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You may be looking for a very basic storage shed to provide some extra space to store seasonal items and tools.
You might also opt for a storage shed kit, which contains the pieces necessary but allows you to do the assembly. The easiest option is to order a prefabricated shed that you can buy off the floor of a home improvement store or seasonal shop or online and have it delivered right to your door. Sheds can also be built in a variety of materials, including vinyl, metal and wood, and which one you prefer can affect the shed price.

Some of the simplest sheds simply need a gravel base and a level spot where they can be placed.
When comparing your storage shed prices and options, youa€™ll need to consider the type of construction you desire and the logistics involved. If you go with a kit or pre-fabricated storage shed, the quality of the materials and construction can also affect the bottom line. Before you add a storage shed on your property, youa€™ll need to check with your municipality to find out if they will allow it. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.
Therefore, what you can expect to spend on this item really depends on exactly what you desire. This will be the most affordable storage shed option, although it probably wona€™t be the most attractive. If you have the carpentry skills and tools to handle the job, you might select a simple design that you create yourself, or you might purchase building plans if you want a design thata€™s more involved. The one downside is that a shed kit doesna€™t allow much room to tailor the building for your specific needs and usage goals.
Keep in mind that going with an inexpensive shed may not hold up to the elements over time.

Most cities and towns do require that you apply for a permit in order to add a shed, but sometimes this can depend on the size.
Except for the corrugated roofing and patio door, which were freebies, Rick built this little shed with a hammer and a hand saw for just $550. Or perhaps youa€™d rather add an elegant structure to provide decor and additional living space.
Youa€™ll also need to decide if you want to include electricity and insulation, since these can also greatly impact what youa€™ll spend on the shed. More formal storage sheds can easily work as a home office, artista€™s studio, guest room and more.
The cost for a more finished storage shed like this will be somewhat of an investment but youa€™ll often get your money back in your increased property value. The simplest storage sheds look like utility boxes or cabinets while the most elaborate may be custom a€?minia€? houses or barns. Many people settle for something in the middle of the range, adding enough detailing to make the shed look attractive in their yard but keeping the costs in a reasonable range.

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