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To see a selection of cheap plastic storage sheds on Amazon UK follow this link: Plastic Sheds on Amazon UK, or see a selection of products below. Cheap sheds are typically made of soft wood that is not durable unless treated and protected.
Having decided what base you will be using the first step is to consider what style of shed you want to buy.
Pent sheds have a single piece sloping roof and often have their door along the front face. The adage is that you cannot have too much storage space – you’ll never regret it!
Plastic storage sheds are the easiest and fastest for an inexperienced homeowner to assemble. Plastic storage sheds are typically cheaper than wood sheds, but more expensive than metal shed kits. On the other hand, plastic storage sheds have several disadvantages that you have to consider before you make your purchase. Even though they are manufactured with UV protection against the sun, they will eventually fade, warp and distort in the direct sun in hot sunny climates. Plastic storage sheds are a good option for the average home owner because they are fast and easy to assemble, and with a minimum of hand tools.
I prefer wooden sheds, but when it comes to saving money and being practical I think cheap plastic sheds can be a good choice. Indeed, a cheap shed may need an annual coating of a wood preservation treatment to stop water penetrating inside the wood and causing it to expand and warp.

The picture at the beginning of this article is of a pent shed, one with a triangular roof with the door typically positioned at one end. The design is simple and easier to construct, but is typically less strong than an apex shed design. Pent sheds need one gutter and downpipe to connect to a waterbutt, apex sheds need two gutters etc.
Cheap sheds will need yearly maintenance, more expensive sheds with preserved wood may not require maintenance at all. Expect to pay in the region of ?100 to ?300 for cheap sheds depending upon their size and specification. They are readily available for purchase online or through your local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes. They are used to keep things which have no place in the house, but mostly for tools and equipment, they are like a mini-house, as a refuge for personal belongings.
Of course there is the extra expense and cost, including the hard work or making or sourcing the materials for a strong shed base.
Perhaps even more important than an annual preservation treatment is to ensure the shed stands on a good shed base, meaning one that will not move and raises the shed off the ground to prevent damp entering bottom up.
This door position lends inside to enabling double doors on the larger sheds which is ideal for moving larger items in and out. Often the choice between apex and pent is based on personal taste and the easiest door position. If you are growing fruit and vegetables you may also want to consider the height of the shed and the shadow it may cast.

So if you have a secure flat spot out of the direct sun light, a plastic storage shed will give you years of watertight storage. This is a picture taken last week of a cheap plastic shed living up to its name, victim of a strong wintery wind (notice all the erect and undamaged wooden sheds in the background).
Also, it creates room for a long window along the side wall which can be useful for growing on seedlings. For a longer review of the merits of cheap plastic storage sheds see this article: best plastic storage sheds. Unlike cheap plastic storage sheds, if a wooden shed falls over it will take more than 5 minutes to pick it up!
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