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This download includes materials lists and cost estimate worksheets for all 5 shed plans and all 4 garage sizes. Follow this link to download the materials list and cost estimate worksheet so you can do your own calculations.
This chart shows the estimated cost to build a gable roof shed with my $7.95 plans and compares it to the price of a tuffshed and estimates how much money you can save by building our own. I’m using tuffshed as an example because they are a nation wide company and probably the most popular shed brand around.
This table shows the cost to build each shed in terms of it’s size and cost efficiency.
You will notice that the larger sheds are much cheaper to build in terms of the cost per square foot. And in cases of going from 6 to 8 ft, 10 to 12 ft, 14 to 16 ft, and 18 to 20 ft in length it costs very little to build the next longer size.
This is because certain sizes have a lot of waste and the next length up has very little or no waste. This is an estimate of the cost to build each of my 4 shed plans in various sizes from 8?4 to 16?32. I haven’t worked the numbers out for the Lean-To Style Sheds because there are so many length, width, height and overhang combinations. The smaller shed prices are more accurate than the larger ones because the waste is more predictable. The more careful you are to use your scraps and plan your cuts, the lower your final cost will be.
So print out this materials list and cost estimate worksheet and take it down to your local building supply store and price it for yourself. PLEASE NOTE: A link to download this book in PDF format will be delivered to the email address associated with your paypal account within seconds of your purchase. This is one of the easiest sheds to build because it uses a simple truss design and small but easy to build overhang options. And the higher roof pitches offer additional overhead storage in an easy to build loft area. However if you can manage the barn style shed looks great and provides lots of additional storage if you build the optional loft. You can make this shed shorter if necessary by removing the same amount from all vertical cut dimensions. Are you thinking about buying some shed plans but are confused and don’t know which ones to buy?

I will explain the similarities and difference between my 4 shed plans to help you in deciding which one is best for your new shed project.
The lean to style sheds have too shallow of a roof pitch for shingles so they use either rolled mineral roofing or metal. The regular gable roof plans only offer the simple 2-6 inch overhang but the lean to and barn plans can be build with the either the 2-6 inch overhang or a full 12 inch overhang.
With the regular gable and the lean to style plans the longest shed you can build is 20 ft.
The gable roof and lean to style plans are limited to 12 ft in width because they use a simple truss or rafter design.
The regular gable roof shed plans are the easiest and most economical to build because the walls are symmetrical and there are no complicated trusses to build or fancy overhang options.
The lean to sheds aren’t symmetrical but the rafters are strait without any cut outs and you can build it with either the simple 2-6 inch overhang or the more complicated full 12+ inch overhang. Barn style trusses are easy to build but the added difficulty is working on the roof because of the increased pitch and greater overall working height.
The Deluxe shed is the most difficult to build because it doesn’t offer the simple overhang option, only the full 12 inch overhang.
All sheds include instructions to frame for prehung doors and windows, or to build your own single or double door in any width or height and in any location, or build multiple doors. All plans come with a materials list so you can calculate the cost to build it before you make that final commitment and start buying materials. Within seconds of your purchase a download link will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. Sometimes your email and your browsers will not work properly together so you will have to cut the link from the email and paste it into a browser.
But remember where you download the plans otherwise you will not be able to find them on your computer when you need them. My original 8x8' coop cost just under $400 to build, with the use of some recycled materials from construction sites to help with the cost.
Stupid newbie question time here:  I was thinking chickens would *SAVE* me money!  Is it even possible?  My family eats at least 2-3 dozen eggs a week, sometimes more, so I was thinking 8-10 chickens for us and a few to share.
I am loving all these pictures, it's like the coop catalog for window shoppers.  Thank you all for your responses thus far! My husband has a dog & cat allergy, so we have one pet rabbit,  2 female cockatiels,  an older Barred Rock hen, 1 Langshan hen, over 2 dozen porcelain d'uccles, a dozen mille fleur d'uccles, and 11 Speckled Sussexes (1 male)   NPIP certified pullorum-typhoid-avianinfluenza free MO 43-711. Although the coop isn't done being built yet and I might have some building surprises that increase the cost, hopefully I wont.

And you are paying for the lumber whether you use it in the shed or cut it off and throw it away. Building your own shed can save you 40-60% of the cost of buying a kit or a ready made shed.
But their construction is the closest to the Regular Gable sheds so the costs will be similar for the same height shed without overhang. Please save this file in your phone or computer so you can read or print it any time you want. 2 of the plans are gable style roof, 1 is barn style or gambrel roof line and one is the single slope, lean-to style or flat roof. The advantage of shingles is that they’re relatively easy to install, economical and come in a wide variety of colors and textures and have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Metal is a little more expensive but it’s fast and easy to install and has a life span of 50+ years. This is because they use a single top plate and 20 feet is the longest 2×4 you can buy.
If you want to build over 12 ft wide then the tall barn and deluxe plans go up to 16 ft in width because they use a stronger but more complicated truss design. And the the trusses are more complicated because of the increased pitch and the 14 and 16 ft width options.
I recommend trusses and rafters to be placed at 24 inch on center for sheds up to 12 ft wide, and 16 inch centers for sheds over 12 ft wide. The 8x12' addition to that coop cost about the same, due to lumber being a bit cheaper when we built that part. Just print out the FREE materials list and cost estimate worksheet and take it down to your local building supply store to price it for yourself. And like the tall barn style shed, working on the deluxe roof is more difficult because of the steeper pitch and greater overall working height.
After paying you will almost instantly receive a download link in the email address associated with your paypal account or your credit card. The Firetower Coop, a little hexagonal job that is 6 ft across, cost about $60, $20 of that being new paint because I wanted it to be a particular color. If you want a shed thats over 20 ft long then you can use either the tall barn style plans or the deluxe plans.

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