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Wall-mounted cabinets often have unused dead space above – paint this wall the same color as the cabinets to create the illusion of height. If your kitchen feels dark even on the brightest days, cramped even when it is clean and tidy, you may need a few creative interior design ideas to pull this important family room out of a rut! Generally considered the “immovable obstacles”, large appliances and permanent workspaces are the major factors that determine which interior design ideas will work and which ones will flop.
Alternatively, open cabinet faces can be a great idea for the homeowner that invests in stylish dishes.
Effective lighting is critical to maintaining the open atmosphere necessary for a fresh small kitchen.
A kitchen of any size has the potential to be versatile, functional, and best of all, beautiful. Good home design is about creating a safe heaven where family flourishes among safe and secure environment.

The owner of the small house featured here wanted to renovate his house located in a street that is peaceful and quiet, but far from pretty.
Small kitchens are difficult to work with, but a few simple and inexpensive changes can make a world of difference. Opting for tall, thin cabinets will have the optimal space-enlarging effect; unreachable shelves are still useful and provide the perfect opportunity to store decorative objects. Is this possible on a tight budget in a highly populated street with closely built small houses? He wanted to design a house in such a way that it blends well with the neighboring houses in terms of size and shape, yet look distinctive and stylish in the existing streetscape. Complete the look by framing with long, simple curtains as opposed to squat or frilly selections. With the right interior design ideas, you can make the most out of even the smallest of spaces – and this philosophy definitely isn’t limited to just the kitchen!

Here is an example of such small house design that is simple and elegant; and efficiently utilizes every inch of the space available. The architectural firm Cater Williamson accepted the challenge of designing a house within the client’s budget. Choose recessed lighting for shorter ceilings to save a dramatic amount of space while opening up the upper plane of vision. Creatively designed pendant lamps hanging from the high ceiling above dining table illuminate the space.
Camperdown consists of old warehouses, terraces, modern apartments and some simple small houses.

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