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We can tell you right off the bat that a Graber Pole Building is going to cost a lot less than a conventionally built building. A good rule of thumb for figuring out the price of a pole building, from a quality builder, is to estimate about $10 a square foot, for a basic project. Graber buildings come with a standard metal roof material, but we do give you a choice of upgrading to asphalt shingles, with plenty of choices in colors for either. Whether you select our standard material, or upgrade, rest assured that the integrity of the framing for each and every building is the same. Graber buildings come standard with many of the popular features without any hidden charges.
Depending on your location in our service area, you would be wise to invest in some structural additions to handle heavier snow loads.

After your free initial consultation and interview, a deposit of 25% is due to continue moving forward. For bigger structures, it's 25% when we begin construction, 25% when the trusses are up, another 20% when the siding and insulation begins and the final 5% upon completion.
No bracing systems on the trusses that will add much needed support for winds as mild as 10 miles per hour.
Graber actually has a one of a kind "Bracing Class" where we teach our crews how to brace correctly and work them in with the trusses.
Short cuts on the workmanship, like sloppy fittings which will prevent the trusses from holding the load of the roof.
The competition may not like that we're telling you this, but it's some good information to know.

The deeper the poles are set, the stronger the building's resistance to the horizontal loading caused by the wind. Most people we talk to have a home that they have been paying on for quite a few years, and have built up some equity. If you have good to very good credit, you can get the bank to lend you money, using the equity of your home as collateral.
With interest rates at historically low levels, now is a great time to consider following this route.

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