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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s gentle personality makes them an amazing choice for a house pet. Even though the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels’ have lots of energy, they do not do so well in the heat so it is important to watch out for them in the summer months so that they do not get a heat stroke. Le Cavalier King Charles Spaniel est depuis longtemps apprecie en tant que chien d’agrement. A l’origine utilise pour la chasse, le Cavalier King Charles est un parfait chien d’agrement. Au XVIe siecle, les medecins avaient pour habitude de prescrire la compagnie d’un Cavalier King Charles en remede contre de nombreuses affections. Having your very own Charles Spaniel is like having royalty in house, it has also started to gain significant popularity in United States and is ranked as the 19th most popular pure breed dog in America. These dogs are sweet, gentle, playful and very willing to please their humans and strangers alike.
Although Cavaliers do very well in obedience and agility classes, they are not very street smart and should never be taken off their leash when they are out because they might try to chase down a bird or butterfly and not see what’s around them!
Son bon temperament, sa petite taille ainsi que son physique bien caracteristique en font un chien d’interieur recherche.

Son esprit chaleureux rechauffait les personnes souffrant de coup de froid et il etait cense debarrasser sa maitresse de ses puces en les attirant !Envie de tester vos connaissances sur cette race ? The American Kennel Club describes them as a dog that is compatible to a ‘city or country life’. Son crane plat, ses longues oreilles tombantes et ses grands yeux sombres et arrondis laissent peu de proprietaires insensibles a son charme !
They have been known to be the stars of dog shows and are intelligent enough to excel in obedience classes.
Il a besoin d’exercice et d’un maitre qui saura lui accorder des balades quotidiennes.Ce chient est relativement facile a dresser du moment que son education se fait avec fermete et douceur.
Further on due to the extensive political impact of this duke the Charles Spaniel were widely bred and adopted, their red and white varieties assumed another popular name a€“ Blenheim. Through the course of history there were many attempts to recreate the original Charles Spaniel with the most significant efforts made in the 20th century.
The most significant and fatal disease occurring in the Charles Spaniel dogs is the a€?Mitral Valve diseasea€™ a€“ This is a condition where one of their hearta€™s valve fail and your beloved Charles Spaniel can go in cardiac arrest. The Mitral valve disease is the leading cause of unfortunate deaths in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They are one of the rare species which is also known for its patience and eagerness to please their owners. They are also not the shy type and are open to socialization with some heavy hitters as well.
They generally do not react loudly towards any individual and you cannot count on them for your safety. They have neat little cushions under their eyes and are known to have long ears that are feathery to touch.
Paula … Fetch Content Looking After Your Cavalier King Charles SpanielLooking after your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel . All dogs are screened for heart valve problems (ultrasound) and eye problems (CERF certification) to keep them in the best of health.

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