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The official language is Chinese, but big part of the population, especially in the big cities of the country speak English. With its population of around 14 200 000 people, Shanghai is the biggest city in China and the sixth biggest city in the world. In July and August the weather is very hot even in the northern parts of China and the daily temperatures can reach 35 – 40 °C! Beijing gets into the temperate climate zone, but in south of it the climate become subtropical. It can be characterized by long and hot summer, short transition seasons and also short, but cold winter in the central parts as well as warm winter in the southern-most parts.
In the winter (in January) the temperatures are usually between 0 and 10 °C in Shanghai and 17 °C in Macau. The North Tropical Circle (Tropic of Cancer) pass through the southern part of the country but for all that the climate is not tropical but subtropical. The northern part of the mountain range Da Hinggan Ling is the northern most part of the territory of China.
The island of Hainan that is situated in the South China Sea is the southern most part of China.
The local deserts are surrounded by high mountain ranges and has all year around sunny and dry weather as well as poor precipitation.
The east and south-east parts of China as well as the coastal areas are the most populated part of the country.
The country has a deeply indented coast line and this fact favours the developing of the Chinese tourism as well as the developing of ports. The biggest coastal cities are Dalian, Tangshan, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macao. Here you can find also luxury hotels, gambling homes, white sandy beaches as well as warm subtropical climate.

In the last few years it turned out that the cheap labour of China is the same as the petrol in Arabian countries.
The biggest part of the developed countries in the world are not sure in their future success, but the economy of China ride in full speed and even has a real dangerous of super heating. The solvent tourists of EU, Canada, Australia and so on, in the last few years show incredible interest to the countries of East Asia, especially to the landmarks of China. The rich foreign tourists are strongly interested by the incredible cultural wealth of this country. It is home to one of the most famous philosophers for all times – Lao Tzu, whose wisdom continue to pass through the ages and always win recognition.
Sufficiently is to say only the name of the Great Chinese Wall that is the only man made work that can be seen from the space. The Wall has been built by the Chinese to preserve the country of the involving aggressive tribes.
As well as the other developing countries, China also meets serious problems and obstacles, but soon everything will be in the past. For the better economic developing, the country gives serious independence to the big cities, as Shanghai for example. In this country there are more than 100 cities with population of more than 1 000 000 people. In the north part of the country the climate is temperate continental with hot summers, cold winters and changeable spring and autumn. Here, on the border with Nepal is situated the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest 8848m.
Despite the country is the most populated in the world, big part of its territory is unsuitable for living. This is attractive tourist center with incredible golden sandy beaches and picturesque occupation.

On the picturesque coast of South China Sea, are situated hundreds of impressive skyscrapers. In the last few years many countries from all over the world move their factories in China because of its cheap and high skilled labour force. The industry ensure to the country huge revenues, but also great problems such as strong pollution to the local environment.
Besides the industry, the sector of services, especially the tourism, also can boasts with strongly developing.
The history of China is not less interesting than the history of the Mediterranean countries as Greece and Egypt. But today its purpose is to enjoy the visitors by its fine beige nuances and soft curves that follow the picturesque relief of the north-east China.
Usually, the work conditions are very hard and despite the endless endeavour of the government as well as the harsh punishment to the law-breaker still can be found places where is used the labour of children!
In this way the country stimulate the local economy and obviously this economic model is successful, because many western economies begin to apply it. By contrast with the tropics, the local deserts are very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It borders on Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and North Korea.

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