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Folding pallet bins come in either a solid or vented configuration, vented folding bins are ideal for use in fridges or freezers and are suitable for the bulk storage of fruit, vegetables or meat products.
Sign up for The "Gold-Fever-Prospecting Newsletter" and we'll enter you for FREE into our monthly GOLD GIVE AWAY! I originally bought just one, but went back and bought another for myself and one for my daughter. Plastic pallet bins come with hinged sides allowing them to fold flat for economic haulage of empty bins.
It's not that our cupboards are shrinking, we just accumulate storage containers like new recipes and run out of space.
Kelsey’s products offer multiple-use convenience, space-conscious design and attractive looks for home cooking with confidence and style.

Stack securely in either collapsed or open position; carry basket in either position using the built-in handles.
Cue this handy storage cube that pops open for convenient organization of all those random items in your life. Now that's better! The toy chest is made of durable construction for easy handling and can be collapsed when not in use. Another advantage of the collapsible pallet bins, each bin takes up a quarter of the space when not in use. It's perfect for keep his Randy Jackson guitar safely stored when he is not playing it. These were a little smaller than I visualized so I may order a 3rd unit..perfect for hats, gloves shoes, too!

Also helps organizing little things in your car like gloves, hats, and other little things that end up jammed in the glove compartment or under seats. Bought two, one for my house and one for their new house since one they had was lost in tornado.

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