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Lets start off with something simple, 3 breeze blocks stacked in a Stone Henge formation to serve as a bedside table.
A bed frame can be a costly, and awkward to manoeuvre piece of furniture but this cinder block option is much more affordable and versatile. Admittedly this is somewhat similar to our first item in this list, but instead of using a horizontal brick, a lengthier plank of wood has been incorporated to form a desk or console table. This combination succulent planter and tea light holder makes a great outdoors table ornament and also doubles up as a paperweight perfect for breezy balconies. Birdhouses often tend to look decidedly twee — except of course for Grovemade’s remarkable contribution to the field — so this DIY upcycled option should appeal to the modern bird with a penchant for minimalist design.
These great looking benches were made by combining two fundamental building materials: concrete blocks and carcassing timber. These sort of garden planters are all over pinterest, but to be honest I think they rarely look good.
We’ve looked at using breeze blocks as modular tiered planters, and at using them to form benches, so why not combine the two? February 26, 2012 By Jay 15 Comments So earlier this week, my buddy Sharil hooked me up with this Ikea Hackers link on how to make your own Lego Minifig Display using cost-effective components. First up you take the mounting board and cut it up to ensure that it fits into the Ribba frame. Use a ruler and pencil to map out how the bricks are going to be lined up to ensure they fit nicely within the frame before applying super glue to the bricks. Pictured here is my first failed attempt and aligning them all together… my sister had to jump in and correct my errors for the second time.
This is an amazingly easy project to make and the best part is that it looks absolutely stunning to display. Bonus point: Dust won’t collect so this is a sweet way to display your minifigs and not worry about dusting them!
I just bought 2 Ribba frames to do this but I noticed that the pins that hold the backing on are too close to the glass so I can’t fit anything inside the frame. Hmm okay you mentioned a shelf that you inserted, is that perhaps a reason why you can’t fit the prongs in?
Enter your email address here to receive updates about new posts from Jay's Brick Blog - straight to your inbox! Jay is passionate about LEGO and the endless creative adventures made possibly by this complex interlocking brick system. It is getting close to that time of the year again when fitness centers across the world see a surge in their membership.
Today, my client’s laundry rooms average a size around 10-foot x 10-foot, and the laundry incorporates needs other than just washing and drying clothes.
Like I mentioned above today homeowners are now using the laundry room as a central station for more than just laundering dirty clothes. Laundry: Homeowners want a space where they can fold their clothes as well as wash and dry, so counter space is important. Docking stations for charging technology: With all family members having at least 2 types of gadgets, a central location for charging these items is a necessity.

Home Office: If your laundry room is big enough, you can create a great home office center for the adult and the kids. Pet Storage: As I mentioned above, storage for pet food is the perfect place for your laundry room as well as their leashes and toys.
Crafts: Storage for your ribbons, wrapping paper is essential, and this is a great place to store them. Beverage Centers: Because we are spending more time in the laundry room, why not include a nice beverage center in the space for ease and convenience.
Home Office: Storage for your home office supplies if you choose to make this a true home office.
I hope you have enjoyed part 1 of Not Just A Laundry Room, and have gotten some inspiration and great ideas for your new laundry room. Bedroom, tufted blue chair and ivory bench, white step bedside tables, yellow lamps with blue shades, art, striped rug, white roman shade with blue ribbon trim blue floor mirror and soft blue walls paint color. Chic yellow & black bedroom design with black & yellow poster bed, black tufted bench, antique mirrored nightstands, brass lamps, charcoal gray, velvet, tufted chair, yellow garden stool, gray walls paint color and black geometric rug. Monelle Totah - white & purple bedroom design with slip-covered white headboard, black step side tables, white bedding with purple trim, purple pillows, silk velvet purple blanket, slip-covered ottomans, jute rug, wood step tables nightstands, silver lamps, antique wood Asian bench, photo gallery and white roller shades.
Green cottage bedroom design with green grasscloth wallpaper, white rustic poster bed, white bench, clear glass lamps, white lattice step tables, green leaf pillows and sisal rug. Gorgeous bedroom with a wall of French doors dressed with floor length linen drapes leading to a walkout balcony with outdoor sectional and pale gray outdoor drapes. Chic bedroom features a beige tufted wingback headboard on bed dressed in white and gray bedding as well as aqua velvet shams flanked by small mirrored nightstands and gold Greek key lamps, Safavieh Greek Key Table Lamps.
Adorable boys' bedroom design with charcoal gray walls paint color, hanging platform beds, yellow pillows, yellow lamp and blue step ladder. Eclectic bedroom design soft pale gray walls and a delightful bed with white gustavian headboard and plush lilac bedding and pillows.
Cute boys' bedroom design with tin hanging platform beds, charcoal gray walls paint color, yellow lamps & pillows, yellow curtains and blue step ladder. Gorgeous bedroom with Serena & Lily Octavia Headboard, black convex mirror, Restoration Hardware Directoire Closed Nightstands, alabaster lamps, yellow & gray Kravet Latika Limestone fabric pillows shams and iron bench. Stunning gray bedroom with gray walls framing dark gray tufted headboard and Kravet Bansuri Slate Fabric pillows.
Simply lay out rows of breeze blocks on the floor and as long as you remember to put a mattress over them, then you shouldn’t notice any discomfort compared to a normal wooden frame. This desk was originally made by The Merrythought and is a great low cost solution for students.
They’re made from simple red bricks, and while some varieties of engineering brick come with predrilled holes, these are unlikely to be large enough for a candle and succulent plant. Made from a half cinder block, with a drilled plywood board for the front and back, the instructions for this birdhouse are provided by Lowes, a builders merchant.
The timber beams simply slot into the cavities of the cinder blocks and can be cut to any length. You need a good eye for composition to really get it right and I think smaller installations tend to look better.

