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If you're running out of space on your iPhone, here's a guide that shows you how to clear out as much storage as possible.
Before you do anything, first find out how much storage you are using and how much is remaining. Don't you hate it when you go to download a new app, or record a video, and get notified that your iPhone is out of storage space?
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For WhatsApp, there’s a Clear All Conversations button on the settings page within the app. Depending on what messaging apps that you’re mostly using, visit the apps and check their settings page for ways to clear old messages and conversations. Video and voice recording tends to be much larger in size compare with other document type. Browser cache is one area where your browsing activities could place large amount of cache files that are taking up precious memory space. Safari’s Reading List syncs the bookmarks via iCloud but it also saved bookmark data inside your local iOS devices.
If Chrome or other browser app is your goto app for web browsing, check out the method within these third party browsers how to clear history cache. For example if you use VLC app for audio and video playback, you might have downloaded or transferred large media files into VLC app. Update (27 May 2015): Since this article was originally written, it’s become much easier to free up space on your Android device.
On some handsets (including my HTC Desire), the contacts list will inflate wildly over time, taking up dozens of megabytes more than it needs to. If you think yours is larger than it should be, you need to export all your contacts to an SD card, erase them from your phone, and re-import them.
You should have a SIM account, a Phone account, and another account for each Google account you’ve connected to your phone. I recommend importing each Google account’s contacts back to the account they originally came from, but importing the SIM and Phone contacts to your main Google account. Android 2.2 (Froyo) lets you transfer applications from the internal phone storage to the SD card, and run them from there.
The problem is that although you can sort the list of applications by size, you can’t filter it to only show the ones that are currently in the phone storage.
It’s a list of all applications installed on the phone storage that can be moved to the SD card. Use App 2 SD to move as much as you can, though be aware that applications on the SD card cannot be used (and home screen widgets will not be displayed) when your handset is plugged into a computer and acting as an external drive.
App 2 SD will also monitor all applications that you install and update, and notify you if they can be moved, so you don’t need to remember to check.
It’s possible to force applications to allow moving even if the developer has enabled that ability. Many applications have a cache for storing downloaded data so that it doesn’t need to be downloaded again. This is a very important point: applications that have been moved to the SD card may still take up some space in the phone storage. So, unfortunately, although fixing Contacts Storage bloat and moving applications to the SD card helps, the only real solution is to uninstall applications that take up space.
If you’ve rooted, can’t you move a lot of otherwise un-moveable files (Flash Player, Dalvik caches, etc) on to the SD card? Well i go to Manage Applications then i go to every app ive downloaded and click on clear data.
Michael: I knew about some of these tips, but the advice on contacts storage was a god-send.
After “adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2? and moving the apps to SD, the widget of the app (if any) will not be available anymore. In my case at least, the step of backing up to SD and restoring Google contacts was not necessary and in fact caused all my contacts to be duplicated on the phone (but linked together automatically so they did not appear to be duplicated in the master names list) after the phone had re-synced from Google. The one great tip here that has really helped was to use the superb DiskUsage app to find out which apps I thought were safely stowed away on SD were secretly taking up phone memory. After exporting the contacts to SD card, I have cleared the app of contacts storage and after that when i an going to delete the contacts then its showing an error.

