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Shed Town USA is the premier resource for Wood Outdoor Storage Sheds, Duramax Vinyl Storage Sheds, Arrow and Duramax Metal Storage Sheds, Suncast Garden Sheds, Lifetime Vinyl Storage Sheds, Vinyl Garages, Portable Sheds, & Shelters, Greenhouses, Cedar Sheds and other outdoor products. We strive to give all of our customers the highest quality storage sheds, shelters and outdoor products for the lowest possible price. Please feel free to browse our Lifetime and Duramax sheds and other outdoor products and contact us with any questions or comments.
Choosing a favourite quality of Western Red Cedar is like trying to decide a favourite flavour of ice cream. Decking, Pleasing to the senses, naturally durable and stable, Western Red Cedar is a very popular choice for decking material. This popular New England style has an overhang on the front of the building for added protection.
The Victorian dormer in terms of sheds, extends up the front wall to a peak which is the same height as the peak of the shed. This style shed roof is more common in recent years due to this style dormer being used in many new homes. Constructed of 100% western red cedar, the Sag Harbor storage shed provides a stylish, attractive outdoor storage solution for any home. Add shelving for more organization - a set of 3 shelves for our 8ft garden sheds is available.
Sag Harbor cedar garden storage shed is perfect solution for areas where storage space an issue. Our 4x2 Garden Storage Shed is ideal to fit into the smallest of spaces and keep tools and supplies organized. If you need a little more space, our 6x3 Garden Shed is big enough for a bicycle, garbage cans or loads of sporting equipment. The Sag Harbor 8x8 Gardener Shed is a simple, attractive and the perfect size to store all of your gardening tools and supplies.
Constructed of 100% western red cedar gives a stylish, attractive outdoor storage solution. Sag Harbor 6x6 Backyard Storage Shed is a great little shed where you can pack all your gardening supplies, bikes or just about anything you can think of into it. Roof Shingles are not included with this Shed, asphalt shingles available or apply your own cedar or asphalt shingles in the field.

33" high perimeter fencing, backed with a screening will keep the dogs and pesky critters away! Our larger 8'x8' raised garden bed features 47" high folding trellis panels that can be mounted in rear or on the sides! Constructed of 100% western red cedar gives a stylish, attractive containment solution for flowers, vegetables and plants. Cedar sheds from Shed Town USA offer a highly functional, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for any property. If youa€™re looking for an elegant storage shed solution that can beautify and add value to your property, come to Shed Town USA first.
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The shingles are cedar as well, and give the shed a bit of an English Cottage look that we were going for. All products are shipped for free to you directly from the manufacturer, including those from Lifetime and Duramax. Natural resistance to deterioration has long made Western Red Cedar the premier choice for either interior or exterior home use.
The even grain and relatively consistent density make Western Red Cedar less likely to swell, warp, cup and twist than other soft and hard woods. Though rich in extractives that enhance durability, Western Red Cedar is free of the pitch and resin found in other softwoods. Western Red Cedar's large, open cell structure makes it less dense than most other softwoods. Western Red Cedar's low density increases the insulation of a home by transporting less heat through interior wall panelling or exterior wall siding than brick or stone, vinyl or gypsum drywall. As an interior panelling or exterior siding, the low density of Western Red Cedar makes it an acoustical barrier of much greater quality than most products marketed for those applications. Beauty, durability, choice of finish, insulation value and dimensional stability make Western Red Cedar a premier material for exterior siding and interior panelling. Produced in a range of patterns and sizes, Western Red Cedar often appears in fencing, lattice, balustrades, gazebos, pergolas and in decorative accessories.
Adding a loft or half loft to a barn provides you additional storage area giving you more bang for your buck.

This lean-to style wood storage shed is leans against the side of your house providing ample storage for pool, garden and yard tools, lawn chairs and more. Choose from our 1 door with window and planter box or our double door model for greater access to shed contents. This versatile garden shed features shelves on one side, and a full-height space on the other, making the perfect choice to store all your garden and yard tools. It features 1 door, 1 window and ample space inside to store all your garen and yard tools. Our cedar sheds are ideal for any purpose including gardening, storing lawn maintenance equipment and storing pool accessories. Cedar fibres contain natural compounds called thujaplicins that act as natural preservatives, making the wood extremely long- lasting. As a result, it retains a distinguished appearance that lends a mark of quality to any home. Its ability to accept different stains, dampen vibrations and reduce or confine noise makes it particularly effective for use as panelling. Because it needs minimal treatment, unlike the toxic chemical preservatives used on pressure-treated woods, Western Red Cedar is ideal for use in playground equipment. Today, due to the need for additional storage space the rear wall is only nominally shorter than the front wall if not the same height. Additionally, being a wooden structure, cedar sheds offer an ideal substrate for paint or stain, allowing you to build a custom color scheme that fits your current landscape and color palette. From lightly toned clear solutions to two-coat solid colours, cedar ranks at the top in its ability to accept and maintain a finish. The wood is versatile enough to be used in residential, commercial or industrial structures and is widely used in saunas for its low thermal conductivity. While the wood is ideal for almost all types of finishes, in addition homeowners who prefer a distinctive silver grey colour may allow their decks to age naturally.

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