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So into the kitchen I went to make my own foundation with ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa powder, oil and shea butter. But after doing a little more research I found out that ALL liquid foundations contain toxic preservatives to keep them from growing bacteria and mold.
On the plate mix a dime size amount of lotion with a dime size amount high quality mineral makeup –buy it here. Tips: Because you mix this foundation yourself you are given a lot of freedom in terms of coverage. I don’t think the link is right for the mineral makeup, keeps bringing me to magnesium products and no makeup. Please LIKE Beauty Tips 4 Her On Facebook so you don’t miss a post, giveaways and announcements.
There’s no doubt, mineral powder is my bff but there are occasions that a good liquid foundation at my beck and call can be useful. Anyway, this recipe is so easy to make and you only need to grab 2 ingredients like a facial oil and of course, your mineral powder. This is somewhat tricky as not all people favor the idea of applying oil on their own skin hence, choosing the correct one is truly important. Has a low level of comedogency (pore clogging) or irritability, and is safe for use on oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin in this type of application. Put some mineral powder into the mixing container and add few drops of facial oil of your choice (like Tamanu, Almond, Coconut, Jojoba oil etc.) and blend altogether . Once you’re done mixing, you can use a sponge or foundation brush (I just used my fingers) and apply the mixture to your face. If you are a fan of mineral powder or you want to make some dent on your mineral foundation that’s been sitting at the back of the drawer, this quick and easy recipe is for you. Join us as we share some no-nonsense tutorials about frugal beauty tips and natural health tips.
Pure Mineral powder is a loose powder makeup that is talc free, alcohol free and without any synthetic additives that could be harsh specially to the most delicate skin. Talc is the main ingredient for baby powder and being used in many setting powders for makeup.
But you can use your regular foundation powder and add the carrier oil of your choice that matches your skin.
Thank u so much& i didnt find castor oil so can i only use vitE jel 4thicken my eyelashes? Try a test patch on your jawline first and let it sit for 30 minutes or longer and see if this works for you. I’m going to try this using lavender oil and vitamin E oil with mineral powder and if successful I will share this with my clients.
Finally, I believe that I have created the most perfect, healthy, non-toxic, organic, effective smooth finish face foundation makeup. Since you are likely a lot like me in your green-living ways, you have probably dabbled in skincare products yourself: lotion, salve, deodorant, etc. I am almost embarrassed to show you this list, but it does feel good to finally know the horrific product I’ve been using for a year. Today, I am sharing that better choice with all of you, because I know that you want to make better choices, too.
Using your scale and the tare function, measure and combine the first five ingredients into the glass bowl into your double-boiler. Remove from heat and allow time to cool a bit (a few minutes…and wipe excess moisture off the outside of your bowl, too). Place your bowl back on the scale, hit tare, and add in spoonfuls of zinc oxide until you get to .5oz.
You have a few choices for containers and it depends on how you like to apply your foundation.
You simply scoop your finger into the container and apply directly to your face.A Or, you could scoop a clean makeup sponge into the container and apply it that way, too.
Point being, you apply and spread it directly on your face, but this container option is a nice glass mason jar. Since this is a very spreadable (yet firm enough) consistency, you can certainly squeeze this foundation out of a container like the ones you see to the left here.
No sticking fingers into a jar…just push some out onto your finger or makeup sponge and you are good to go.