I found that deleting emails doesn’t actually delete them it just moves them to the trash folder. From your Inbox, click the menu button (the far left hard key at the bottom of the phone) Click on folders.
My problem lies more in the apps that are factory installed that I NEVER, EVER use and I can’t uninstall them or move them to the SD card. On my phone I select the uninstall for the factory apps, it gives a warning that it will be restored to factory default, going ahead reduces the space taken by the apps. Thanks but on my Desire when i go to Export contacts it only exports the first contact event though the progress bar says they are all getting copied. So, I’m tired of the temp fixes and am ready to start an Internet revolution until whomever is responsible will fix this!
Ok I imported my contacts to my SD card and now that I wanted to import them back into my phone, it says not enough phone storage so now i dont have any contacts. I followed the Contacts Storage tip on my Incredible last night and now I am completely hosed.
I ran into the first issue you talked about – not synching and having a large contact storage file.
It doesn’t seem like the relative size of data should be a thing we have to deal with.
It just seems STUPID that Android phone makers aren’t adding even 512mb of storage on their phones. Great article and great tips, esp App 2 SD which I have just used and cleared shedloads of memory… cheers! One of the biggest problem i found with my samsung galaxy ace is when the applications which come installed autoupdate, this mean the original application space is still taken but now the new updates also take the new space, by removing all updates from apps originally installed in the phone i was able to recover lots of space.
For me this post was useful to explain where my space is still going after moving a lot of apps to the sd card. Another tip, there is a tool out there called appbrain, which allows you to filter what apps out on the market can be installed to sd card.
Due to the lack of internal space on android phones this makes all software packages that only install into internal memory useless for the majority of us, then again if such developers cant work out this simple problem then their software is probably badly designed in the first place.
My last phone was a nokia n900 with 32GB of internal space and now this crapy samsung galaxy ace has a miserable 180mb of internal space, shame nokia does not make android phones think they could out sell every other manufacturer out there. Daily Telegraph’s Rick reccommended your page, a well explained read for an ignorant oldie like me who is trying out his first mobile.
I downloaded the disk usage and it says that my system data is more than half of the phone’s internal space and it’s been growing each week what should I do? It is killing its own cloud service; it also doesn't want anybody to store files in physical stores. You can always download them back again from the App Store when you need them in the future. If you do a lot of video or voice recording, delete unused recordings manually from Photos, Voice Memos or any other apps that records video and voice. To clear them, go to Settings > Safari and tap on Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data button. The only way to reduce the memory space is to manage your reading list actively and clear the bookmark as soon as it is read.
These days it’s possible to take advantage of services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to relieve the strain on your SD card.
This is a healthy size — previously, it was taking up over 40MB, and growing every day. Select the top account and it’ll give you a dialog, asking if you really want to export it to your SD card. This way, those contacts will stay synchronised with your Google account, rather than being stuck on your SIM card or handset. My handset uses HTC Sync to keep my Facebook and Twitter friends in my contacts list, and it took quite some time to get everything up to date.
Tap any icon, and it’ll take you to the Application info screen for that application, where you can move it to the SD card. My contacts storage is also only taking up 4mb right now, so that’s no hassle either. I knew that my contacts storage was causing the low disk space issues but didn’t know how to reduce the size of. My contact storage went from 16mb to 4mb and my internal memory had been so low, I couldn’t even look at my texts! My Wildfire S is a fantastic handset, but 150MB for storage is proving to be somewhat tight!

So, as long as your contacts are all under your Google account, simply clearing contact storage data is sufficient on its own without any loss of data as the sync will restore everything.
I saved plenty of space by eliminating data-based apps (such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and eBay) whose functionality could be more or less replicated via their own web-based interfaces. I had more than 85MB Contact Storage on my Desire, now exporting and importing back the contacts brought the Contact Storage down to 9,7MB.
I couldn’t get the newest update to install due to not enough space, so I was trying everything. I did the exporting, but now it keeps force closing contacts before I can do any importing.
Can’t android phone makers put a $4 4gb chip in their phone instead of a puny 256mb or 512mb?
I need a help from you about restoring the contacts data which I have not saved anywhere and deleted (cleared mistakely). Learn how to import, search, forward, and delete faster in some of the most frequently used apps. Here are 5 areas to look out for when trying to reduce the storage space on your iOS devices. Typically games are of size 500MB or bigger, and it is not uncommon to find games that are more than 1GB in size. You have to remove them manually by tapping on the Edit button on main screen, and remove message conversation one by one.
If you want a more advanced cloud storage solution, check out Hightail, which allows you to access and share important files on your Android devices or anywhere else. Less than about 15MB, and you can’t sync emails, Facebook statuses, calendar appointments, and so on. It will ask which account to add them to; this is where you need the notes you took earlier. This is because, by default, DiskUsage shows the sum of the free memory on both the data partition and the cache partition of the phone storage. This is different to the application cache partition that we just told DiskUsage to ignore.
It’s one of the system files that can only be moved from the phone storage if you have rooted. I was kinda hoping I’d come across some magic bullet while researching the article, but no such luck. But everytime I try to delete or edit my contacts, it will be a message showing ‘People has stopped unexpectedly.
If I have half a GB available, I’m skeptical that deleting a handful of 5-10 MB applications is really going to make a difference in performance. My only observation is even if I have most of my Apps on my SD card, they still take almost the same amount of space on my internal memory (DiskUsage showed me this), so now I don’t know if moving Apps to SD card have any point at all.
I followed the instructions to the letter about backing up my contacts to the vCard file and even backed it all up to my PC as well before clearing the data cache. Music, messages, photos, videos, old apps or document files are some examples of what fills up your devices storage space.You find yourself spending more and more time micromanaging your storage space when you start running low on memory.
Compare this with a typical productivity app which takes up between 80-100MB of the memory space. But I lost every contact that was saved into my phone over the last six-eight months and have no way to get them back now.
This is a huge problem and now I basically have an updated paperweight because most of my contacts are gone! I recently copied the contents of my phone (both phone storage and SD Card) to the computer several times and still have the information in Windows. However, some of the data will only be used once and then it will just take up your device’s memory.Follow the guide above and instead of uninstalling or moving the App scroll down to Cache and tap on Clear Cache. Is there a way to locate where the contacts are stored in one of those folders and copy them back to the phone?
Of course that there are other means of clearing up device’s memory but if you follow the steps above you are good to go.
If you find yourself running out of the memory very often consider buying device with more storage memory.

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