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I don’t know how he does it, but Jeff will find yet another piece of equipment that he can make out of wood!
We are living on a tight budget so it will probably take us about a year to gather everything we need, but in the meantime my husband is going to continue to come up with ingenious ideas that we want to share with ALL OF YOU! I’m turning this blog post over to the hubs for this post…so get excited for his step by step instructions on how to construct your own SQUAT RACK and PULL-UP BAR for your home gym! The nice this about this is you can use your creativity to make a squat rack that works best with your needs. This is so much easier than the other squat racks that i was going to make but then I saw this much simpler desgin I love it. I love digging around the Internet for other people’s home gym and garage gyms photos.
For most homeowners, budget usually is the only important thing to consider when shopping for garage storage system. It seems, for now LED lighting is more favored by many people in many belongings in their home because of some benefits. Garage door is one major part of which is owned by a garage, which is a vehicle entry and exit access into the garage. January 11, 2014 by Mandi 1 Comment As we start a new year and everyone resolves to get fit, gyms are on everyone’s mind these days.
Lifting is one of our favorite hobbies (both of us!), and we’ve always wanted to set up our own little home gym. I don’t think the dude comes with it, which is too bad, because a built-in spotter would be sweet.
Power racks are awesome: this simple cage positions the bar so you can do squats and bench presses.

I have a set of Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbells and they’re worth every penny.
At first glance a power tower it looks sort of like a seatless chair, but the power tower is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment for your home gym.
Precor is basically the king of elliptical machines, owning most of the patents and the best commercial models.
And here’s mine in the garage, looking quite a bit more cluttered (but you get the idea!). If you’re shopping for an elliptical, plan to spend a good deal of time figuring out your preferences. This Cyber Acoustics speaker system is the same one I bought for my garage gym 2 years ago. I collected a number of resistance bands over the years, but if I was starting from scratch I’d get this set of resistance bands by Black Mountain Products. Sturdy with a rugged vinyl cover – if you’ve read this far, you know how obsessed I am with durability! I mounted this simple cork board near our home gym to hang lifting logs and write down rack settings, and a weight cheat sheet. Shower and dress at home – Showing at the gym sucked, especially for Jim because the showers were open. No waiting for equipment – That guy curling in the squat rack is not my problem anymore!
Naw, just kidding – the biggest disadvantages of a home gym are the cost to set it up and the space it requires.
Less space in the garage – Many people here in the Pacific Northwest use their garages the way people in the Midwest use their basements – packed to the brim with stuff!

I feel for you – I used to work out in my little apartment with equipment that could be tucked away when not in use. The size of a garage door will adjust the number and size of vehicles in and out of the garage. When I first got the my Body Vision Power Tower, I could barely hang from it for more than a few seconds – now I use it for pull-ups and dips. My grandfather was a carpenter and I just admire people who can build anything without using any instructions.
I’m employed at a non-profit organization working with teens, and the gym is lacking in a squat rack. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gym, what brands they prefer, how they set things up and organize, etc.
Size, quality, parent material, suitability of purpose, installation processes and maintenance requirements are all just as important. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gyms; especially what brands.
Obviously, the thing we both wanted for the home gym was a squat rack, a bench, a 45 lb Olympic bar, and a collection of plate weights to go with it.  Throw in a set of adjustable dumbells and you’ve got all your major lifts covered! You can find Small Garage Gym Ideas guide and see the latest Garage Gym Ideas to Turn Your Garage into a Stunning Gym in here.

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