I love that so many of you put your trust in me to create for you the same healthy, organic skincare products that I use on my own family. Head on over to the Scratch Mommy Organic Skincare shop and take a look at the foundation color options I have available.
Due to reader and customer demand, I have added pictures of this foundation being applied…before and after and side-by-side pictures. If you separate part of it and keep it sealed tight (no air, no bacteria able to enter) you can make it into two batches! French green clay (or wheat grass powder): this is works great for people with more red pigments in the skin.
To use: Gently tap brush in loose powder, tap off any extra powder back into the jar, and apply in a circular motion. Hi, I actually made this powder foundation recipe yesterday, without the clay, (I will make some with, just can’t get it near me, so am ordering it online, and was so pleasantly surprised. Arrowroot is hard to find locally--I live in Amish country with bulk food stores on every street, and I still  can't find it. DIY Foundation Blending Pinterest Pictures, DIY Foundation Blending Facebook Images, DIY Foundation Blending Photos for Tumblr. You can easily customize the coverage of your foundation by changing the amount of the ingredients you need. When choosing a moisturizer, try to find one that only includes natural and organic ingredients. For Medium coverage: To make your DIY liquid foundation, combine a teaspoon of moisturizer with a teaspoon of your mineral foundation in a bowl.
With your mixing brush, gently mix the 2 ingredients together for a few minutes to create a creamy foundation.
If you want very light coverage use less mineral makeup and if you want more coverage use more mineral makeup. Why would these two ingredients mold or grow bacteria anymore than your homemade lotion does. My husband took the photos and it sounds like you know a lot more about lighting and photography than either of us! My skin tends to be on the oily side so I tried to experiment with a fuss-free recipe for a liquid foundation using mineral powder and I got hooked. The trick in mixing the dry ingredient with a liquid is to add the oil gradually so the mixture will become a smooth paste and not too oily.
Finish your liquid makeup with another layer of translucent powder or setting powder if needed.
We would love to see more of you, please LIKE us on Facebook so you don’t miss a post, giveaways and announcements. There are too many chemicals in makeup as it is and if I can teach others to avoid buying some of those products and how to make it. Honestly, though…I bought it a while ago because it was mineral-based and because it did not have colophony in it (a random contact allergy I have).
I link up where you can purchase all of the ingredients and explain in detail how to make it.
Using a container like the one you see to the left would serve you well for this foundation.
It sets the perfect base for your favorite powder, which will set and finish your new nourishing and moisturizing foundation nicely. I make my own and it finishes the foundation beautifully, providing greater coverage and an excellent finish. You know that I love serving your skincare needs as I LOVE making healthy skincare products! I cannot give you a specific timeframe, as it depends on how much you use and how often and how thickly you apply it. Depending on the color of your skin, start mixing in small amounts of the other ingredients until you get your perfect match. I have been wanting to make my own cosmetics for a long time and finally am getting around to it! Remember, since you don’t have any preservatives in the foundation, you need to use it in within a week after you make it. We would love to see more of you, please LIKE us on Facebook so you don’t miss a post.

There is just something about the pretty colors and perfectly cute containers of makeup that makes me happy. I clicked the link to your lotion recipe and it says to store it up to three months in the refrigerator. I’m not a scientist so I can’t give you a great explanation but I will do my best! When I see different lighting I assume the product is actually inferior and lighting must be used to enhance the results.
I had a container of mineral powder sitting there for ages because I too couldn’t stand the look and feel of it. Can you please tell which particular brand of high quality mineral makeup you used here, with specific link of it, if it’s affiliated one I would love to use it right away.
I remember my cousin used to mention that she occasionally integrates sun block lotion along with her mineral foundation, that makes it much easier to work with, isn’t it? As such, you can apply it in several ways and you have several container choices.A Simply click on the pictures below to take a look at the containers on Amazon.
It takes a few short minutes to soak into your face, but when it does you’ll have a light coverage that is incredibly healthy for your skin. My skin is much clearer, less dry, and I am happy that I know exactly what ingredients I am putting on my face! To figure out if you matched your skin tone just dip your finger in the powder, rub on the back of your hand, and go outside to see if it blends. It lasts all day too and I don’t get that gross greasy look my the end of the day like I usually do! It’s funny because my mom is a sales rep assistant to someone who sells makeup to spas. Right now I use everyday minerals and like it, but I have a hard time matching my skin tone.
I won’t have to feel bad about what’s in it and I already have all the ingredients!
Both options are made from naturally occurring minerals that have been mined from the earth, including iron oxide, mica, zinc oxide, ultramarine and titanium dioxide.
While the foundation can be made with most moisturizers, you do need to ensure that your loos powder is a natural mineral formula. Since discovering that most of these products are highly toxic I have tried to use safer products.
In the next few weeks you will get to see a whole line up of homemade beauty products that I have been itching to try! Most conventional foundations include preservatives, which can be harsh on skin, particularly for those with sensitive skin.
The minerals are ground until they are very fine and then used to make foundations and powders. This ensures that the pigments evenly blend, providing you with a beautiful, quality liquid foundation. I talked to the company I ordered the minerals from to get the scoop before writing the post and that’s what they shared with me.
When you make your own liquid foundation, you know exactly what’s in it, and you don’t have to worry about toxic ingredients.
Not only do they offer pigment, but the minerals offer anti-inflammatory effects and protection from the sun. I can call them again and ask them about refrigeration but they were VERY specific about mixing the foundation daily. Plus, this lasts all day and I don’t get that worn greasy look by the end of the day like I did even with mineral powder! Do you think it would differ for different skin tones with different proportions of ingredients?
I’ve had lots of questions from readers about makeup and many of you admit to being unhappy with mineral makeup because of the cakey look it gives.

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