old memory (smells are a common trigger for this).
We want to clear the layers of this programming that creates the separation and this means replacing the poor programming; however, what we also want to do is build new thought forms that will supplant them.
The fact is they are, and that we cannot see it speaks to what we are lacking and not what they may or may not be.
When we meditate, always grounding, clearing and centering when we do so, we begin to get away from having our thoughts dominate our attention and awareness. When you do so you might notice you have reservations about it, or start thinking about what it means.
The simple answer is that if we are working to reflect our being part of the ALL or as some would put it GOD, then we should accept that so long as our efforts are directed this way we are moving in the right direction.
In the former we must examine our intent and desire (4), in the later we must examine our expectations.
When we find ourselves struggling with matters in our daily lives either internally or in relation to others, elevating our “thoughts” towards the root concept is one of the best ways to clear some of the fog our consternation creates. If you prefer visuals, find images that reflect each aspect of your vision and create an inspiring and motivating vision board. Having something that you feel is worth fighting for is powerful and motivates you to keep going in the direction you want your life to go. But a business, lifestyle and family life orientated round values is the only way to go and a key to true and lasting success and fulfillment.
When we are out of balance we find that we can feel disconnected from those in our lives or from the world as a whole. This is due in part to the egos of those in these groups as well as to keep the knowledge out of the wrong hands where it could be abused, but also because they knew that one cannot reach the heights of awareness without building a strong base upon which to stand.
This is aided by the fact that we can find information that at one time was deemed too dangerous for the general public on the shelves of bookstores, on tens of thousands of websites or by attending seminars and workshops.
In addition, the seeker can find they have no one to help them when they face challenges of the type I mentioned. It is important to remember that the illusion of life is thick, for most it is too thick to see through at this time. I listed the steps in the order I did for a reason, that reason being following this path helps one to build the foundation or base to which I am referring.
Neither of these situations is better or worse than the other, both can be problematic in different ways. What we need to do is examine our reactions to our experiences as these lead us back to their source. The judgment is that we are more aware than they, that there is some failing in them for their lack of some quality or they are being deliberately ignorant and so forth.
This is a holistic approach, one that recognizes that we have many aspects and that while they are “separate” they are not independent and that we must develop ourselves in a number of areas to stay in balance. So, while we can work on the issues in our lives, find the emotions and then thoughts that lead to them, there is a core reason or reasons we are doing so even though we might not realize it.
By remembering an experience, when our minds are stiller, we can feel the emotion energy of our reaction. One must learn how to listen to the emotion consciously though, and obviously it can take time to do this, especially if it is connected to buried or partially buried memories due to strong emotional elements. This will empower our efforts as we will also begin directing our attention and hence energies in more balanced way. If we observe another and find ourselves judging them then we are not accepting that whatever they are experiencing is in their best interests and is PRECISELY what they are supposed to be experiencing right here and now as are we.
Compassion has the capacity to remove the suffering of others without expecting anything in return. Practice sympathetic joy to overcome hatred.
We should take the time on a regular basis to elevate our emotions and thoughts to a higher state.
All you want to accomplish is to feel and be love as much as you can, for as long as you can.
The longer we can hold it, the greater it’s influence on other thoughts and emotions that are not in sync with it.  The benefit of both of these methods is that rather than reacting to, resisting or trying to block out our ego, we are moving towards something.
In this case I try to remind myself that the road is not nearly as hard as it is long, and if my intent is aligned and I am working towards it then what is, is and I will get to wherever I am going by continuing to do what I am doing.
We are where we need to be here and now and if we do not like where we are or what we perceive we should focus on why we feel that way.
What they are focused on is working out the karma they brought with them in this incarnation including what they have manifested since their birth. We come into each life with specific lessons to learn, and in order to do this we are “given” or bring with us aspects of our experiences and self that are necessary for us to do this.
Make no mistake, any awareness, knowledge or skills we have acquired does not make us better than others, or reduce them in any way, it simply means we are different than we were. As the quote suggests, if we try to grasp the whole we will struggle because we are taking on too much.
If we cannot accept this then we are missing or short on one or both of two other qualities: unconditional love and recognition that the Cosmos is unfolding precisely as it should. Sympathetic joy arises when one rejoices over the happiness of others and wishes others well-being and success.
Tell yourself that this is where you are going, that this is your focus and hold onto the feeling of being unconditional and being one with the Cosmos. This way we can see where our thoughts are not in alignment and can work on aligning them, rather than fighting with the issues these thoughts manifest.
Therefore, when they learn something’s, while still mostly mired in the illusion, they can find themselves stuck out on a limb. This in turn leading to various degrees of isolation, perhaps even anger if it threatens aspect of life we hold dear and do not want to lose.
We use the Law of Limitation (2) to do this as we must be able to isolate issues from each other, for we cannot clear them all in one fell swoop. To counter this do not get into a tussle with yourself over whether people are worthy of your unconditional love because you already know that you are uncertain of this. We should not measure our growth by some artificial and ego based idea of where we should be right now. Instead, continue to focus on the worthiness of the idea rather than the worthiness of others. This is why teachings, in many of the older esoteric orders, varied according to the capabilities and level of development of the student. As a result, we generally end up working from the bottom up (outside in) and we will have to deal with every single issue individually. If we are concerned about this then our focus should not be on how to develop our awareness more, it should be on why we feel the need to judge ourselves as being unsuccessful at this point in time. Almost without exception, as I mentioned above, students were not given the “deeper secrets” until their teacher or the Master determined that they were ready and able to handle them. Again, this is useful to a point but what we want to be doing is working from the top down, and the top is our core, our spirit or soul.

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