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This is not as stable as I hoped, but for an afternoon's project that got all those tools off the workshop floor, it's not bad.
NOTE: My engineer friend notes that 2 braces at the rear, below the bottom shelf and below the top shelf, would minimize side-to-side wobbling, and 2 braces front to back, both under the bottom shelf, would minimize the front-to-back wobbling, They could be a scrap of plywood, a 1x6 or wider scrap. If you are using pockethole screws, start the screws in all the holes before you put the crosspieces on.

To get the shelves in place, lean the ladders against each other and attach the bottom and top boards on one side. It could have been cheaper if I had used all reclaimed fence 2x4s, and if my errand runner had bought cheaper 1x12s.
Just nail them in two or more places on each of the ladders and they make the structure more rigid.

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