I think avoiding brick wall patterns makes this planter look much tidier — the structural advantages of brick bond being completely unnecessary for such small units — and the addition of a bench means that the rather large parts of the structure that can’t accommodate plants are useful too.
There’s actually a smaller frame within this frame that props up the backboard to allow the frame to have a certain amount of depth. Keep in mind not to use too much glue as you don’t want it to squirt out from the back of the bricks. Again, I cannot stress the importance of making sure everything’s nice and straight with enough space for your minifigs.
Cheap as well, I mean, why the heck would you drop RM80 or RM180 on an official Lego minifigure display when you can do this instead? Check it out, it’s a great site for cool ideas on what you can do with Ikea furniture! In here, you'll find independent LEGO set reviews, commentary on LEGO trends & news, bargain hunting tips and an inside look into the life of an average LEGO fan.
According to popular surveys, both getting fit and losing weight are on top of the New Year’s resolution list of most folks. In many instances, the area of the home reserved for sports games, poker nights and billiards is referred to as the man cave. This was originally seen in this New York apartment by The New Design Project which also features other upcycled furniture ideas. This bed is originally from the apartment of Chau Truong from Commune Architects which features tonnes of other creative ideas.
You’re better off going at some regular bricks with a drill, preferably with a hole saw attachment, to make your own voids in the relatively soft clay bricks. I think my issue with the large versions is that the resulting planters just don’t provide enough spaces to actually put plants in for it to be worth building such vast structures in your garden. As chance would have it, I had a morning meeting at Bandar Utama on Friday so I swung by Ikea at about 9am and bought one of these Ribba frames (it costed RM40 at Ikea, no idea why it’s listed here as RM45). DO NOTE SUPER GLUE THE MINIFIGS TO THE BRICKS. I think the greatest part of this frame is that it gives you the flexibility to pick and choose and alternate the minifigures you have on display.
As a result of this, however, pizza is one of the most popular and abundant foods on the planet and it can be a little bit difficult to impress your friends with one at a dinner party…that is unless you have your own pizza oven of course! Try to source a few reclaimed bricks from some old site to give your planters a bit more character.
This amazing DIY pizza oven from Hey Try This Blog is not only relatively cheap, but the concept behind it borders on genius.
Keep in mind that you will be superglue-ing these to the mounting board and will lose these bricks forever… so it made sense to sacrifice the Mega Bloks. PhotographyChoose elegant dark wood paneling and polished chrome accents to give the room more of an old fashioned gentlemanly spirit rather than a dingy frat house. Instead of displaying empty liquor bottles as trophies, create a more refined mini bar completed with a Kegerator or mini fridge.

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